Top 11 Best Photo Editing Software For PC & Mobile

Your new post could look great with just a little picture editing. You’ll need good photo editing software to post a new picture or make graphic content. What’s better than fast, easy-to-use software that lets you edit photos for free?

Photo editing software is made to help you make photos and change them as needed. These imaging tools and software come in handy whether you want to crop a picture or change its color. These image editing tools are beneficial when you need to make quick changes.

Free PC Photo Editor

Every year, more and better photo editing software is made. There are a lot of free picture editing programs out there today, and it can take effort to figure out which one is the best. You will have to look at several factors and features. We’ve tried out several programs and tools that met our needs for the best picture maker.

Because the market is increasing, every worker can take part in it. Not only are market needs growing, but assets are also increasing.

In the past few years, North America has increased, which has helped Photo Editing Software grow all over the market. Multiple facts and statistics show that the number of people in North America is growing by 36%. The market should grow more when augmented reality (AR) is added to picture editing.

Most tools are free so you can download them on different devices. But it would help to consider platform support when picking the right tool for your needs. Check to see what the free picture editing software you want to use can do.

Best Free Photo Editing Software

#1) WorkinTool

Top 11 Best Photo Editing Softwares for PC & Mobile

The best for changing and converting images.

With WorkinTool, you get free software that immediately converts and changes any picture. The software has a lot of built-in editing tools that you can use to improve the quality of your pictures. You can brush, distort, and add text, frames, and filters.

You can also remove, change, or change the color of your image’s background. The program also makes it easier to mat by hand. In the same way, you can add a watermark to your picture or take it away with just one click. The AI picture colorization technology built into WorkinTool’s image translator might be the best thing about it. The software can take a black-and-white picture and add natural-looking colors to it.


  • Image Background Remover with One Click
  • AI-led coloring of black-and-white photos
  • Add and take away watermarks
  • Cropper an image
  • The image on top of the image

Verdict: WorkinTool is just as good as most other picture editors on the market. This software’s powerful editing tools come at no cost to users, but they can significantly enhance the quality of their photographs. The software does a great job of fixing old pictures. Because of this, it is one of the best tools for changing photos used today.


  • Monthly: $10.95
  • Annual: $29.95
  • Lifetime: $39.95

#2) AVCLabs PhotoMagic AI

Top 11 Best Photo Editing Softwares for PC & Mobile

Best for improving the quality of photos.

With PhotoMagic AI, you get an AI-based picture editor and quality enhancer that does its job independently. The software uses several engines to improve the quality of a photo by a lot instantly. No matter what kind of photo you have, PhotoMagic AI will do an excellent job of boosting the quality.

Using super-resolution technology based on deep learning, the software can quickly increase the resolution of a photo by 400%. The software is also very good at making blurry pictures more explicit. The program is especially good at improving the look of faces in photos. It can get rid of spots and red eyes and make your face look better.


  • Engine for Less Noise
  • Deep Learning-based tool to improve clarity
  • Make fuzzy pictures more straightforward.
  • Remove image background
  • Add color to black-and-white photos

Verdict: AVCLabs Photo Magic AI makes it easy and quick to improve the quality of photos, whether you want to fix old, ruined photos or add color to black-and-white ones.


  • There are three ways to sign up.
  • 1 Month Plan: $19.95/month
  • 1-Year Plan: $79.95/year
  • Lifetime: $159.90

#3) Canva

Top 11 Best Photo Editing Softwares for PC & Mobile

Best for making quick changes.

Canva is one of the most powerful programs and apps for changing pictures. The app also has quick tilt and angle changes to help you take a great picture. Most people like to use Canva because it lets them drag and drop things immediately. So you can add text or any other filter while you’re on the move.

The tool also lets you crop your images for trim, even from the trim settings.


  • Add stellar effects to photos
  • You can add text to any picture.
  • Stickers can be put on your photos.

Verdict: Customer reviews say that Canva is one of the best tools for quick edits and getting work done quickly with other people. With better design and image posts, Canva lets you make social media posts with fewer clicks and designs. Canva is an excellent way for skilled editors and people who are just starting to improve their designs and how well they work.

Price: You can get it for free. Premium can be bought for $119.99.

#4) ON1 Photo RAW

Top 11 Best Photo Editing Softwares for PC & Mobile

The point, click, and edit work best.

The most recent version of the ON1 Photo Raw editor might be the most flexible one yet. The interface for editing is easy to use and has many features that make cutting, merging, adding effects, etc., to make a picture look like a piece of cake. The point-and-click editing method in ON1 might be the best thing about it.

If you only want to change one part of your picture, move the cursor to that part of the screen and click. With just one click, you can do Everything from bringing out a specific color in the frame to giving certain parts of your picture more contrast.


  • Editing Photos with AI
  • Mask Photos in a Hurry
  • Easy upsizing of photos
  • There are hundreds of effects to add.
  • There are a lot of settings and filters to pick from.

Verdict: Although ON1 Photo Raw is great because you can point and click, it has much more to give. It is easy to use and has a built-in AI engine that can even fix old, ruined photos to look like they did when they were first taken. It is, without a doubt, one of the best picture editors on the market.


  • ON1 Photo Raw: $79.99 one-time fee
  • ON1 Everything: $89.99/year
  • ON1 Everything Plus: $179.99/year

#5) Fotor

Top 11 Best Photo Editing Softwares for PC & Mobile

Best for editing on the web.

Almost everyone knows how helpful Fotor is and how you can get the best results. The Fotor lets you edit your photos in simple and complicated ways to get the best results.

Fotor also has an online tool that you can use. This way, you can make quick changes from your PC or other devices. Fotor’s tools for changing photos are quick and take little time.


  • The old stuff
  • Simple HDR tech
  • Special 100+ picture effects only

Verdict: According to customer reviews, Fotor is one of the most popular apps for changing. This app works on every platform, and you can always try to get full access to editing needs. Having the choice to have more than one photo frame is one of the best things for any user. Each customer could use the features to change photos more quickly.

Price: You can get it for free. You can get Premium for $8.99/Month.

#6) PixTeller

Top 11 Best Photo Editing Softwares for PC & Mobile

Best for its easy-to-use layout and collection of ready-made templates.

PixTeller is an online program that can change images and make animations. It is easy to use and very powerful. You get a lot of tools for creating an easy-to-use interface that lets you make, share, and download designs at any time and from anywhere.

PixTeller is a great picture editor for many reasons, but the templates gallery sets it apart from its rivals. You get more than 100,000 graphic picture templates that you can use to customize your project quickly.


  • 100000 Templates for Graphic Images
  • More than 5,000 video themes for animated videos
  • Colors That Change
  • Timeline maker for animation

Verdict: PixTeller is a cheap online tool that lets you edit photos and make animations simultaneously. You get many templates, royalty-free pictures, and design tools to make your ideas come to life. It can be changed in many ways and has many excellent features that make changing images easy and fun.


  • The free version only has a few tools.
  • Pro Plan: $7/month
  • Diamond Plan: $12/month


Top 11 Best Photo Editing Softwares for PC & Mobile

The best for streaming a Photoshop tutorial

PHLEARN is not a program. But the site has a lot of video tutorials that show you how to edit your photos with tools like Photoshop. Last time we checked, you can watch over 200 free tutorials on the platform.

Along with the lesson, PHLEARN allows you to learn how to edit photos by giving you free samples, PSDs, and Photoshop actions. Their collection of Lightroom presets, LUTs for color grading, and Photoshop brushes are growing. All of them can be downloaded and used to improve your picture editing skills.


  • You can use Photoshop Elements as much as you want.
  • Get free pictures to look at.
  • Stream more than 200 free lessons.

Verdict: Even though it’s not software, PHLearn is an excellent place for people who want to learn how to edit images better with tools like Photoshop. You can stream a lot of lessons for free to learn some essential tips on how to get the most out of editing tools like Photoshop.

Price: Tutorials are free to watch.

#8) Snappa

Top 11 Best Photo Editing Softwares for PC & Mobile

The best for editing photos online.

Snappa is a one-stop shop where you can edit photos and make pictures for all your social media posts. It comes with the best online photo maker we’ve ever seen. You can edit, crop, cut, add effects, or change a picture in many different ways with this editor, sometimes with just one click.

You’ll get the right image size depending on what kind of social media graphic you need. You can choose from a design already made for each social media site. You also get access to more than 5000000 royalty-free pictures and thousands of templates already made.


  • Image background removal with one click
  • Add pictures, text, and fonts quickly.
  • More than a million pictures that you can use without paying for them
  • There are a lot of models to pick from.
  • Schedule posts and share them right away

Verdict: With Snappa, you can edit photos online to make changing photos look like a walk in the park. You can use Snappa to make a graphic you like by adding effects, resizing images with one click, and choosing from thousands of pre-made themes.


  • There is a free plan for life
  • Pro: $10 per month
  • Team: $20/month

#9) inPixio

Top 11 Best Photo Editing Softwares for PC & Mobile

The best for auto-correcting images.

The incision is one of the best tools for changing photos quickly and like a pro. With just a few steps, you can use this tool to eliminate unwanted things and transparent backgrounds. In addition, inPixio has automatic picture correction. If you tap this feature, you can immediately change the picture you edit.


  • Changing the colors of a picture
  • Put photo templates online
  • Backgrounds that can be seen

Verdict: Customer reviews say that the inPixio app has background choices that are easy to change. No tools like this give you such precise and smooth control over the background picture. With a fairy, it’s easy for every person to change their background. It only takes a few seconds to get rid of the pictures in the background. You could change the pictures’ backgrounds and make them look different.

Price: You can get it for free. Premium can be bought for $49.99.

#10) Morgan Burks

Top 11 Best Photo Editing Softwares for PC & Mobile

The best place to learn about Photoshop and buy editing tools.

Morgan Burks is not a piece of software for changing photos. But it is a place where you can learn how to edit better in Photoshop or buy new editing tools. This site has a lot of video lessons that show you how to edit in Photoshop without getting too hot.

On the other hand, you get a lot of tools for editing your pictures to improve their quality. You can choose from many styles, templates, and overlays to help you edit your videos.


  • Photoshop lessons on video
  • Editing tools for Photoshop that you can buy online
  • A Free Course on Photoshop
  • Blogs on how to edit

Verdict: The bottom line is that Photoshop and Morgan Burks work well together. You won’t get picture editing software, but you will get the tools and lessons you need to improve at Photoshop.

Price: You can get goods and training for free—tools for editing start at $23.


One of the best ways to make a picture look great is to use Photo Editing Software. Even if you need an image for work or social media, having access to free photo editing tools lets you get the right image to post.

Today, every home and gadget needs to have Photo Editing Software. Many tools available today can be used to make quick changes.

One of the best programs available now is Adobe’s Photoshop Express Editor. It has all the features that a worker would want for everyday use. You can download the tool on any platform, which lets you get free picture editing software for your phone.

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