Best Call Center Software – Top 10

Call Centre Software is a program that can handle customer interactions that come from many different channels and sources. It helps agents make outgoing calls, take care of incoming calls, keep track of call metrics, and handle their staff.

All incoming and outgoing client communications (through phone, email, chat, or social media) are coordinated in one central location called the Contact Centre.

There are two types of Call Center Solutions:

  • On-site tools for a call center
  • Call center software that runs in the cloud

With an on-premises system, you have power over the phone systems, but you have to pay for the hardware and the time and money it takes to keep the system running. Another problem with this type of system is that it makes it hard for businesses to expand to more than one site. All of these problems are solved by call center software that runs in the cloud.

With cloud-hosted call center software, you won’t need any tools; the cost will depend on how much you use it. Installations will not be needed either. It has perks like keeping data safe and making it available anytime, anywhere, and everywhere.

Best Call Center Software

Here are the most common Call Centre options used worldwide, including in the USA, UK, and India.

#1) Salesforce Service Cloud 360

Best Call Center Software

Best for Small to Large Businesses.

With Salesforce, you get almost all of the tools you need to give great customer service. The software makes it easy for agents to access information about customers and ideas made by AI. This gives them the skills they need to deal with customer problems quickly.

The software also gives your team intelligent workflows and chatbots to make customer help as smooth as possible. We also like that this program uses automation to help train agents and ensure their schedules are the best.


  • Self-Service Centres that offer a full range of services
  • Chatbots
  • It makes it easier for digital and workforce involvement
  • Automatic Prediction

Verdict: Salesforce has many features that all work well together to help organizations and workers provide excellent customer service.

Price: Free demo available. Contact for a quote.

Website: Salesforce

#2) 3CX

Best Call Center Software

Best for any size of business.

Price: 3CX is free and will always be free. It comes with simple tools for managing calls. For best savings and scalability, pricing for medium and large is based on how many calls are made simultaneously. Small businesses can also use 3CX StartUP for free for up to 10 users, or they can pay extra for PRO with more tools for up to 20 users.

3CX offers a complete call center system, including call reporting, IVR, and dynamic call queues. Complete automation of call handling can also be done with an easy drag-and-drop Call Flow Designer. From audio and video calls to WhatsApp and business SMS, 3CX has proven an invaluable communications platform. Even more,

All 3CX licenses also come with 3CX Live Chat, which lets customers immediately turn a chat into a voice or video call to solve more complicated problems.


  • One platform for all communications: All forms of contact, like voice and video calls, live chat, SMS, and WhatsApp, can be done on one platform.
  • Advanced Queue Strategies: Strategies for advanced queues include Round Robin and Hunt by 3s.
  • Remote Work: Agents can reply from anywhere, whether in the office or home.
  • Call Recording: Calls can be taped for legal reasons and to make sure the quality is good.
  • Agent Training: Agent training lets them listen in, whisper, or walk right in when needed.
  • Call Reporting: Call Reporting includes built-in reports, SLA, and callback data.
  • Wallboard: Lines are watched in real-time.
  • Microsoft 365 Integration: Get your MS365 plan and 3CX to work together.
  • CRM Integration: Link your CRM so all caller info is in one place.
  • Call Flow Designer: Call Flow Designer lets you handle calls, automate replies, and make the interface easy to use.

Website: 3CX

#3) RingCentral Contact Center

Best Call Center Software

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: There are three ways to pay for RingCentral Contact Centre: Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate. You can get a price to find out how much each plan costs.

With the Basic plan, RingCentral Contact Centre has built-in IVR and ACD. With its Advanced and Ultimate plans, it can do advanced IVR and ACD. It helps the Omnichannel call center function. It makes reports that can be changed.

More than 40 functions include routing, integrating, administering, managing, managing and optimizing the workforce, interacting with customers, being flexible, reliable, and secure.


  • For clever routing, it has ACD, IVR, skills-based routing, virtual hold, voicemail routing, omnichannel routing, outbound dialing, outbound campaign management, chat & co-browse, and social media interactions.
  • It has features like call recording, pre-built reports, silent tracking, barging, omnichannel analytics, supervisor tools, etc., that help with administration and reporting.
  • It has features like speech and text analytics, performance management, teaching and learning tools, screen recording, gasification, and more for managing and optimizing the workforce.

Verdict: RingCentral Contact Centre has features like permission-based access, security, working through a disaster, etc. It also has features like shared directories, PBX interaction, and the ability to work together. RingCentral promises an uptime of 99.99%.

Website: RingCentral

#4) Dialpad

Best Call Center Software

Best for businesses of all sizes.

Price: The app has a free trial period of 14 days. A business phone system can be had for as little as $15 per user, each month. Video conferencing can be used for free for as long as you like, and a monthly subscription for a business only costs $15 per user.

Prices start at $95 per person per month for Sales Dialer. For the Contact Centre option, you can get a quote. All of the prices listed are for a year’s worth of service.

Dialpad is an AI-powered cloud communication tool that can take notes and determine how people feel. You’ll have one place to record calls, stop them, put them on hold, etc. It will move quickly from one device to another. It can work with Office 365, G Suite, and Salesforce.


  • Dialpad works in more than 50 countries for local phone lines.
  • It has call routing, live call coaching, robust data, and the ability to port current numbers.
  • Dialpad has features like automatic spam detection, teamwork, unlimited calling, an auto attendant with multiple levels, and more.
  • It’s easy to set up and can be done quickly.

Verdict: Dialpad is a tool that is easy to use. It can be used anywhere, on any device. It has vital parts. With its business phone app, you can use a mobile device to check your voicemail, make phone calls, and send texts.

Deployment: Cloud-based

Platform: Any device

Website: Dialpad

#5) CloudTalk Business Phone System

Best Call Center Software

Best for small to large businesses.

Price: CloudTalk has three plans and a business plan that can be made to fit your needs. Prices depend on how many seats and functions there are. There are both monthly plans and yearly plans with a 30% discount.

CloudTalk is a business phone system made for teams that sell and help customers. Automating the dialing process helps the sales team dial faster and make more deals. It also helps the customer service team maintain customer satisfaction by handling more calls with intelligent routing and IVR.

Every CloudTalk plan gives you access to the online dashboard and PC (Win & Mac) and mobile (iOS & Android) apps explicitly built for CloudTalk. It also helps businesses keep their data in sync by letting them connect directly to CRMs, Helpdesks, Shopping carts, Zapier, and API.


  • Use themes to send SMS/text messages.
  • Power dialer, Smart dialer, and Click-to-Call are all ways to make phone calls.
  • Drag-and-drop maker for Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
  • Distribution of incoming calls and dialing out.
  • There are more than 50 integrations with CRMs (Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, etc.), Helpdesks (Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho, etc.), and Zapier and API.
  • It has features like toll-free lines, voice mail, call conferencing, and agent scripting.
  • CloudTalk has local phone numbers from more than 70 countries; you can also call them for free.

Verdict: CloudTalk offers cloud-based phone software that is easy for even non-tech people to set up and use quickly. It lets you set up an online call center with all the bells and whistles from anywhere worldwide while keeping a local presence with national phone lines.

It works 99.99% of the time, is GDPR and PCI-compliant, and users give it high marks for call quality. Plans start at $15/month, an excellent price for SMBs.

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Platform: Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android & Web-based.

Website: CloudTalk

#6) Freshdesk

Best Call Center Software

Best for routing across all channels and easy integration.

Price: The first ten agents are always free, and after that, it’s $15/month/user for the Basic plan, $49/month/user for the Pro plan, and $79/month/user for the Enterprise plan. 

With Freshdesk, you get a digital-first call center solution to improve customer experience across all your contact channels. Freshdesk lets you send incoming calls from all of your set lines directly to the right team member in your company.

With the help of IVR and voice bot technology, the platform lets you give your users voice support around the clock. Freshdesk also makes judging your call center’s performance easy based on real-time data.


  • Make it easy for people on different teams in your organization to work together.
  • Use IVR and speech bots to offer customer service around the clock.
  • An omnichannel dashboard that can be changed to track KPIs and data.
  • Several CRM and payment tools work together without any problems.

Verdict: With contact center-essential features, Freshdesk ensures you can give your users the best customer service around the clock. The app gives you the phone and chat tools to cut your business’s costs and make your staff much more productive.

Deployment: Cloud-Based

Platform: Any device

Website: Freshdesk

#7) Vonage

Best Call Center Software

Best for freelancers and small to large businesses.

Price: Mobile plan: $19.99/month, Premium: 29.99/month, Advanced: 39.99/month.

Vonage has a cloud-based call center solution that is easy to use and works well with some of the most famous CRM platforms. This makes running a call center much more efficient. It makes people’s jobs in call centers easier by using AI to send customers where they need to go instantly.

This helps businesses improve customer service and makes call center workers more efficient. Vonage’s call center software is also great because it can work with major CRM systems. Vonage’s easy-to-use user interface (UI), powerful productivity, key performance indicators (KPIs), and personalization tools can be bought on platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, and more.


  • Automatically record calls
  • Call Routing on the Fly
  • Personal dashboard
  • Analyzer of Conversation
  • AI Virtual Helper

Verdict: Vonage is a great call center software based on AI, has an easy-to-use interface, and, most importantly, works well with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, two of the most popular CRM systems.

Website: Vonage

#8) 8×8 Virtual Call Centre

Best Call Center Software

Best for freelancers and companies of all sizes.

Price: 8×8’s ContactNow product has three different price plans. The free plan is the Standard plan. The Ultimate plan costs $75 per user per month, while the Pro plan costs $50.

8×8 offers a contact center management system that runs in the cloud and can handle incoming and outgoing calls. It gives you a Virtual Contact Centre to do everything a business contact center can.

The ContactNow call center allows small businesses to handle customer service. 8×8 also offers business phone systems and a platform that lets phone, meetings, and team chat work together.


  • Omnichannel routing is supported through interactive voice response, queued callback, web callback, inbound chat, email, social media channels, and more.
  • It gives historical and real-time data, customer experience analytics, and speech analytics.
  • It can be connected to your CRM system or a third-party system.
  • Knowledgebase, Expert Connect, and Co-browse are all tools that agents can use.

Verdict: The 8×8 Contact Centre is a cloud system with many features and functions, such as Voice and screen Recording and archiving. Internal chat for agents and supervisors and Quality Management are two of its benefits.

Website: 8×8

#9) LiveAgent

Best Call Center Software

Best for small and medium-sized businesses.

Price: $39 per agent per month. There are no extra fees or charges by the minute.

LiveAgent is call center software that runs in the cloud. The software can be used for both outbound and inbound call centers. It has complex IVR trees, call routing, and the ability to record infinite calls. LiveAgent is software for call centers, but it can also be used for live chat, tickets, a knowledge base, a customer site, and reports.


  • 99% of VoIP companies can use it.
  • It has smart call routing IVR, stores infinite call recordings, lets you make video calls, and can do robust data analysis and reporting.
  • It helps with both calls coming in and calls going out.
  • Offers over 180 help desk features, including connections with social media, ticketing, live chat, and self-service.
  • Works with more than 40 other apps.
  • Help is available around the clock.

Verdict: As part of its help desk software, LiveAgent has a 100% cloud-based call center option. The value for the price is unbeatable.

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Platform: Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, & Web-based.

Website: LiveAgent

#10) Five9 Cloud Contact Center Software

Best Call Center Software

Best for businesses of all sizes.

Price: The cost will vary according to the number of seats needed, the frequency of use, and the amenities included. Both monthly and yearly options are included. A cost estimate is available for your perusal.

Five9 is a call center that runs in the cloud. The Five9 Call Centre solution has tools for outbound calls, inbound calls, a common platform, and administration. AI is used to give each customer a unique experience. More than 100 different kinds of reports can be made with it.

It helps customers by phone, email, and a customer site 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. It lets you record calls, report on the past, report in real-time, use cloud APIs, and import data.


  • CRM can be used with it.
  • It has a predictive dialer, ACD clever routing, and IVR with Speech Recognition.
  • It gives a method for both distributing incoming calls and making outgoing calls.
  • It gives you an omnichannel option that lets agents move quickly between social media, live chat, voice calls, etc., to give your customers a better experience.
  • It has features like toll-free lines, voice mail, call conferencing, and agent scripting.
  • It has three types of dialers: predictive, progressive, and power.

Verdict: Five9 offers a solution that is 100% cloud-based and has all the same features as a system that is installed on-site. It analyses client feedback received via email, chat, and other channels to understand their needs better. It has features like Local Number Options, DNC Compliance, Web Callback, and the ability to convert text to speech and recognize speech.

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Platform: Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, & Web-based.

Website: Five9


In this piece, we look at and compare the best call center software. Five9 offers Contact Centre Software that is 100% cloud-based and has many features and functions, such as call sharing and Web Callback. Talkdesk uses a high-tech way of building networks. 

Zendesk Talk has a lot of tools and ways to use it. Ytel is a call center system that is easy to use and understand. CrazyCall is a business phone system with tools like power dealers and automated outbound calls.

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