10 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps For Android And IPhone in 2023

Many individuals use WhatsApp daily for informal conversations with friends and family. It’s a fast and free way to call or text someone in a few seconds. Even though the app is a great way to communicate, it poses some risks regarding privacy and security.

Like other social media, WhatsApp made it easier for people to talk to each other without their partners knowing. Also, when it comes to cybersecurity, there is a new risk that cybercriminals will attack children and teens.

You can spy on WhatsApp accounts to find out the trut and keep a situation under control, whether you are a loving spouse or a caring partner. Technology has made it possible to find more proof than just looking for lipstick on a shirt or listening through keyholes.

List Of The Top Android WhatsApp Spy Apps

Here are some standard WhatsApp spy tools:

#1) mSpy

Best for keeping an eye on WhatsApp and keeping an eye on kids.

10 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps For Android And IPhone

mSpy is a tool that lets you track and keep an eye on cell phones. It can get a lot of information from a target device. It can follow a GPS signal. It will let you watch WhatsApp calls, messages, and media files.

All of your incoming and outgoing calls may be monitored easily. The platform has more than 30 features for monitoring, such as Keylogger, Geo-Fencing, Web History, and so on.

mSpy is easy to use; you must buy it, set it up, and start tracking. It works with both iOS and Android phones and tablets. It lets you keep an eye on many different messaging apps, like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, etc.

#2) SpyBubble

10 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps For Android And IPhone

The most effective method for determining whether or not your lover is engaging in an extramarital affair on WhatsApp.

SpyBubble is a program that works with WhatsApp and other free messaging apps. This spying software makes it easy to get into your boyfriend or girlfriend’s Android or iPhone smartphone. You can quickly check the texts your partner sends and receives and everything else they send or get.

The app does more than just let you see what’s on your account. SpyBubble has unique technologies that let you see even messages that have been deleted from a phone you are watching. Your partner might want to delete some conversations to keep themselves safe, but SpyBubble’s control panel makes it easy for you to see them.

You can check information on your phone, laptop, or any other device that works for you. You can track more than you think, and you can spy on WhatsApp and other social media accounts.


10 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps For Android And IPhone

The best way to easily keep track of all deleted WhatsApp conversations.

XNSPY is another app that lets you see everything a partner or child does on WhatsApp on any Android device. The app has more than one use.

First, it’s easy to keep track of all the chats on WhatsApp. You can see the date and time of a message, see who is calling and who is calling you, and see all the media that is sent and received. Just put the app on the device you want to keep an eye on, and you can start spying.

#4) uMobix

10 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps For Android And IPhone

Best for parents who care.

uMobix is the name of the first app that is widely used to spy on WhatsApp. This robust tracking app lets you see what’s going on in real-time on your child’s WhatsApp account.

It will let you read and send messages to and from your child. You can look at all the names on your child’s contact list to ensure they are talking to safe people. You can also read private and group chats and see all the media your child sends and receives through the app.

Do you wonder if your child sends someone private photos or places? The app helps you keep your child safe from severe cases of cyberbullying, sexting, and other online dangers.

#5) Cocospy

10 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps For Android And IPhone

Best for Spying on WhatsApp from afar.

Whatsapp is a complex app to break into. Cocospy, on the other hand, makes spying on Whatsapp easier than it is. First, the app is easy to install on an iOS or Android device without having to jailbreak or root the device.

Once the app is installed, it will send every detail from the Whatsapp account on the target device straight to your Cocospy browser dashboard. You can read every Whatsapp message sent, received, and even deleted.

When you get a bird’s-eye view of someone’s Whatsapp activity, all of their chats will have timestamps. This gives you more information about what they do on Whatsapp. You’ll be able to do more than send and receive messages on the account. You’ll also be able to see images and videos and listen to audio or voice messages.


10 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps For Android And IPhone

Best for advanced phone monitoring features like live access to the camera and microphone.

MobileSpy is a spying app for smartphones that has advanced features. It can’t be found and gives you real-time access to photos, videos, and calls. You can also get back the messages you deleted. MobileSpy is a way to keep track of everything and do it in real-time.

MobileSpy lets you use apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. Parents, schools, and businesses can use it. It works with both Android and iOS phones and tablets. It has more than 42 ways to track phones in real time.

#7) Hoverwatch

10 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps For Android And IPhone

Best apps for Android and iOS devices that let you keep an eye on your kids.

One of the best WhatsApp Spy apps is Hoverwatch since it is powerful and straightforward. The app comes with more than 40 features that can help you track how many things are happening on a specific device in real time through a dashboard.

It can keep track of everything your target device does on the Internet. You can look at your internet history and see when and how often you visited a particular site. The front camera photo capture is one of the things we love most about it. This call and text message tracker automatically takes a picture with the front-facing camera whenever the user unlocks the screen.

#8) eyeZy

10 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps For Android And IPhone

Best for parents to keep an eye on their kids’ Whatsapp calls and messages.

eyeZy gives users everything they need to spy on Whatsapp. With the app installed on the device you want to monitor, you can use a web-based monitoring dashboard to see all shared messages, calls, and media files in real-time.

In addition to intercepting calls and reading text messages, you can also view who the target device’s Whatsapp profile is conversing with. With timestamps on each conversation, you’ll also be able to find out when they happened.

Because of this, eyeZy is a fantastic software for parents, who can monitor their child’s Whatsapp use and intervene if they notice anything out of the ordinary. eyeZy can be used to keep an eye on activity on social apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, etc., as well as Whatsapp.

#9) ClevGuard

10 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps For Android And IPhone

Best for keeping kids in line and watching what they do online.

ClevGuard has a product called “KidsGuard for WhatsApp,” a monitoring app explicitly made for WhatsApp. It lets you keep an eye on more than 10 WhatsApp accounts, including their status, voice messages, chats, etc. It’s compatible with any Android phone or tablet. It can gather information in real-time without being noticed.

KidsGuard All of the different types of WhatsApp data can be found on an online dashboard. It lets you do things like read WhatsApp messages, track WhatsApp calls, record WhatsApp calls, check your WhatsApp status, and more.

The tool lets you see and save photos, videos, and documents from WhatsApp. ClevGuard has a feature that takes screenshots automatically, which helps it keep a close eye on the device.

#10) Spyzzz

10 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps For Android And IPhone

Best if you want to know what your spouse is doing on WhatsApp.

A good option is Spyzzz if you want to monitor your partner’s WhatsApp without them knowing. The app was first made to keep an eye on and catch people cheating on the Internet.

If you keep worrying that your partner is cheating on you, it could hurt your mental and physical health. This app lets you read your spouse’s WhatsApp messages and keep track of all chats. If your partner deletes all the proof, you still have time to take screenshots and show proof if necessary.


WhatsApp spy apps can solve your problem in seconds, whether you want to protect your child from cyberbullying or find out if your partner is cheating on you.

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