Best Apps to Remap Hardware Buttons on Android

If we think back, we will find that cell phones have been gone through some huge adjustments. Nowadays, cell phones accompany just two actual catches, one is the power button, and the other one is the volume regulator. Out of these two, the first one button is mostly utilized, and the volume rocker is less utilized in light of the fact that we would now be able to change the volume utilizing touch controls. 

The use of the volume button is very less, have you at any point considered changing the volume catch’s usefulness? There are many reasons why People want to remap their buttons of hardware. Possibly, they want to increase the life of their buttons or want to change their functions. 

Luckily, for you, there are plenty of Android apps accessible on the Google Play Store that can assist you to remap hardware catches of your Android phone. Along these lines, if you are additionally looking for the best Android hardware remap apps, at that point, you have arrived on the correct page. 

List of Best Apps to Remap Hardware Buttons

In this piece of writing, we will discuss the best Android apps that can easily remap hardware catches of your phone. By using these apps, you can easily change the function of buttons of your phone to fulfill various undertakings.  So, without wasting much time let’s arrive at the list of best remap apps on Android.

Button Mapper

Button Mapper is an extensive app that can remap any catch your phone or associated accessory has. It’s equipped for customizing the set of activities when you tap a key. Button Mapper is viable with virtually every interactive part including your headphone’s catches, the volume up or down keys, and so more. 

In addition, the app upholds extraordinary switches offered by a specific OEM. For example, you can change what happens when you press the Active Edge of the Google Pixel 3. The just a single it can’t alter is the power button. 

Button Mapper allows you to connect a host of shortcuts, for example, flipping the flashlight, an outsider app’s interior activity, route catches like home, taking a screen capture, and pretty much whatever else. 

Also, you will get heaps of choices for changing the vibration power, long-press deferral, and stand-by times. Shockingly, except if you have a rooted phone, Button Mapper can possibly work when the screen is turned on. 

While most of its highlights are free, you can get a great range of its advanced tools by picking its paid version.

Button Remapper

By Irish Buttons remapper is the good-looking app we have found. And it is the advanced Android app that can best remap your Android buttons. It supports all types of typical buttons including assisting buttons on new gadgets. Buttons remappers function only on rooted phones, or you can also trigger custom action with hardware catches via button remapper. You can use it to remap various actions like a flashlight, media controls, or it can even open any app for you. This button remapper app supports double, long presses, and other different activities. That’s the way this button remapper is the best in our list of remapper apps.

Bixby Button Remapper

Bixby Button remapper is the most popular and best hardware remap app for Android users. The Bixby Button remapper will be the best pick for you if you using Samsung Smartphone. It permits you to remap the Bixby buttons with other mobile buttons that work the same.     

The Bixby Button remapper app support long, double presses. And it also supports the volume and other different actins. Well, it would be not wrong to say that the Bixby Button remapper is made for Smartphones; that means it can easily remap the volume and power buttons of your phone. It has very a cool and friendly interface or by using this app you can assign different actions to the hardware buttons, for example, turning on the flashlight, it can open different apps, taking a screenshot and so more. Overall, the Bixby Button remapper is the best remap app for your Android phone to use.         

Button Savior

Catch Savior is a more seasoned answer for gadgets with root. This app fundamentally simulates your hardware keys someplace on the phone’s UI. Button savior is a little bit different from other apps on this list. Subsequently, you never need to really contact your phone’s interface. It can recreate an assortment of old and current hardware keys, including truly old ones like call catches and directional catches. There is some non-root usefulness. In reality, the other apps on this rundown turn out better for non-root clients.     

The app requires root admittance to work, and it offers loads of helpful highlights. With Button Savior, you can even set trigger activities (Gesture and tap). Aside from that, you can likewise tweak the coasting panel, change the trigger position, and then some.      

Remap buttons  and gestures

Remap buttons and Gesture app is not a unique app for your Android, but this one works great. It is a new Android app accessible on the Google Play Store that permits clients to modify the fundamental hardware functions to trigger various activities. Albeit the app isn’t a lot famous, it upholds most new cell phones. What makes this app really fascinating is that it likewise upholds the fingerprint scanner sometimes. The app deals with both rooted and non-rooted cell phones, yet it shows ads.

Keyboard/Button Mapper

This app may appear to be similar to the one talked about above. But, it has a lot of basic contrasts worth investigating. 

The greatest feature of Keyboard/Button Mapper is its capacity to set up trigger blends. So you can dispatch an activity by matching more than one piece of input. 

For example, you can make another undertaking that starts up the flashlight when you tap the volume down catch and afterward volume up. You can string together a limit of two presses. 

Aside from your phone’s hardware, the Keyboard/Button Mapper permits you to do likewise with outer console and mouse adornments as well. For instance, you could enter a particular piece of text by squeezing the K and B keys together. 

Like the above app, in the event that you have a rooted gadget, you can open additionally progressed tricks in this app.

Power Button to Volume Button

As the app’s name possesses, Power Button to Volume Button is an Android app that replaces the Power catch’s usefulness with the Volume button. The app could assist an individual who with having unfunctional or broken power catches. Power Button to Volume Button app allows you to utilize the Volume catches to awaken or bolt your cell phone. The app deals with either rooted or non-rooted Android gadgets, and it’s totally free to download and utilize.

Last thoughts

Hardware buttons are quite possibly the most misjudged characteristics of your cell phone. Furthermore, with these apps, you ought to be currently ready to open their overall potential.

So, these are the best hardware buttons remap apps for your Android phone. Please, share your thoughts with us in below comment section and also tell us which one is the best app for you to use.

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