Best Valorant Stat Trackers In 2022

What are Valorant Stat Trackers, and what do they do?

Stat trackers perform precisely what their name implies: they track your in-game statistics and analyze which areas of your gaming should be improved. The data include both basic information, such as victory rate and headshot percentage, and more complex information, such as an analysis of your previous gameplay style.

To use a stat tracker, log in with the same Riot account that you use to play Valorant. You’ll also have to give the tracker permission to access data from your Riot account. Before you do so, Riot will provide a list of all the permissions the app requires to protect your account.

Here are five of the most incredible Valorant trackers for analyzing your gameplay, comprehending the meta, and growing as a player.

Best Valorant stat tracker

You usually log in using the Riot account you used to play Valorant to access a stat tracker. You must also grant the Valorant Stats application permission to view your Riot account information. The following are some examples:

1. is undoubtedly the greatest and most recognizable stat tracker for Valiant.
There’s no higher endorsement than the fact that a big number of professionals use and praise it as their Tracker of choice. To use’s tracking capabilities, you must first download a separate client and keep it active while playing Valorant.

Map stats, agent stats, and weapon stats are just a few of the tools available on It will provide you with practical information such as agent pick and win rates across various skill rankings, map rates, and optimum team comps, to mention a few. will also present you with more individual statistics, such as your match history or accuracy rate, via a handy dashboard and these broad numbers. There’s even a post-match analysis option that will assist you find areas where you can improve your game.

2., a well-known character in the stat-tracking field, includes Valorant among the many games that they can help you keep track of. The user-provided content and guides, which can earn uploaders profile rewards, are one of the best features across all platforms. Because this section is community-driven, the greatest and most popular ones will naturally rise to the top, offering gamers with important advice for improvement and the stat monitoring features they desire.

Another intriguing aspect of is their mobile app, which allows you to keep track of your stats and learn more about the game while you’re on the go.
When you combine that with a large quantity of personal data to collect and the extra convenience of a Twitch OBS overlay for streamers, it’s simple to see why this would be a popular stat tracker.

3. is a more beginner-friendly solution, with a more limited set of tools and metrics that won’t overwhelm the user. Unlike the previous two trackers, focuses on the more average stat counts of your recent matches, such as the typical win rate, average damage, and average kills, rather than an extensive extrapolation of those figures, or your strengths and weaknesses as a player.

However, their team composition tracker is one of’s best features. This Tracker gives customers with a wonderful “at a glance” meta report based on global stats that are updated every day. More helpful global information for different agents includes pick rates, win rates, KDA ratings, and more.

4. is a large tracker that can quickly overwhelm users with the number of stats it offers. Their post-match algorithm assesses your performance and gives you feedback on areas where you might improve. It also keeps track of your progress across various maps, agents, weaponry, and even team compositions.

However, their system is not flawless, and you may occasionally receive data that is just incorrect or corrupted, so expect some growing pains with this one.
However, if they can work out the flaws and find ways to make data even more readable, it has a bright future.

5. Overwolf


Overwolf has evolved into a popular foundation software to link to other apps that provide various benefits to their users across dozens of games, and is now a household name among gamers. Valorant apps, as expected, are available in their collection, with trackers being the most popular.

It’s simple to set up interaction with the Tracker as mentioned within Overwolf, giving you a simple tracking solution with even more benefits if you add extra helpful apps like highlight recorders, chat, and Twitch overlays.

Utilizing Overwolf’s overlay capabilities and setting them up to work and look the way you want them to is a terrific way to get the most out of it. It takes some getting used to and a little time to get things set up just right, but once you do, it can be a fantastic addition to your Valorant game sessions.



You can access your profile at any moment with Valking. The Valorant statistics website was built with mobile devices in mind. You can also check at Valorant’s overall statistics, such as Ranked Distribution, Agent Winrates and Tier-Lists, and specific Agent Attacker/Defender Winrates. Every few hours, global statistics are updated, so check it out after a new patch that includes buffs/nerfs.

7. Valoperf


ValoPerf was created to help Valorant players improve their skills by allowing them to track their game statistics through the Riot Valorant API. They enable Valorant gamers to keep track of their progress. Because many websites currently only provide actual player data, this is crucial.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Is there a stat tracker for Valorant?

There are only unofficial ones.

Is Valorant’s statistics tracker reliable?

Yes, and they provide a thorough analysis of your performance.

What is the finest Valorant stat tracker?

Because of the features, would be the best.


Most apps that provide stat monitoring for Valorant are quite unimpressive. Riot’s API isn’t helping them out much, as third-party apps can only access the last 20 matches. As a result, you’ll need to check in regularly to make these apps work.

There’s always the potential of banning third-party programs like Valorant trackers. When other apps interfere with the game, Riot’s anti-cheat ‘Vanguard’ does not like it. On the other hand, the five Valorant stat trackers on this list are in compliance with Riot’s regulations and will not be banned under any circumstances.

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