Buy a Used CMM Machine the Sensible Way

Manufacturers rely on advanced machinery to work well, and some equipment plays a larger role than others. Many factories in North America rely on Coordinate-Measuring Machines (CMMs), especially since globalization allowed factories overseas to pose a great competitive threat. 

CMM machines do yeoman’s work performing quality control on production lines more efficiently and with more accuracy than a human employee could. These are efficient machines, but you could get even more from them if you buy one used!

Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you take the intelligent approach to buy used CMM equipment.

Authorized Dealers Run Thorough Inspections

Most people don’t know what to look for when they stick their head under the hood of their car, and a CMM machine is even more complicated. Equipment that performs quality control needs to work reliably, and you can’t have a CMM machine on the production line that doesn’t work.

Dealers authorized by the Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA) have used CMM equipment for sale that has all undergone a thorough inspection by real experts. If you buy used CMM machines from an independent seller or from an auction, you can’t get this inspection.

Authorized dealers will test all the cabling, probe systems, air lines, bearings, and drive systems before you buy the CMM machine, so you know it will work once it’s on the factory floor.

Guaranteed to Work

Perhaps because their initial testing is so thorough, authorized dealers will guarantee that their equipment works to spec, or they’ll repair it for free. The MDNA enforces its guidelines, so you can trust that any member company upholds its ethics.

You might get a great price on used CMM equipment if you buy from an auction or independent seller, but if the machine suddenly stops working, you’ll be out of luck. 

Professional Installation

When it comes to machinery that performs quality control on your factory, you can’t just plug it in and trust it to work to spec. When you buy a used CMM machine from an authorized dealer, they’ll install it professionally.

Factors like the temperature of the environment in which the machine is working can impact its performance, and this needs to be accounted for at the time of the installation. 

Guidance for New Software and Parts

Sometimes old machines can perform new tricks if they have modern software or parts. Authorized CMM dealers have some of the most comprehensive knowledge in the industry.

Let an old CMM machine perform new feats with a retrofit, or make sure you have the optimal software by consulting a CMM expert. CMM machines are sturdy, reliable machines that can be used safely for years, but they can be transformed to do incredible new things if you get expert advice.

You need equipment in your factory that makes processes more efficient, but you can be even more efficient by buying the right machinery in excellent condition for a low price. Speak to your local CMM dealers about buying used equipment the sensible way. 

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