Clean up Your Digital Footprints with Privacy Bee

Deleting your data and reducing your digital footprint is now an achievable task, thanks to Privacy Bee. The latest Internet privacy tool allows you to remove your data from thousands of databases all over the web. Harry Maugans, founder and CEO of Privacy Bee, recently launched the service. He also founded Clickagy, a data intelligence platform for digital marketing and analytics, and serves as its Chief Executive Officer.

The European Union’s General Data Protection Rule (GDPR) recently celebrated its second anniversary. This piece of legislation was the first of its kind that favors user privacy and protects it from data harvesters. It states that Internet users inside the EU have the right to access all the data that companies and web services collect on them. They can also choose to delete the information or opt-out of certain data sharing. California also joined the user privacy party and introduced the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which went into effect in January 2020.

However, retrieving such data could be a hassle for both companies and individuals because many services handle data collection and storage. That includes web vendors, databases, and third-party platforms. As for consumers, it’s impossible that they remember every website they visit. And even if they do, they can’t possibly know the third parties that also collect their information.

Keep Your Personal Data to a Minimum with Privacy Bee

Privacy Bee gives consumers more control over the information they share. It has an extensive database of companies that operate within privacy-friendly territories (like the EU and California) and a system that can track user data and delete it. So as you can see, Privacy Bee is a major boost for companies and individuals alike.

“We scrub consumers’ personal information from companies’ databases so it can’t be sold or hacked,” Maugans said. “By limiting the number of places your personal data is stored, individuals reduce their exposure to data breaches,” he added.

The only other alternative for users is to manually opt-out of specific data logging for every website they visit, which is very exhausting and time-consuming. But keep in mind that not anyone can be selective when it comes to sharing information. Only modern privacy legislation like the GDPR and the CCPA features the “Right to be Forgotten” clause.

Stay Safe from Potential Data Breaches

According to a RiskBased Security report, more than 3,800 breaches were reported in the first six months of 2019, exposing over 4.1 billion records. That’s a substantial rise from the same period in 2018, which recorded 54% less reported attacks and fewer exposure of records by 52%. Moreover,in its 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report, IBM revealed that it takes 206 days on average to identify a breach and a further 73 days to contain it. That means cybercriminals can go on a 279-day data-theft spree before someone can stop them.

But Privacy Bee will delete any sensitive information of yours that is stored on the Internet, significantly reducing any identity-theft risks. “It basically makes you a ghost,” assures Maugans.

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