Convincing reasons why you should rent a car in Dubai

Dubai has always been associated with clean beaches, crowds of tourists, and luxurious living. All this is true. Dubai is a big city with tons of attractions and entertainment. How to see all this in a short vacation? You can buy a tourist guide, walk or ride a taxi or public transport. But if you want to be really free and move independently around the emirate and beyond, we recommend suv car rental dubai. Fortunately, there are all conditions for renting any type of transport in Dubai. You can also rent an SUV to travel through the deserts. You can also rent a sports car for a trip on the autobahn.

We figured out the types of cars that can be rented. Now let’s look at the reasons why you should definitely rent a car in Dubai.

Saving Money

Renting a car in Dubai will help you save money. How, you ask, if you need to pay not only for rent but also for gasoline. Naturally, it all depends on how much you are going to travel around the city. If this is 1-2 trips a day, then yes, it will be cheaper to call a taxi, especially if you are more than 2 people. However, if your schedule is packed from morning to night, renting a car will be cheaper. After all, the UAE is known for having some of the cheapest fuel prices in the world.


In our daily lives, we always put convenience and comfort above all else and are often frustrated when things don’t go as planned. Either the bus was late or there were no available taxis nearby. To avoid being upset because of such unforeseen circumstances, not to change plans because of this, and to be everywhere on time and where you want – rent a car. Thanks to car rental, you will be completely independent of tourist guides, bus timetables and the number of taxis available at the moment.


Not only in Dubai, but throughout the UAE, in principle, it is very strict to monitor road safety and not only. A huge plus in terms of safety is that the UAE is an alcohol-free country, so you will not meet drunk drivers on the road. Plus, for traffic violations in Dubai, huge fines are expected, as well as imprisonment.

Wide choice of vehicles and saving time

Car rental companies like Evolve provide a wide range of cars to suit every taste and color. It can be medium or business-class cars, sports cars or SUVs, and so on.

Dubai is a city of wide roads and long distances. At some points, you will not be able to cross the road to the other side, because the pedestrian crossing will be hundreds of meters away from you. And for crossing in the wrong place in Dubai, there are large fines. Therefore, it is very good to have a rented car that will accurately take you faster than you can reach yourself, or you will be taken by public transport.

What you need to rent a car in Dubai

Everything you’ll need to hire a car in Dubai is of course the age to drive, as well as your passport, driving license from your country, as well as an international driver’s license that you have made.

Please note that a deposit will be taken from your credit card when paying, which will be taken in case of improper car handling.

In conclusion, we want to note that renting a car in Dubai has solid advantages.

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