Best Data Mapping Tools Useful In ETL Process – Top 10

Data mapping is the process of linking the data from the source to the data that you want. Also, it is the process of making a map between two different data units and atomic data units.

Data integration, migration, warehousing, and transformation all use data mapping. So, data planning is an integral part of managing data.

List Of Top Data Mapping Tools


Best Data Mapping Tools Useful In ETL Process - Top 10

Pricing: You can try it out for free for seven days. It has a pricing plan based on subscriptions. You can get a rate to find out about prices. is a data integration, ETL, and ELT tool that runs in the cloud. It will let you make simple data pipelines to your data center that can be seen. It lets you combine information from over 100 data stores and SaaS apps. It can combine data from SQL data stores, NoSQL databases, and cloud storage services.


  • With, you can merge all of your marketing data into one place, whether it comes from social media, a customer relationship management system, analytic tools, etc.
  • It will help you set up ETL, ELT, or a replication option with its easy-to-use graphical interface.
  • With the help of’s workflow engine, you can set up and plan data pipelines.
  • It connects apps, databases, files, data warehouses, etc.

Best For: Data Integration, ETL, ELT.


#2) Altova MapForce

Best Data Mapping Tools Useful In ETL Process - Top 10

Pricing: There is a free 30-day tryout. The Basic Edition of Altova MapForce costs $299. It costs $589 for MapForce Professional Edition. MapForce Enterprise Edition costs $999.

MapForce is a tool for linking any data to any other type of data, and it has won awards for doing so. Its data mapping tool immediately changes your data and gives you many ways to handle frequent changes.


  • A tool for mapping data that is very cheap.
  • Any-to-any mapping of data
  • Data mapping for XML, databases, JSON, text, EDI, Excel, XBRL, Web services, and Protobuf.
  • Drag-and-drop tool for mapping data with no code
  • Chained mapping is possible with multiple sources and targets.
  • The function library and the graphic function builder are both built-in.
  • Debugger for data mapping
  • Options for technology that are affordable and scalable

Best for: Data mapping that is both cheap and flexible. Ability to use and adapt.

Website: MapForce

#3) Skyvia

Best Data Mapping Tools Useful In ETL Process - Top 10

Pricing: The basic plan on Skyvia costs $15 per month, the Standard plan costs $79, and the Professional plan costs $399. There is also a plan that is free forever and a plan that is made just for a business.

Skyvia is a cloud data platform that doesn’t require you to write any code. It can be used for various data integration tasks, such as ETL, ELT, Reverse ETL, data sync, workflow automation, and more. It lets you combine data from CSV files, relational database tables, and cloud service objects, among other places.

Skyvia lets you use various connectors to build complex data pipelines. Skyvia can do more than make pipelines. It can also do complicated mapping and transformations with multiple steps.


  • Mix information from several different places
  • Plan data flows visually
  • Make your own rules for handling errors
  • Quickly send and receive info from and to different sources
  • Data storage in one place
  • Analysis of all the info

Website: Skyvia

#4) DBConvert/DBSync Product Line Software

Best Data Mapping Tools Useful In ETL Process - Top 10

Pricing: You can try it out for free. It moves the first 50 records from each table in the database.

There are three different ways to license and pay for DBConvert software:

  • 1 Personal License costs $149
  • 1 Business License costs $449
  • 1 Enterprise License costs $999

Premium technical help is included in the Enterprise License, but Personal and Business Licenses can pay 30% of the original price instead.

Database migration and synchronization software lets you move and copy your data between famous databases like MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Firebird, SQLite, MS Access, and DB2. It is also possible to copy data between cloud systems, like AWS RDS/Aurora, MS Azure SQL, and Google Cloud SQL.


  • As part of Global Mapping, all systems can change their data types.
  • Only specific fields can have their data type changed.
  • Interface with graphics for mapping info
  • Sorting out the needed info
  • Schedule jobs to move and sync databases at certain times.

Best as: Intuitive interface for data transformation between database Sources and Targets.

Website: Database migration and synchronization

#5) CloverDX

Best Data Mapping Tools Useful In ETL Process - Top 10

Price: CloverDX doesn’t say anything about prices. You can call the company to learn more about the product’s price. For 45 days, you can try the product for free. According to online reviews, the product’s price will be between $4000 and $5000, a one-time payment.

The Clover ETL platform has been moved to the CloverDX platform. It works in more ways than Clover ETL. It can be downloaded. It gives you 45 days to try it out for free. It can be used to work on both simple and complex jobs.

It is a platform with an open design that lets you write code for data jobs whenever needed. It comes with a large number of ready-made change components.


  • Able to do both simple and complicated jobs.
  • You can make data changes that can be used again.
  • APIs, message queues, file watchers, and event triggers can be used to connect it to other systems.
  • It will let you plan, control, and monitor complicated workflows.
  • You can handle any number of jobs.

Best for: Ease of use, freedom, controls that are easy to understand, and speed.

Website: CloverETL

#6) Pentaho

Best Data Mapping Tools Useful In ETL Process - Top 10

Price: Pentaho does not give details about prices. You can call the company to find out more.

Pentaho gives you a single place to control the pipeline for analyzing data. It has a scalable data processing engine with multiple threads. It will let you make templates for data merging that can be used repeatedly.


  • With Pentaho, you can switch between processing engines like Apache Spark and Pentaho without problems.
  • It helps Hadoop systems, Spark, NoSQL, and object stores work well.
  • Keeping an eye on performance.
  • Roll back and restart the job.

Best For: Drag and drop functionality.

Website: Pentaho

#7) Talend

Best Data Mapping Tools Useful In ETL Process - Top 10

Price: The device can be tried out for free. The length of the trial depends on the product. There are four price plans for Talend. Everyone can use Talend Open Source for free.

There is also a free version of Stich Data Loader. Using the paid version costs $100 to $1000 per month. The price per person for Talend Cloud data integration is $1170. Prices for Talend Data Fabric will be given when you get in touch.

Talend makes data integration tools for large businesses. It will help you connect to any data, get to it, and change it. It can integrate data both in the cloud and on-premises.


  • It gives you more than 900 parts that are already put together.
  • Integration that works well with your surroundings.
  • Based on your facts, it can be scaled up.

Best: As a data integration tool.

Website: Talend

#8) Informatica

Best Data Mapping Tools Useful In ETL Process - Top 10

Pricing: The device can be tried out for free. The price of Informatica cloud services begins at $2,000 per month.

Informatica offers options for integrating data across multiple cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments. It can change data for both complicated documents with hierarchies and unstructured data. It also has a site for partners to use on their own.


  • A platform for agile data merging that is fully integrated.
  • Power Center integration.
  • The connections will give the data a high-performance way to connect.
  • It can send and receive B2B info.

Best For Power Center tools.

Website: Informatica

#9) Salesforce

Best Data Mapping Tools Useful In ETL Process - Top 10

Pricing: There are three plans for how much Salesforce costs: Gold, Platinum, and Titanium. You can ask for an estimate to find out more about the prices.

Salesforce has a way to make it easier to build, manage, and deploy APIs and Integration. It will help you improve rollout and make it easier to scale up. It gives you more ways to connect.


  • It will help you connect any source of info.
  • There are many APIs.
  • You can also connect back-office tools.

Best For: Integration with other systems.

Website: Salesforce

#10) IBM InfoSphere

Best Data Mapping Tools Useful In ETL Process - Top 10

Pricing: The company doesn’t say anything about the price. You will have to call the company to find out how much the goods cost.

IBM InfoSphere has a mechanism for end-to-end integration that is used to find, clean, watch, and change data.


  • It can bring together “big data” and “enterprise data.”
  • It can send out the information in real-time.
  • It uses safe methods for moving info.

Best For: Working on metadata and complex data.

Website: IBM InfoSphere


We looked at the best data mapping tools and what they can do in this piece.

Flexibility is the best thing about CloverDX. The best drag-and-drop ability is in Pentaho. Talend works best as a tool for putting together data. Power Center tools work best with Informatica. Altova is the best for mapping data’s Graphical User Interface.

Salesforce works best when it comes to connecting to other systems. For information, IBM is the best. Flexibility is the best thing about Adeptia. Oracle is the best when it comes to changing info. Alooma is the best way to get info from anywhere.

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