Best Google Maps Alternatives 2023

Due to all the new changes brought about by Google Maps‘ recent update, users are left perplexed and unable to locate the locations they require.

You’ve used Google Maps for years, and suddenly, something has changed. Searching for the desired restaurant when the map’s interface differs takes a lot of effort and frustration. Fortunately, several Google Maps substitutes are still useful and simple to use.

Best Google Maps Alternatives

1: MapQuest

MapQuest has a long history because it was one of the original internet mapping services. Depending on where you obtain instructions, the interface is great and allows you to examine various layers, including landscape, satellite imaging, and street view photography.

If you want something straightforward and dependable, MapQuest is still worth looking into, even though it offers fewer features than Here WeGo.

2: Bing Maps

The new Bing Maps app has a few unique features now in public beta. The OSM files now include new features, including commuter rail, autocross, and highways. Part of the information used in those additions came from Wikimapia and official Bing Maps databases.

The Bing maps service, a Microsoft property, was once known as MapPoint before changing its name. It has many features, such as 3D views and a traffic overlay. It has the entire collection of UK maps, from Ordnance Survey maps to aerial photography, so you don’t have to be a typical mapper or work in town planning to use it. You might be surprised that it is as ancient as Google Maps.

3: Waze

Waze is a resource that can enhance your mobile experience. With its live map, you can easily plan journeys, rapidly find locations, and more. Also, its map editor enables you to change any location’s map to your preferences. Waze is the ideal tool for any traveler because it is entertaining to use and has social integration. This is the area to discuss your incredible experiences, show off your finds, and get suggestions on where to go next.

Also, Waze enables you to post any dangers or police notifications you may have encountered while traveling. The ideal app for road information is this one. You may escape accidents, construction zones, and police roadblocks. Thanks to the mapping app’s real-time crash and speed trap notifications, you can always stay safe on the road.


Everyone who wants to travel without worrying about data roaming fees should use this software. MAPS provides the route names for all the downloaded maps.ME, together with walking directions, road and off-road routes, hiking trails, bicycle tracks, and walkways. MAPS.ME is the ideal travel companion because it offers well-curated travel guides for locations worldwide and information about landmarks and establishments close to you.

You can scroll through its tutorials for free, but to access the remainder, you must pay a subscription of either $13 per month or $32 annually. While MAPS.ME might be rather busy, Google Maps is ad-free, which infuriates consumers to no end. You might find MAPS.ME to be a little disappointing if you’re used to using the slick UI of Google Maps to check directions.

5: Apple Maps

How can we forget Apple Maps when talking about maps, especially mobile-friendly maps? This program features a stunning look and a privacy-focused policy that is supported by the long-standing reputation Apple has established. Sadly, only Apple devices can access this software. The company offers fundamental features like traffic information, points of interest, and stored locations, and protects your data using end-to-end encryption without storing user information.

6: Navmii

This smartphone app, a useful substitute for Google Maps, provides HD maps, voice-guided navigation, and real-time traffic information. Drivers who live or work in an urban region with a good road system will find the app to be useful. In addition to having many useful features, Navmii includes a large database of locations and attractions that are close to your current position.

7: CoPilot

Whether you’re a professional caravan driver or just driving your car, CoPilot protects you on the road. If you don’t know where you’re heading, the app’s precise satellite map with street names makes it easy to find your way around.

This online web mapping application gives you the option of three routes. Also, you may check how long it will take to get where you’re going and how much petrol is still in your tank.

8: TomTom

TomTom has a great track record for location tracking. Also, their high-quality maps offer individuals and organizations dependable options. Although TomTom is and has always been a subscription service, it offers a wide range of charting and maritime capabilities. The assistance would be compensated. There is a charge of roughly $0.50 for every 1,000 queries after the first 2,500 are free.

9: Rand McNally

You can rely on Rand McNally for both authenticity and dependability. Rand MacNally has produced atlases and maps for over 40 years, making them a trustworthy substitute. The business provides a huge selection of maps for all journeys, including road trips, hikes, and camping excursions.

Everything is available in their product line, from street maps to topographic maps. Also, their products are offered online. You may access the site’s map and directions options by logging in. Once you enter the information for the location you need to go, it will give you instructions and a map.

10: Citymapper

Through the lens of their mobile app, this fantastic app brings London, Berlin, and other life places. Everywhere in the world can be navigated to by tapping on the appropriate link or tapping on a specific city, neighborhood, or point of interest to learn more.

This app includes a tonne of amazing features that are great for both tourists and locals. Citymapper is made for visitors on a tight budget who want to experience their trip as authentically as possible. By taking advantage of deals at various local establishments, including hotels, clubs, and restaurants, the app also assists you in saving money. You can organize your day with Citymapper’s walking, bike, or public transportation maps.

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