How to watch US Netflix from anywhere

If you are one of Netflix’s subscribers, you already know that Netflix does not offer a single global content library to all it’s users. In fact, Us Netflix has the widest range of movies and TV shows and that’s why many people try to access the American Netflix using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). There are so many VPNs that claim they can unblock Netflix. But, is this really true?

From 2016 under pressure from copyright holders, Netflix started banning VPNs and proxies in order to enforce its copyright obligations. That’s why many VPNs don’t work with Netflix or stop working after a while. But there are still some VPNs that bypass these restrictions and Wachee is one of them. Wachee works exclusively for streaming websites (USA Netflix and Hulu) and by using it you can access streaming content everywhere.

Why we use Wachee VPN?

There are so many reasons why we use Wachee VPN. Let’s name some of them:

– Unblocking US Netflix:  Netflix or other streaming services might be blocked in your country by the government, your ISP or your network administrator. A Netflix VPN such as Wachee will unblock these streaming services by encrypting all of your streaming data. So, your streaming activity will be completely anonymous.

– Bypass Netflix proxy error: If your Netflix says “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy” it means your IP or your VPN provider’s IP is blocked by Netflix. By adding Wachee to your Chrome or installing Wachee on your Android device, you can watch Netflix and Hulu without any proxy errors.

– Access More Movies & TV Shows on Netflix: Wachee combines your region’s Netflix with American Netflix. Connect Wachee and watch all the movies that are available in US Netflix or disconnect Wachee and stream the content of your region’s Netflix.

– Access geo- restricted streaming content: Many of the Netflix’s movies and TV shows are specific to the American Netflix. Hulu is only available in the United States. Wachee is a smart Netflix VPN. It automatically changes your virtual location so you can access those streaming services anywhere.


– Easy Setup: There is absolutely nothing you should do after installing Wachee.  Add Wachee to your Chrome by clicking on the download link, or go to the App Store or Play Store and install it on your device, then click on “Connect” and enjoy streaming!

– Unblock USA Netflix: If you are in a school or in a country that Netflix has been blocked, you can use Wachee to access US Netflix.

– Reliability: Wachee unblocks US Netflix 24/7 without any trouble. It’s servers are the best ones in the business.

– No Log, No Personal Info: Wachee do not need to collect any extra information (such as your name, phone number, location, browsing history, etc.). You just have to verify your email address.

– High-Quality Servers: Wachee’s servers are some of the best servers around the world for streaming. Wachee will automatically connect you to the nearest server so you won’t experience any latency at all. 

– Streaming Specific: Wachee Extension only works on streaming websites (US Netflix & Hulu) and has no effect on any other website’s traffic.

– Smart Routing: Wachee will automatically change servers so you don’t have to go looking for servers that work best.

– Super fast speed for streaming: A big problem with VPNs is that they affect your internet speed. Even if you want to use the VPN for Netflix, you have to tunnel your whole computer through the VPN server and this will result in a speed loss. To cope with this problem, Wachee has come up with a simple but effective solution. To tunnel only Netflix through it’s servers so that you won’t experience a speed loss. 

– Money-Back Guarantee: You can request a refund within 10 days of your last purchase for any reason and you will be refunded without any further questions.

Pricing: Currently Wachee offers a 7 days free trial in Extension and a 3 days free trial in Android app. Your payment method will not be charged during the trial period and you can simply cancel before the trial ends if you realize it is not right for you. 

Wachee’s premium plans is one of the cheapest in the market and has the best quality possible:

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