9 Best LeetCode Alternatives 2023

To be completely prepared for programming interviews, LeetCode is marketed as a platform for learning and enhancing coding skills. A Code Learning service in the development area allows users to select issues from categories including System Design, Algorithms, and Database, participate in code competitions, and conduct mock interviews. There are over 50 LeetCode competitors, including websites and apps for different operating systems like Windows, Mac, SaaS, and Android.

What is Leetcode?

A learning, knowledge-enhancement, and skill-development platform called Leetcode was created specifically for people who are enthusiastic about coding and programming. In-depth and unique courses on coding and programming are available on the site, which will help you improve your technical knowledge and prepare for forthcoming technical interviews.

There are classes on the platform for practically all coding and programming languages. These courses include a wide range of topics, from the fundamentals of coding to highly advanced levels, where you create a complete piece of code or software program from scratch.

You can learn any programming language, whether elementary or advanced, on Leetcode.

This platform’s fantastic questionnaire, which includes more than 1800 practice questions, increases its sturdiness and utility. You can tremendously advance your coding abilities with that many efforts at developing code in various languages.

Is Leetcode a Good Resource for Education?

While not truly a place to learn new abilities, LeetCode is an excellent location to practice existing ones. Because of this, I’m looking for a substitute to help me prepare for it. I wish to break algorithms into more minor problems to address the above challenge. I need to gain the aptitude to look for a real-world issue to tackle.

Benefits of LeetCode:

Get knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms:

LeetCode is ideal if you’re serious about finding a career that balances creativity and security.

Everything you need to improve your knowledge of data structures and algorithms is available online. As a result, you can dazzle interviewers with your expertise.

The extensive curriculum will assist you in achieving your career goals, regardless of whether you are seeking entry-level employment or are ready for a promotion.

Multiple programming languages for practice:

LeetCode has the programming languages you need, whether you’re trying to break into a new industry or simply better your present career prospects.

The website offers a variety of programming languages so that you may practice and best prepare for your interviews.

Bash, C, C#, C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, PHP, Python, Python3, Racket, Ruby, Rust, Scala, Swift, and TypeScript are all supported by LeetCode.

The platform has many resources, so you’ll feel comfortable discussing programming. You’ll have all you need with LeetCode to succeed and accomplish your objectives.

Helpful and Active Community:

There are helpful and engaged community members on LeetCode who can assist you with your interview preparation.

One can develop their coding abilities by doing several everyday tasks and mini-projects. The community also offers comments and assistance to maximize your LeetCode experience.

Best LeetCode Alternatives 2023:

The best LeetCode alternatives for developing coding skills in 2023 are listed below.

1. CodeChef:

A site called CodeChef enables you to compete, practice, and learn. You will have access to programming tools for both novice and expert programmers. On the platform, more than 3,000 problems range in popularity and complexity.

The platform includes tutorial videos and data to help you debug your code. Also, you’ll receive advice on how to resolve your issues. For them to assist you in earning and diagnosing your errors more quickly, you may also chat with their support.

The site allows you to compete with more than 200,000 enthusiasts. You can take part in more than six contests offered every Wednesday and Saturday each month. Depending on your programming abilities, you’ll be placed with one of the four divisions.

CodeChef encourages self-learning, and to swiftly enhance your scores, some challenges have been hand-selected for you based on your learning trajectory. Also available is the topical learning path if you choose this approach.

LeetCode is a tool that aids users explicitly in interview preparation. Nevertheless, if you’re searching for a platform that focuses entirely on assisting you in honing your abilities and participating in competitions, CodeChef is the one for you.

2. HackerPen:

You can utilize the portal HackerPen to prepare for technical interviews. You can utilize the platform’s in-browser code editor and cloud-based compiler with any popular programming language. Also, it can be used by employers for live interviews.

Mock interviews for system design can also be conducted using HackerPen. The platform allows users to add shapes and draw by hand. HackerPen is the perfect platform for remote interviews because of this capability.

Also, HackerPen includes a video and audio capability that makes it simple for interviewers and interviewees to communicate throughout the same session. In this situation, you won’t need access to communication tools like Zoom. HackerPen and LeetCode differ in the latter’s support for remote interviews.

3. TinyZone:

If you frequently watch YouTube, viewing TinyZone is a comfortable experience. However, it just shows movies and TV shows instead of providing videos of all kinds. Additionally, it asserts to have a collection of over 250,000 videos, all of which include subtitles in both English and Spanish. They aren’t lying at all. Nevertheless, it goes beyond that. In terms of content selection, TinyZone is more comparable to FMovies. Each video comes with various stream sources and subtitled versions in different languages. Also, it features a growing library that can quench your desire for any free recently released movies.

4. Coderbyte:

A platform for developers and businesses is called Coderbyte. Developers use the platform to be ready for interviews and by employers to evaluate job candidates.

More than a million developers use the platform and want to advance their professions. Developers can access the challenge library to further their professions and go through introductory courses and interview kits. An algorithm, JavaScript, and Python are among the introductory courses on the platform that you can study in a week. You can also browse the platform’s interview preparation materials.

The free coding challenges are available to developers, or they may upgrade to get access to more features by paying a monthly subscription fee of $35 or a yearly subscription fee of $150. To access the pro features for 90 days, you can also pay $79 once.

Companies can use the platform to find the best candidate. They will need to pay a $199 monthly fee, though. The website evaluates over 30 languages and 100 talents and offers over 500 tests. Also, challenges and questions are automatically assessed to simplify the recruiting process.

5. Talscale:

Talscale is software designed to assist recruiters in evaluating potential employees and enhancing the hiring procedure. Within two weeks of utilizing the software, companies should be able to find and hire the ideal employee.

Talscale has incredible capabilities that let businesses hire workers remotely. The skill set you require for a specific profession can be chosen, and assessments can be based on it. Talscale allows you to link your programming interviews with code sync to get more out of the session.

In addition, Talscale provides features that LeetCode needs to have that help with remote hiring. Some features include advanced proctoring, ATS integration, facial recognition, plagiarism detection, and adaptable continent-building.

6. HackerEarth:

For both developers and companies, HackerEarth was created. The application seeks to connect developers with top-tier businesses.

To compete with the 6.5 million other developers on the platform, developers can utilize the app to practice and expand their knowledge and skills. On HackerEarth, companies may hire, evaluate, interview, and upskill developers.

With the 6.5 million users on the site, developers can code. They will also get the chance to put new abilities into practice and master them. Also, they will be able to resolve actual issues in certain top businesses.

By participating in hackathons, developers can also locate their ideal employment using HackerEarth. They will develop their coding abilities and keep one step ahead of their contemporaries. As developers use the platform more, they will also accumulate badges.

HackerEarth is a tech hiring site, whereas LeetCode is a platform that enables developers to prepare for interviews with particular firms. You may view all of HackerEarth’s plans on their price page. Enterprises pay $279 monthly, while the Starter Package is $119. Get in touch with them for a customized price based on your demands.

7. AlgoExpert:

AlgoExpert is a fantastic resource for coding interview practice. It has 160 carefully chosen questions to help developers succeed in technical interviews.

Also, you will have access to more than 100 hours of video explanation. A two-part video is provided for each question to aid in your learning. Also, AlgoExpert includes a data structure crash course that will teach you the fundamentals of well-known data structures.

Nine programming languages are available for learning, including Javascript, Typescript, Kotlin, Swift, Python, Go, C#, Java, and C++. The current theories also take space-time complexity studies into account.

You can practice writing algorithmic solutions in AlgoExpert’s feature-rich coding environment. Also, you can test your solutions using test cases accessible on AlgoExpert.

AlgoExpert includes four carefully chosen examinations that flawlessly replicate a coding interview if you want to train for one. The questions range in complexity and question type. On the platform, you can also conduct dummy interviews with other users.

8. Screeps:

Another LeetCode substitute featuring an MMO sandbox game for developers is called Screeps. AI is the primary gameplay mechanic used in open-source games. Developers can write JavaScript to manage their colony.

You can use scripting to play on the platform. Using libraries from existing projects allows you to carry out actual programming. It is not, therefore, pseudocode. The platform also combines other languages with JavaScript using WebAssembly. On Screeps, you also have access to the documentation and game API. Screeps is more entertaining than LeetCode since it uses games as its foundation.

With more than 70,000 connected game rooms, the programmable universe of Screeps is vast. Also, you have access to running Node—js-based player scripts.

An open-source sandbox is called Screeps. But, you can modify certain features of the hamster’s behavior because the platform’s engine has an adaptable program, and you can help with its evolution.

9. Edabit:

Check out Edabit if you’re seeking a platform to help you with your programming. The platform offers JavaScript and Python starter tutorials to assist those new to this.

You can access exercises and challenges on the platform to enhance your abilities. On Edabit, you may practice practical coding to quickly learn and advance your abilities. You can practice indefinitely in small increments using Edabit to improve your skills. On the site, you can begin with a simple workout for complex jobs. Also, you can learn complicated codes at your own pace.

Edabit makes learning interesting by utilizing gaming concepts. Also, it takes off the radius and non-educational components, making the game entertaining and addictive. You will collect experience and unlock achievements as you move up the levels.

The platform supports Swift, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, C++, and C#, among other programming languages.

Edabit’s primary goal is to help developers become more knowledgeable and skilled, while LeetCode concentrates on getting its users ready for job interviews.

Final Thoughts:

Even though tech interviews can be anxiety-inducing, you can lessen the experience using tools like LeetCode.

By exposing you to coding problems tailored to the interview situation, LeetCode can help you prepare for technical interviews. You will learn how to resolve coding problems that can be presented during the interview process by resolving these issues. Also, using LeetCode to practice can help you hone your problem-solving abilities.

You won’t be able to pass tech interviews by reading this. That might help you comprehend why technology interviews are so challenging for many people. This subject needs to be more frequently understood, and the structure of interviews may be to blame.

You’ll be able to respond to inquiries quickly and show off your coding prowess with practice. Keep in mind to remain optimistic and composed under pressure.

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