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What is : Tata Group Takes The Rights for the 2022-2023 IPL Seasons tata group buys the rights to the IPL seasons of 2022 and 2023: The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a popular Indian cricket event that people worldwide watch in their millions. The Rights or Title backer is one of the most essential parts of IPL. IPL started in 2008, and there have been many title sponsors. Out of all of them, VIVO (VIVO IPL) has won the most IPL titles. When a business gets the Title sponsor of IPL, it is a big deal. It helps companies grow directly or indirectly and makes it easy to promote their brands to millions of people worldwide.

IPL Sponsors from 2008 to 2023

Title sponsorYears
DREAM 112020
TATA GROUP2022-2023


First, when IPL began, DLF (DLF IPL) paid INR 40 Crore for the rights and title support from 2008 to 2012.

PEPSI (PEPSI IPL) paid a total of INR 79.2 Crore (about $2.1 million) for the rights and title sponsorship from 2013 to 2015.

The rights and title sponsorship for the 2016 and 2017 seasons were purchased by VIVO (VIVO IPL) for INR 100 Crore.

The rights and title sponsorship for the next two years were purchased by VIVO (VIVO IPL) for INR 440 Crore.

Dream11 (Dream11 IPL) spent a total of INR 422 Crore (about $6 million) for the rights and title sponsorship for 2020.

In 2021, VIVO (VIVO IPL) once again paid INR 440 Crore for a year of rights and title sponsorship.

And in 2022, the giant TATA Group joined the IPL and paid INR 440 Crore for the rights and title sponsorship of the IPL for two years, from 2022 to 2023.

As the most famous business in India, this move by the TATA Group will significantly affect the Indian cricket team.

10-IPL-Team : Tata Group Takes The Rights for the 2022-2023 IPL Seasons How it will Impact IPL Cricket

TATA Group bought the IPL rights for 2022 and 2023, which is a big deal for the IPL event and the cricket world. Let’s see how this purchase will change things.

Effect on IPL’s power to make money

With a market capitalization of $150 billion, TATA Group is India’s most financially safe company. This group’s support and backing do have a significant effect on IPL’s financial safety and security.

Effect on the Infrastructure of IPL

The TATA Group has a long history of investing in infrastructure and finding answers for many large infrastructure projects. This expertise in infrastructure will help the IPL improve its infrastructure, significantly impacting its growth.

Effect on the Brand Value of IPL

TATA Group is the most well-known and recognized brand in the world. When TATA Group buys IPL, the brand value of IPL will go up by a lot, which is good for shareholders and IPL. IPL gets a lot of attention all over the world. When TATA Group joins IPL, it will help IPL get even more attention and make more money.

What it Means for business opportunities

Acquisitions of TATA Group will help IPL build trust among businesses, leading to more business chances from other businesses and corporations looking into IPL and cricket and more investment from those businesses and corporations. This will make the base of the IPL stronger than it was before. Ultimately, it will be good for IPL and the business or investment.

The Tata Group has bought the rights to the IPL seasons in 2022 and 2023. How it will affect cricket in India

Effect on Putting Money into Cricket

The right of the TATA Group to the IPL also dramatically affects the IPL. This is a proud time for Indian cricket because TATA Group is such a big, well-known company. This will help Indian Cricket grow and attract more fans who are crazy about the sport. It will be perfect for Indian Cricket as a whole.

Effect on New Hires

IPL is the best and most unusual way to show new local talent to the rest of the world. Through the IPL, many young players get a chance to play for the Indian International Cricket Team. This is the best way for the Indian Cricket Team to get new players. With the help of the TATA Group, the Indian Cricket team will have some of the best players in the world.

Effect on how popular it is

The Indian cricket team is already one of the most well-known teams in the world, and the acquisition of these rights by TATA Group would only increase its global profile. TATA Group is one of the world’s top companies. It has different businesses in each sector, and its products and services are trendy worldwide. This popularity helps Indian Cricket become more famous in each sector, which will lead to more Indian fans.

Impact on Global Exposure

The global image and exposure of the TATA Group also help the Indian Cricket team get more attention around the world. This will significantly affect the Indian Cricket Team’s ability to get more high-paying contracts worldwide. This will help the Indian Cricket Team grow in the long run. Looking into IPL will help people all over the world.

Why was Tata Group chosen to sponsor the IPL in 2023?

The prestigious Tata Group has been chosen as the IPL sponsor for the much-anticipated 2023 season. This was a clear choice. This critical meeting carries a lot of weight and is essential for several reasons:

First, the baton was passed to the Tata Group after the former backer, Vivo, left because of the upsetting military clashes along the India-China border in June 2020. The BCCI’s decision to cut links with the Chinese mobile and technology giant paved the way for the rise of the Tata Group.

Surprisingly, the Tata Group’s dedication to this project also shows up on the money side. The prestigious company has agreed to pay a whopping 440 crores (US$58.4 million) annually to be the title sponsor. This is a lot of money, but it’s the same amount that Vivo put into the last deal.

The Tata Group is India’s best-known and most diverse business conglomerate. It has an impressive collection of businesses in many different fields. From cars to steel, software to hospitality, aviation to consumer goods, they have a strong name and a commitment to excellence in many areas.

Recognizing the Tata Group’s close relationship with sports in India is essential, especially in the exciting world of cricket. The fact that the conglomerate owns and runs cricket stadiums and schools all over the country shows how passionate they are about the sport. Also, they continue to support a wide range of cricket tournaments and events at different levels, which shows how much they care about the sport.

The Tata Group has a goal that goes beyond traditional cricket. They support women’s cricket in India, which is a good thing to do. Recently, news emerged about their role as the primary sponsor for the Women’s Premier League (WPL) for the first five years. This great idea shows how much they want to help women in sports grow and get more power.

As emotions run high and excitement builds, the choice to make the Tata Group the coveted IPL sponsor for the 2023 season hits hard in the hearts of cricket fans and people who have a stake in the game. Their unwavering backing, indomitable will, and visionary outlook will propel the IPL to unprecedented heights and forever alter the landscape of Indian cricket.

What Does the BCCI Have to Say About This Bid of Tata?

The BCCI, India’s prestigious cricket governing body and IPL organizer, was overjoyed with the Tata Group deal. BCCI Secretary Jay Shah exclaimed, “The Tata Group stands as the epitome of global recognition for Indian enterprises.” Their stature is unmatched with a century-old history and a presence in over 100 nations on six continents. The BCCI, like the TATA Group, wants to spread cricket worldwide. The BCCI’s tireless efforts have led to the IPL’s international success.

The Tata Group’s IPL title sponsorship benefits all stakeholders, India’s cricket fans, and exceptional players. The Tata Group’s IPL partnership will enhance fan happiness. Their sponsorship will boost grassroots cricket in India by funding infrastructural improvements and cutting-edge facilities. The Tata Group’s sponsorship of the IPL will also boost Indian cricket’s international reputation and professionalism.

Tata Group’s historic title sponsorship of the IPL reaffirms its visionary commitment to cricket both domestically and abroad. The Tata Group’s “Leadership with Trust” motto represents their dedication as an IPL sponsor. The Tata Group’s title sponsorship of the IPL will provide unprecedented excitement and leave an indelible impression on everybody concerned.

How to watch IPL Seasons 2023?

The TATA IPL Season 2023 can be watched live from home. After the media rights were auctioned off in June of last year, the deal for the live broadcast from 2023 to 2027 was signed. In which TV and digital telecast were sold at different auctions.

If you want to watch the 2023 IPL season on TV, you can do so on the Star Sports network. On the other hand, you can watch all the games live for free by downloading the Jio Cinema app on your phone or computer and then accessing the Internet.

FAQ’s : Tata Group buys the rights for the IPL seasons of 2022 and 2023.

How did the IPL begin?

2008 was the first year of the IPL.

Who bought the rights to the IPL from 2022 to 2023?

The Tata Group will run IPL 2022 and 2023.

Who has the right to show the 2023 IPL?

Reliance Jio. Which can be watched on Android using the JIO Cinema App.


This blog quickly discussed Tata Group Takes The Rights for the 2022-2023 IPL Seasons. One of India’s most influential businesses, the TATA Group, has joined the IPL. This will help the IPL hit new heights of success and popularity, suitable for everyone involved in the IPL. We talk about what the TATA Group will bring to the IPL and what the IPL and Cricket Team will get out of the TATA Group. I hope this blog is interesting.


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