Best Sentence Rephraser Tools In 2023 – Top 10

People use and know that sentence rephraser tools can quickly change the tone and structure of sentences and paragraphs without changing what they mean. You can use these tools when you can’t think of what to write. Some of them also give you writing prompts to get you started.

Sentence Changer Generator

When you need to switch up your writing style, a sentence paraphraser is a great tool to have at your disposal. Both professionals and students use these sites to help them avoid using the exact words repeatedly in their work. In addition, some people use them to change their tone or inject originality into a work.

Depending on the context, any piece of writing can be elevated to the status of being legal, scientific, formal, artistic, etc. variety, using a sentence changer generator or paraphrasing tool. You can use them as a crutch if you find yourself at a loss for words or inspiration.

Top Sentence Rephraser Tools

#1) ProWritingAid

Best Sentence Rephraser Tools In 2023 - Top 10

Best for grammar and style checking.

ProWritingAid has features like a grammar checker, style editor, reports, etc.

It can be used with Microsoft Word, Gmail, Windows, Mac, Google Chrome, Firefox, and many other programs. It gives you thorough feedback that helps you get better at writing. ProWritingAid is built around safety and privacy. It has terms and conditions that are good for customers. It complies with GDPR and gives you 256-bit bank-level protection.

Features: Reports for issues, desktop version, plagiarism checks, integrations, etc.

Pricing: $0-$89/year

Website: ProWritingAid

#2) Linguix

Best Sentence Rephraser Tools In 2023 - Top 10

Best for rephrasing based on AI.

Linguix is a tool that uses advanced AI models like ChatGPT to make it easy to rewrite content accurately. You can use the tool to change the meaning of a sentence entirely. It can break up long words so that they are easier to understand.

It also suggests choosing words to make the text look more natural. On top of that, the platform gives out quality marks. This can help you judge your writing’s quality based on style, truth, and how easy it is to read.

Features: It has a content quality score, ideas, a grammar check, a spelling check, support for multiple languages, and AI-based paraphrasing.

Price: The Pro Plan costs $30 monthly, while a lifetime plan costs $108. You can use the tool for free or request a unique quote for the business plan.

Website: Linguix

#3) WordAi

Best Sentence Rephraser Tools In 2023 - Top 10

Best for rephrasing phrases and sentences.

Word AI can rewrite text so well that it’s almost impossible to tell if a person or a computer wrote it. The program is probably best for changing long sentences into shorter ones. With just one click, the software can change the meaning of a line and even make it easier to read and more original.

There is also an in-built spelling and grammar tool that can be used to make sure the content is good. Grammar and spelling mistakes will be easy to find and fix with the program. You can try it for free for three days. Word AI’s services can be used after this trial time is over for as little as $9/month (billed annually).

Features: Can get past AI detection, One-click sentence rephrasing, API Access, built-in spelling and language checker, and bulk article rewriting.

Price: Every package is paid once a year.

  • Starter: $9/month
  • Power: $27/month
  • Custom enterprise plan
  • A 3-day free trial is also available.

Website: Word AI

#4) Grammarly

Best Sentence Rephraser Tools In 2023 - Top 10

Best for Content Proofreading with AI.

Grammarly is one of the most famous and widely used writing help tools. It is easy to use and doesn’t cost anything. This online tool works well with websites like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc., to help you write text that is correct in terms of spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

The app uses powerful artificial intelligence to fix mistakes in your writing as you type. It will quickly point out any mistakes in the body of your content and suggest changes to improve it. The program also does a great job of rephrasing sentences. Grammarly makes it easy to do everything, from offering better ways to say things to turning passive phrases into active versions.

Features: Citations, a Style Guide, an Analytics Dashboard, Brand Tones, and a Spelling and Punctuation Check are some features—checker for plagiarism.

Price: Free forever, $12 per month for Premium, and $15 per person monthly for Business.

Website: Grammarly


Best Sentence Rephraser Tools In 2023 - Top 10

Best for emails, newsletters, blog posts, and other relaxed writing.

  • The sentence rephraser in PREPOSTSEO’s rewriting tool is split into four categories: Simple, Advanced, Fluency, and Creative.
  • Simple: This function primarily replaces one word with another that means the same thing. The structure of sentences rarely changes. It can handle as many as 5000 lines.
  • Advanced: Profoundly uses synonyms and can change how some lines are combined. You can add as many words as you want to make the product.
  • Fluency: Fixes any grammar mistakes and makes the sentence easier to read.
  • Creative: Uses synonyms and paraphrases of abstract words in complete statements.
  • PREPOSTSEO also has tools like a plagiarism check, a Domain reputation check, and a guest post service.

Features: Includes a tool for rewriting, a check for domain reputation, plagiarism, and guest post services.

Pricing: Ranges from $50-$150.


#6) Ref-N-Write

Best Sentence Rephraser Tools In 2023 - Top 10

Best for papers, projects, and studies

The Ref-N-Write tool is interesting. It doesn’t really “rewrite” your lines, but it gives you different words and phrases often used in academic papers. As you can see in the picture above, there is a blank spot in the phrase where you can write your results.

Ref-N-Write has scholarly phrases for the different parts of your work, such as the Introduction, Problem, Section Intro and Scope, Materials and Methods, Measurements and Calculations, Technical Statements, Errors and Discrepancies, Results (Discussion and Acknowledgements), and so on.

You can also choose a task from the general categories. These are Reasons, Causes, Explanations, Figures, Graphs, Tables that explain or Describe, and so on.

In the end, Ref-N-Write is a complete academic package that can save you time when writing a thesis, an experiment, or other similar assignments.

Features: There is a phrase bank and thoughts for writing.

Pricing: $41.50

Website: Ref-N-Write

#7) QuillBot

Best Sentence Rephraser Tools In 2023 - Top 10

It is best for both serious and casual writing.

The paraphrase feature of QuillBot gives you seven choices, which are:

  • Standard: You can expect to trade words and paraphrase some sentences. Free people can use it.
  • Fluency: Ensure your grammar and punctuation are correct so your paragraph flows better. Fewer words are changed, and the attention is on making it easy to read.
  • Creative: The “Creative” mode uses many different words to change your words. Most of the words used are rare, and they try to change the tone of the whole line.
  • Formal: Good for papers for Business and school. It makes your text more formal and uses more formal language. Premium users can use it.
  • Expand: Change the wording of your words to make them longer. Only paid users can access it.
  • Shorten: Change the way you say your words to make them shorter. Premium users can use it.
  • Creative+:  Creative+ is like the Creative mode but has improved. Premium users can use it.
  • Quillbot also has a language checker, a summarizer, and add-ons for Chrome, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word.

Features: It has a sentence generator, a tool for rephrasing, a grammar checker, a summary tool, and apps for Chrome, Docs, and Word.

Pricing: Prices are $4.95 per month, $4.15 per month for six months, and $3.33 per month for a year.

Website: QuillBot


Best Sentence Rephraser Tools In 2023 - Top 10

Best for emails, flyers, and other casual writing.

You can change how your words sound using three tools at SEO TOOLS CENTRE. Article Rewriter, Paraphrase tool, and Sentence Rewriter are their names. Both of them do the same thing. They change the way you say things. You can also click on the changed words to find new words that mean the same thing. You can also add your own words instead of using the sentence changer’s suggestions.

Aside from being a sentence rephraser, it also has a Social signal checker that tells you how much traffic your social media accounts are getting, a Backlink checker and extractor that tells you how many backlinks point to your website and how many of them work, and a Punctuation checker that checks your grammar and punctuation.

Features: It has a sentence rephraser, a checker for correct grammar, a checker for social signals, a checker for backlinks, and an extractor.

Pricing: You can find out more about prices by contacting the website.



Best Sentence Rephraser Tools In 2023 - Top 10

Best for emails and short writing. is one of the most accessible tools you can use to change the meaning of a sentence. It doesn’t have anything else to offer besides rewriting your words. The look of the website is excellent. You can go to the website, copy and paste your text into the “Text Before” box, click the “Paraphrase” button, and your new text will appear in the “Text After” box.

Features: Sentence changer generator.

Pricing: Free.


#10) Ginger

Best Sentence Rephraser Tools In 2023 - Top 10

Best for one-liners.

The catch with Ginger is that it lets you change how a line sounds. It only changes 150 words. The good thing about this is that it will give you more than one way to say your idea. You can pick whatever you think is best out of those options.

You can also get Ginger’s desktop app to change how your lines are written. The online platform also has a language and punctuation checker, a writing trainer, an essay checker, online proofreading, and other similar features.

Ginger also has add-ons for Windows, Mac, Chrome, Safari, iOS, and Android.

Features: It has a sentence rephraser, a grammar checker, a punctuation checker, a writing trainer, and apps for different platforms.

Pricing: Prices are $8 per month, $4.99 per month if paid yearly, and $3.99 per month if paid every two years.

Website: Ginger


Ultimately, everyone should know how to change a thought into something else. In general, paraphrasing is a skill that will always be useful. It can help you with marketing, blogging, social media efforts, etc.

It would help if you only used paraphrasing when you are out of words or can’t find the right style. Rephrasing someone else’s work and claiming it as your own is not a proper thing to do. Anyone can distinguish between a “spun” piece and a piece written from scratch. Sentences and words that are made by a computer are robotic.

Also, you can use free tools like Quillbot to get a good “spin.” Ginger can always give you different thoughts and voices for the same sentence. You should use Ref-N-Write to finish your assignments and projects quickly and save time repeatedly writing the same thing.

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