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Guidelines for SWALife login at We have put together a few instructions to follow to make logging into your SWALife account as straightforward as possible. You can log into your SWALife account by following these easy steps. We also give you a way to change your password and other details about SWALife.

About SWALife

The largest low-cost airline service in the world is SWALife, also known as South West Airways (SWA), which was established in 1967 by Herb Kelleher under the name Air Southwest. The name was changed to South West Airways when Texas’s first intrastate jet service started on June 18, 1971. The headquarters are in the American city of Dallas, Texas.

SWALife’s features

The current Chairman and CEO, Gary C. Kelly, stated that during the busiest season, they have about 55,000 employees working for them and manage 4000 departures daily. Around 100 domestic and ten international destinations are served by it.

The airline launched its first flight in Hawaii in 2018 after establishing aircraft facilities in Turks and Caicos in 2017. Southwest Airlines had domestic passengers in 2016 when compared to other US carriers. Despite providing affordable flight services, the airlines offer high-quality services without compromising quality.

The airlines do an excellent job of prioritizing the demands of their staff over those of their passengers. SWALIFE is the website that South West Airlines created so its employees could access the company’s benefit plans.

Advantages of SWALife

The perks that Southwest Airlines workers receive are incredible. Below is a list and description of a handful of them.

Health Benefits Program:

The employee must consent to deduct a particular amount from their monthly salary for medical insurance to participate in this plan. Depending on the selections, the insurance coverage may include the family members of the employees in the medical coverage plan. This covers both prescription drugs and medical care.

The advantages comprise:

Accidental dental and mutilation injuries (insurance coverage to support employees and their family members in case of an accident) Temporary disability (company-paid plan if an employee suffers from a short-term injury or illness)

Long-term disability (plan paid for by the employer or the employee if the employee is disabled for a protracted period) Savings amount) Flexible Spending Amount (eligible employees given the provision to save healthcare expenses)

Program for Employee Assistance (EAP):

To assist them in balancing their daily lives between work and personal duties, employees and their families are eligible for free therapy.

Retirement Strategy:

To save money for retirement, the employee may use the 401(k) plan, which enables pre-tax contributions. The employee can select the investment plan that best matches their needs from various available options.

Profit Splitting:

These are the first airlines to offer their employees a profit-sharing plan. SWA thinks that because workers put in so much effort, they need to be recognized. Employees receive some profit sharing as a contribution from the company, depending on their pay grade. Profits range from 1% to 16% of the business.

Plan for Employee Stock Purchases:

If an employee has worked for Southwest Airlines for more than six months, the firm allows them to purchase South Common Stock at a 10% discount.

Advantages for commuters:

This plan delivers pre-tax financial savings for travel costs on buses, regional trains, subways, trolleys, ferries, and more.


Every SWA employee is eligible for ten vacation days annually, one of which can be chosen by the employees.

Travel advantages:

Southwest Airlines offers limitless travel tickets to SWA workers. This plan is open to the employee’s parents, spouse, and minor children. The employee frequently receives a pass agreement for use on other businesses aircraft in addition to discounts on rental car companies, motels, and other services and facilities.

Paid adoption leave, adoption assistance, auto, and home insurance, pet insurance, and additional hospital insurance are some other widespread benefits. The elderly and young are also affected by this.

How do I access my SWALife account?

SWALife makes it simple for employees to access their work schedules, insurance plans, retirement plans, employee stock purchases, health savings accounts, holidays, travel privileges, job vacancies, and training opportunities. Employees can access the Swalife online portal using the web and mobile devices. The steps to do that are as follows:

Step 1: Visit the SWALife homepage.

To reach the SWALife Login page, use the following link:

Step 2: Access your account.

Enter your SWA ID and password to log into the Swalife site. An employee can access all account-related functions after they connect to their portal.

How do I change my SWALife login password?

Luckily, you may reset your password if you accidentally forget it by following the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the SWALife homepage.

To reach the SWALife Login page, use the following link:

Step 2: Go to Password Reset

To change your password, click the “Password Manager” option and follow the website’s further instructions.

Customer Service at SWALife

SWALife customer services

SWALife’s customer care can be reached at the following number for assistance if you need it:

(Delayed/Damaged) Baggage




In Spanish


Flight Details


Group Tours


Items abandoned at TSA check.


Teletypewriter (TTY)


SWALife Login FAQs

What does the mobile app SWALife do?

Southwest Airlines staff members can manage non-revenue listings on the go using their mobile devices and the SWALife app. SWALife intends to make traveling easier for its employees by enabling them to create, restore, or delete non-revenue postings from their smartphones.

Why is the Southwest Airlines app unavailable for download?

The play store might not show the app if your phone is incompatible. You might need to upgrade your phone. However, you can always use or the complete website if you don’t want to.


All there is to it is that! Please feel free to ask questions in the comments section below, and we will try to assist you. You can begin the application process immediately, provided you know how to log into your SWALife account. 

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