The 5 free top digital platforms every online marketer must use

As every online marketer, you probably strive to establish a digital brand that will impact your target market and monetize your passion. You are experimenting with multiple digital tools, demographics, and audiences while testing on almost all social platforms. 

You’re creating content continuously, following all kinds of guides on promoting it and making it viral. However, as a digital marketer, you’re expected to be in a million online places, covering all tastes, reaching all kinds of potential customers. 

The right way to grow your business successfully in 2021 is by leveraging the right digital platforms and tools while implementing intelligent strategies. 

And while the careful planning and outline of your marketing strategy is a separate topic, the must-use digital platforms can make a huge difference in your marketing efforts’ final result.

So, which platforms are a “must” for growing your business as an online marketer?

It can be stressful for new digital marketers to know which tools and platforms are the right ones. How can you grow and promote your brand in the right way?

Planning, creation, execution, and promotion of digital marketing campaigns are four different things that require various tools. Here, we will focus on the five platforms that are necessary for strategic planning and promotion. 

Let’s start:

1) The top online marketer strategic platform: Google Search Conso Source: Search Console 

Search Console helps you measure your site’s organic search traffic as well as performance and fix errors. It’s free to use, and every digital marketer should leverage the tools and information it provides as it helps you understand and improve how Google sees your site. 

No matter the type of business you want to grow, it’s essential to drive organic traffic to your website through SEO. Think of it as a free way to advertise your services and gain impressions organically. Google Search Console not only helps you to get valuable insights into your best queries, top-performing pages, and site performance. It also provides suggestions on how to troubleshoot problems and improve visibility. 

Therefore, understanding the report metrics and advising Search Console is vital for your marketing efforts’ success. 

2) Online marketer strategic platform number 2: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another free service offered by Google that helps you deliver a top-quality website to your target audience and provides you with all the necessary data concerning the website statistics. 

It contains all the necessary information on the source of traffic, like user behavior and demographics. It also measures your advertising ROI, identifies your acquisition channels, and drives important decisions on promoting your campaigns’ strategic planning. 

The automation provided by the platform makes it an excellent tool for every online marketer. It starts collecting data from your websites and automatically creates reports. That means you’ll have to be a master in making conclusions and driving decisions.  

Finally, it also identifies your top countries or cities, the best performing social platforms, and your top acquisition channels. That way, you can focus your marketing efforts in the right direction. 

3) Online marketer promotional platform number 3: Pinterest 

Pinterest is my favorite social platform for driving leads to my website, which leads to increased traffic and sales. It differentiates from other media in terms of potential. It is excellent for every online marketer who wishes to build engaged followers for three reasons: 

  1. Pinterest has high possibilities for traffic generation, as you can include a direct link to each of your pins. It is also working as a search engine.
  2. A massive following is not required for your pins to appear to your target audience. As long as your pins include keywords related to the user’s interests, they remain visible.
  3. Rich pins help people find more information on their hobbies, interests, and finally, products they are looking to buy.

4) Must-promotional digital platform number 4: Tiktok 

Various reasons make Tiktok an excellent social media option for digital marketers that wish to promote their businesses and brands. First and foremost, Tiktok has tremendous potential for user-generated content. It is probably the best social media platform for targeting younger audiences, like Gen-Z. 

TikTok appeals to all kinds of marketers, reflecting a critical social media trend. It is famous for its creativity, fun, and collaboration amongst various Gen-Z and millennial audiences. 

The video-oriented marketing techniques and Tiktok’s swift nature keep users engaged with the app for relatively long periods compared to other social media. Have you ever found yourself scrolling incessantly, watching video after video? You’re not the only one!

Therefore, we should use that to our advantage and create appealing, audience-targeted content for our businesses.

There are various ways you can make your videos viral in Tiktok, such as launching a hashtag challenge or collaborating with TikTok influencers, among others. 

5) Must-promotional digital platform number 5: Reddit 

Reddit is more like an online forum with aggregated content, news, and conversations with a community-like nature rather than a social platform. However, it can be one of the most efficient digital platforms to attract gradually but steadily more targeted traffic to your business.

First and foremost, Reddit is one of the top channels with excellent SEO value, and it is worth considering your SEO strategy in 2021. Although the links you build are no-follow, the audience you’ll eventually gain is highly targeted, increasing your domain authority and related traffic. 

By providing support and recommendations to your targeted audience, you’re building a name in your niche alongside a following. 

Imagine a community of every other social network, but all mingled together into one great forum that allows them to post questions, answers, videos, links, etc.  

You can also create Ask Me Anything (AMA) posts, where someone with specialized knowledge offers to answer questions from Redditors worldwide. You could even link to an FAQ answer from your homepage, blog post, or video.

Another way to promote informational content is to pick one of the most upvoted comments and follow up with an informative how-to video or blog post. 

Reddit is a platform that will help you experiment with tests on what works and what isn’t. You don’t want to be overly promotional (you can keep that for paid ads) or spammy. Instead, be creative, educational, human-like, and pay close attention to how your content is perceived. Chances are, if you offer value to your community, you’ll be rewarded with traffic.  

Conclusion: The 5 top digital platforms every online marketer must use

To sum up, we examined five free digital platforms that can help you market your products or services, either by promoting them directly or by helping you make strategic decisions.  

Those are: 

  1. Google Search Console
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Pinterest
  4. Tiktok
  5. Reddit


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