Three Tools Every Marketer Needs To Know About

We live in a world where we can contact people living on the other side of the globe with a few taps on our smartphone. You’d think marketing would be easier in the most connected century, but consumers are also more educated than ever before. Thanks to educational campaigns on cybersecurity, the average Joe surfing the web knows what a cookie is and how it’s being used to track him. This means marketers need to up their game if they want to continue converting leads into sales and hitting their KPI’s. In this article, we’ll be exploring three tools that can change the way you work forever.

  1. Run multiple social media accounts through Jarvee

You already know how important a presence on social media is. But are you getting the most out of your platforms?

When you consider how many accounts you have on each site for every department of your company, an Instagram bot makes more sense than a dedicated social media team. Getting a team to post regularly on each account on every platform will only cause more stress and confusion down the road. An Instagram bot like Jarvee can be the solution your company needs, as it does everything your social media team would do at a fraction of the cost.

Jarvee is a social media automation application that allows you to schedule your posts for any platform, including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. This means you can completely automate postings and reshares on each of your social media accounts, enabling you to direct your attention to more important matters.

Here’s the issue: Sites like Instagram don’t allow the use of bots on their platform, and they only allow you to have a maximum of five accounts per device. Doing any of the above can result in your account getting suspended or, even worse, banned from the site completely. This is why you need to use a proxy.

If you’re looking for a proxy to help you run multiple Instagram accounts, take a look at Smartproxy. It can help you hide your IP address from sites you visit and run any number of accounts you want without any slowdowns or fear of being blacklisted.

  1. Forget researching; use web scraping instead

Web scraping refers to using tools known as scraper bots to crawl websites and retrieve their data. These bots can consolidate their findings in a spreadsheet, essentially researching on your behalf.

You can use web scraping to analyze competitor or client websites and systemize the data in a form you can use.

Do note that you’ll need to use a proxy if you intend to do web scraping. As your scraper bots visit the various sites you’ve assigned them, they’ll send out multiple web requests to servers which can be a red flag since they’re all coming from your IP address. This can prompt servers to send Captchas your way or blacklist your IP address entirely. When you use a proxy, it’ll look like you’re browsing from a different IP address, and your bots will be able to send out as many requests as they need to.

Some of the website crawler tools we recommend you look into are Parsehub, Scrapebox and Screamingfrog. These advanced tools allow you to schedule crawling and auto-export crawl data to any location you want, including Google Sheets. Tools like Screamingfrog can even analyze your page titles and metadata and extract data through the HTML of a web page.

  1. Maximize your mailing lists with Mail Merge technology

Mail Merge is perfect for companies that already have an established list of subscribers or people who have signed up for a weekly newsletter. It uses the process of bulk sending mail to save you hours that you would have otherwise spent copying and pasting hundreds of email addresses into your email client.

Here’s how it works:

It uses a data file (this can be in the form of a spreadsheet or a database file) with your subscribers’ information in it and a letter template. The letter template is usually kept blank in the beginning. As it progresses, the recipients’ data from the spreadsheet is retrieved and placed within the empty field of the letter until all the letters are created.

Mail merge technology has massive potential to be used in large scale outreach campaigns and email personalization.

In conclusion, you need to take full advantage of the various opportunities technology provides you in the marketing industry. These tactics will help you get ahead in the workplace by getting more done in less time and help you land that promotion you’ve been eying for so long.

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