Top 4 websites for online shopping in the UAE

I enjoy shopping online! It allows me to find really original products, while sitting in the couch at home wearing my pajamas. Therefore, I present to you in this post, my best online shopping websites in the UAE.

Why am I fan of shopping online?

Well, I recently came across this image while strolling on Pinterest and since then, it’s my favorite:

Why? Because it sums up my life when I’m not at work … coffee and online shopping? YES please.

To be honest, I admit that I order far too many clothes and accessories on the web. I am a shopaholic !

I like to shop online because I don’t have to go out of the house, I come back very tired from work and I don’t want to make extra effort while shopping as well !  Also shopping online gives me access to brands that I can’t find it in the stores I usually go to.

For example, I am a big fan of Adidas brand and I can find unique pieces only on their website or in other stores like Souq,com or Noon, and what’s more exciting is that I can have them much cheaper by getting discounts  and offers from platforms, the best of all is Al Mowafir website for coupons and discounts.

Top 4 online shopping websites UAE


It is the largest and best online store in the Arab region. You can get free delivery if your purchases exceed 100 AED. This store is currently affiliated with Amazon and it is active in 3 countries :UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

It provides more than 20 million products in the field of clothing and electronics.

  1. farfetch


This is the website I go to when I want to see what the great designers of this world can offer to me. For my part, I love Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang and Givenchy.

I admit that I do not buy often on this site, because otherwise, my bank account would be constantly empty. But isn’t that one of the pleasures of online shopping, the virtual shopping experience?

3- Max Fashion

This is one of my favorite websites to find amazing yet not too expensive fashion pieces. It’s really a reference website for me! Delivery is quick and free if you buy for more than 45 $ which is nothing compared to the quality of products.

4- Noon store 

This is the website that “takes” me the most time because I can find everything there! If I feel like getting a new spring coat, I go to the appropriate section and find models from all designers and all price ranges.

Noon is also great in smartphones, its prices are excellent and the best in the market, and you will not find it anywhere. All of my electronic devices are ordered from this store. The website also offers many coupons and discounts.

And to upgrade you shopping experience and make it even better, all you have to do is use discount coupons, provided by some websites such as Al Mowafir , which gives you coupons for all the websites that I mentioned earlier.

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