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Top 10 Best Video Editing Software For Mac in 2020

This video editor for Mac can edit 4K videos too along with timeline editing.It can be particularly challenging to find a good video editing software program for Mac. Therefore, we have organized a listing of 10 high-quality video enhancing tools that can help you correctly in creating videos for the motive of sharing them on diverse video and social media apps.

Video enhancing can be a tedious undertaking if you lack the right tools and may fail to create the correct impact on the meant target market if not presented well.

Therefore, you want professional video editors that can intuitively enhance your videos. Also, these tools have to come with an array of features and offerings to make impressive videos. Let us look at the 10 best video editors available in 2020.


Here are the best video editing solutions for your Mac computer to create beautiful and engaging videos.

1. LightWorks


An absolutely free download of this app is possible and there is absolutely no time restriction for it. This is one of the best video editing apps for Mac, and for editing a video clip, you can use innumerable sources of audio and video tracks.

Once the video is built, you can play it inside the heritage mode in actual time. The entire process sequence is saved on its personal and you need no longer worry about it. LightWorks supports all of the import video formats as well as the export video formats.
You can speed up the process of calculating various chores by using the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) although LightWorks might require the implementation of special drivers and video cards for their proper functioning. This video editor for Mac can edit 4K videos too along with timeline editing.

2. DaVinci Resolve


You cannot find a better color grading app than this one. This video modifying color software program for Mac is replete with professional gear and the coloration corrections that this tool provides are extraordinarily intensified with apt stabilization of images.

The free model affords a 60 fps frequency, and the movies can be to be had in widespread definition, high definition, and ultra high definition mode.

Sound editing had in no way been so easy, as this video modifying app supports completely automated and absolutely digitized audio workstations. For the sound to perform in a manner you want, you don’t have to close down the software, rather you may keep the whole thing working with none hassles, so in brief, the sound and the video can perform together.

3. Blender

Blender is again an absolutely free video editing software program that operates very well with a preset of known functions. These known functions are devised round moving items like training, modeling, animation, shading of the works, starting the UV radiations, and creation of 3-dimensional video games.

The technological interface of this device is extremely advanced and this professional video editor does not occupy a lot of space; however, the interface might be slightly hard for the beginners regardless of this loose video editing software for MacBook.


An in-constructed video editing software program for Mac, Apple iMovie is extremely user pleasant and is the absolute apt app for amateurs. It provides you excellent Mac video modifying facilities and you have a whole lot to create exceptional video clips. This video editor is extraordinarily simple and pretty innovative.


This app has an intuitive UI and provides you with a great online guide system. The Apple iMovie comes with ready to apply user publications to be used in Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It is not properly for growing bulk professional videos, and does not support many professional tricks and techniques; however, it provides individual support completely.

5.  OpenShot

It is a free device to transform mac video editing. There is a clean drag-and-drop method and OpenShot incorporates an innumerable number of layering and sound blending techniques. There is proper stability among the advanced features, which efficiently helps the easy interface.

Video fragments can be included and high-quality videos can be created with ease. This video editing software program for Mac may be used for professional as well as personal movies and additionally for training purposes.You can mix and match innumerable elements together and there are quite handsome opportunities in the creation of quality videos.

6.   Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is the best online solution for video editing for all forms of video creators. This video editing software program for Mac may be used to create non-public movies, business  e
presentations, product demos, as well as marketing videos.

You can incorporate overlays, filters, custom titles, transitions as well as adjust audio. You can denoise a video and set keyframes too. Additionally, it helps 4K video editing, more than one footage, and multi-layout sources.

7.  WeVideo

With this video-modifying software, you may format movies in more than one format apart from capturing, creating, viewing, and sharing videos even as much as 4K resolution.


The advanced editing features and simple interface allows effective editing of videos

 With this device, you may add picture-in-picture, screencasting, green-display effects, and do loads more. It also comes with pre-built templates, a timeline, and advanced text editing features.

With this video-editing software, you can format videos in multiple formats apart from capturing, creating, viewing,

8.   Adobe Premiere Pro


Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing software for Mac that can support all kinds of cameras, video formats, and platforms.



This tool offers precise color grading, motion graphics, animation, instant audio improvement, apart from integration with hundreds of other technologies. This software also integrates perfectly with the other Adobe products including Adobe’s Creative Cloud.


9.  ZS4 Video Editor


When it comes to finding the best video editing software for Mac, then you cannot ignore the ZS4 video editor as it is able to combine a lot of media sorts into one or more output files.
This software comes with around 150 built-in video effects that may upgrade your videos to the following level with no hassles. With this cross-platform device, you can combine video audio as well as photographs together.


This is absolutely a free tool for video editing and there are more than 180 special effects to choose from for the video and all this is inclusive of 3D editing. This app can provide masking and lapsing tools and one of the prime features of this video editor for Mac is the creation of composite images. Multi-layer effects can be quite easily integrated.

You can choose from a variety of things including customized playback and pause that makes the playback video run quicker removing the delays that are often encountered while viewing the high-resolution videos. There are several new variations like the quality playback, pause of resolution and quality, video resolution, etc.


This is all about the best video editing software for Mac. As you have already seen, the large number of tools mentioned in this article come with various offerings and interesting features to improve and enhance the video quality.

So, you can download a video editing software of your choice and start creating as well as sharing interesting videos on various platforms today.

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