Tricks and Tips Every Rust PRO Knows

Rust has emerged as a top-rated game from Facepunch Studios. This multiplayer-only survival game requires players to scavenge and craft weapons and supplies. However, you would also have to fight other players and animals in this game, and thus require sharp skills. With a large player base, Rust is a highly competitive game. You would essentially want to know the most valuable tricks and tactics to gain the upper hand. Below are some tricks and tips that every Rust PRO should know. 

Tips and tricks that every Rust PRO should know

  • Keep your respawn spot ready

Making your way back to your base from the default respawn location at the beach can be frustrating. It would instead be wiser to craft a sleeping bag and place it in a strategic spot so that you can respawn there. Keep an eye out for hemp plants that give the hemp fibers necessary for crafting a sleeping bag. 

  • Be wary of abandoned buildings

The abandoned buildings in Rust contain a variety of valuable materials. While it may look like a good idea to quickly enter these buildings and collect stuff, the levels of radiation inside can kill you. It is crucial to strategize your entrance and use protective gear. In case you hear crackling sounds coming from the building, however, get away from it immediately. 

  • Lay low

You certainly would not want to reveal your location to the other players. It is best to cook during the day and avoid lighting a fire at night because the latter would act as a beacon and attract the attention of your enemies. If you have no choice other than cooking at night, light the fire at a location away from your base. 

  • Enjoy the advantage of using hacks

Like many other popular multiplayer games, cheats and hacks are also available for Rust. In fact, it is quite common for the players to use these cheats to gain an edge against the rest. The best rust hacks can greatly improve your performance and make it easier for you to win. Aimbots are particularly helpful, besides other hacks like ESPs and wallhacks. 

  • Hide important items properly

While one of the key purposes of a base is to store your items, your base is also vulnerable to raids. One of the most maddening experiences in this game is realizing that other plays have raided your base and stolen all the items you worked hard to get. Hence, hide your important items carefully, in unusual places such as the foundation of the base. 

  • Use decoy items to trick the raiders

Raiders usually take everything they can find in a base and would keep searching for your items if they get a hint that you have hidden them. While you can hide the crucial items in the foundation, keep a stash of the less important things in the base. This way, the raiders would think they have already found everything you had and would miss the important items.

  • Know the right places to find supplies

One of the critical skills of a pro player in Rust is knowing where to find which materials and supplies. This way, you would be able to forage faster without having to wander. For instance, the fishing villages near the ocean are great for collecting scraps, while the areas around rivers offer hemp and food. Remember that some of these areas are also frequented by other players who may attack you. 

  • Don’t farm too much at once

While it may be convenient to farm many resources and then carry them to your base, it isn’t exactly smart. This is because each time you die, you would drop everything you are carrying. It would be far more logical to farm in smaller amounts and go back and forth. It would save you a lot of resources, inconvenience, frustration, and time. 

  • Build doors strategically

There are multiple ways in which you can use doors to defend your base. For instance, you could create a blockade by strategically placing open doors, as they take less damage than closed doors. In fact, you could even use open doors to create walls. You could also build an airlock by using two doors that one needs to go through to enter the base. 

  • Build multiple bases

One of the greatest ways to keep your items safe is not storing them in the same place. Build multiple bases, among which one would be your home base or primary base. You can use the remaining as storage units. Keeping all your items in one base would also require you to build a more extensive and elaborate base that draws attention. 


If you intend to become a pro player, these are the tips that you must keep in mind. Over time, you can always come up with your ideas and tactics. 

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