Why DevOps Engineer May Be the Perfect Career Path for You?

The DevOps training is still in the infancy stage and is impacting the whole industry of IT with a promising future. This is a philosophy that helps in merging the software-based development with infrastructures so that gap between both of them is reduced.

Under this concept, the practices are involved that can be performed with the help of both the operations as well as development based engineers. When these kinds of people participate together in an organization, the overall goals of the organization are effectively and efficiently achieved. Following are some of the benefits of doing the DevOps:

  • It will help to provide the fastest delivery of features required.
  • The operating based environments of organizations will be much safer than before.
  • Collaboration and communication processes will be significantly improved.
  • The people involved throughout the processes will be having more time so that they can work on the future prospects of various products and services.
  • The people will need not to have any kind of worry regarding the bug fixes and other issues.

The engineers are also required to clear the interviews. They must have a good command over the basic concepts so that they can easily clear the interviews. Various institutions also provide coaching in this field and can help the candidates to clear the interviews easily by making them familiar with the things and preparing them accordingly. This is one of the most important steps of the career path because clearing the interview is the entry stage to this field and making a great career. The candidates must have an in-depth understanding of the concepts and must know how to implement those concepts so that they can clear the interview and get a job.

Engineers from this field are the highest paid professionals in the IT world. The organizations are also realizing their importance because of the benefits which they can provide. A lot of organizations are looking for people with such skills. Approximately 6.5 lakhs salary is the average salary for such an engineer in India.

Some of the roles and responsibilities required by this particular job are mentioned as follows:

  • The architect: The architect in this field will be responsible for executing the practices in the organizations. This architect will also be responsible for developing an overall environment as per the standards of the industry. He or she will be facilitating the overall development process and will speed up the development of the software. The architect will be mentoring the team and guiding the developers to deal with various issues.
  • The release based manager: This kind of manager will be responsible for tasks like planning and scheduling. He or she will be developing the whole development phase. This will ensure the faster release of the software and the manager will be responsible for defining the success. All the processes are to be used effectively with proper regard to the quality standards of the industry. The release manager must perform some roles of the project-based manager as well.
  • The security-based engineer: The responsibilities of this job profile will include management of logs and management of configurations so that security has been ensured throughout the process. There will be proper emphasis on the security-based philosophy. This is a very critical factor throughout the whole process of DevOps.
  • The automation-based engineer: This type of engineer will be responsible for developing and maintaining the processes and building the tools. The automation of the configuration process will also be required at this step. Administration of virtual machines and containers using different tools is also the main step to be undertaken here. Automation Engineer will be responsible to perform logging and monitoring based activities.
  • A software-based tester: The test engineer will also have to perform tasks like design, cases and the automation with the help of frameworks used. The tester will be verifying the code changes and will also make sure that these changes do not affect the software in a negative sense. He or she will also ensure that the piece of code will help in meeting the success criteria.
  • The integration-based specialist: This will be the person who will be working with the operations teams and the software development team to ensure the integrity of the whole code. He or she will be supporting the testing related teams and also provide support for the automation process.

Following are some of the basic expectations from the DevOps engineers:

  • Such people will be highly expected to perform things like testing and building of software so that continuous integration, as well as delivery, is ensured. They must have the expertise to use different kinds of tools throughout the processes.
  • Such people are also expected to understand the things clearly so that the required methodologies can be used easily. The person must have apt decision-making skills so that he or she can choose the tools whenever required in the best interest of the organization.
  • The engineer must also have the abilities to automate, testing and deploying the codes whenever required by them. They must also know how to monitor the whole process.
  • The engineers are required to work in proper coordination and collaboration with the development and operations-based teams so that applications are in line and customer’s demands are fulfilled efficiently.

The DevOps course and all the other related aspects have been thoroughly explained.

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