15 Best Websites Like Yelp (Alternatives) in 2024

Let’s get right to the point here. Yelp is great, but it’s well-known that reviews on the site are often wrong. There’s no doubt that people get paid to write reviews. That being said, how can anyone believe their scores and reviews? So, we’re giving you the best Yelp options that only have reviews from regular people.

Yelp was started in 2004 by Russell Simmons and Jeremy Stoppelman as a way for people to review local businesses and connect. Yelp is a website based in San Francisco, California that collects reviews from people who have been to restaurants, shops, bars, entertainment venues, hospitals, service providers, and other places. has pages where users can write reviews of the goods or services that businesses give. The site uses a five-star rating system and “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” buttons to find out how people feel.

When people go to hotels, bars, and other businesses in their area, almost everyone wants to have a good time. One quick way to avoid this is to read about other people’s experiences at the place they want to visit.

Well, Yelp is known for that; it helps people leave reviews on stores, restaurants, and other places. Therefore, Yelp can help you decide if that hotel is worth booking.

Best Websites Like Yelp for Business Review

You can tell if a business is good or bad by looking at these websites. Plus, you can share your story, just like people who have done it before you.

1. Foursquare

A site like Yelp helps people find places to eat, shop, have fun, and more. Just type in the place and the exact thing you’re looking for, then click “Search.” It will show you all the results that are related to the keyword you typed in, along with where they are on a map. If you click on any of those results, it will take you to a new page with pictures of the businesses, reviews, scores, tips, features, and whether they are open or closed.

Because people write the reviews, it’s more reliable than Yelp. The drop-down menu lets you browse different areas, such as top picks, trending, food, coffee, nightlife, fun, shopping, and breakfast.

2. FreeAdsTime

If you want an option to Yelp, check out FreeAdsTime. This website is easy to use because you can pick your city right from the home page. If you go to their business pages, you should be able to find almost any type of business. They have categories for things like restaurants, cars, and event services, and they often add more categories over time.
One more good thing about FreeAdsTime is that it covers many places. More than 20,000 towns in the US use their service, and many more cities around the world do, too. Feel free to visit them!

3. FinderMaster

FinderMaster offers services similar to Yelp. You will have the best time with FinderMaster because it has a map tool. This website finds out where the reader is from and shows them what country they are in right away. Because of this, the user feels welcome, which makes the whole thing better.
On the other hand, they do have the usual categories that company listing sites have, and their site’s modern look and feel makes you want to stay there longer. If you own a business, it only takes minutes to claim or post your business. Go there now!


You can find out about everything going on in your city on this website. I really mean “everything” when I say that. Just type in the name of the city and the word you want to look for, and it will show you the results along with where they are on a map, just like any other search engine. If you click on any result, the website will show you reviews about that item. People who own businesses can even add them to this website’s list.

5. Angie’s list

That’s right, this website is for both clients and users. Let’s talk about people who use it. They will have to sign up before they can look for area service providers or vendors. With the green membership plan, you can sign up for free and start reading reviews that other users have written about local shops. Their team also works to get rid of reviews from people who aren’t real, which makes the site much better than Yelp. Angie’s List also has reviews of products like bathrooms, cabinets, countertops, home goods, and a lot more.

It’s a complete package for both owners and participants. You can help them get the tools and team they need to start working on their business exposure. These people can also look for jobs through the website’s chat centre.

6. Zomato

This page is only about restaurants. Zomato makes it easy to find places near you or read reviews about a certain one. Customers and users post reviews and rate it with stars, so you don’t have to be the first person to try it.

You can also buy food online, look at pictures, get an overview, and see the menu on their website or even on your phone with their app. Zomato bought UrbanScoop in 2015, which is how it became what it is today.

7. Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages is a well-known online business listing service that can be used instead of Yelp. On this website, people can look at companies by category and location.

Yellow Pages has both business ads and reviews from other people. When companies create their profiles, they can also have their contact information and services shown.

The Yellow Pages make it easier for businesses to grow and for buyers to find reviews. Has made it one of the trustworthy sites for reviewing businesses. Finally, it works for all kinds of businesses.

8. Angi

It is also a place to get reliable suggestions. Angi, which used to be called Angie’s List, is a website where people can find and rate workers in many fields.

The main difference between Angi and other sites is that users have to pay to be members. Because of this, make sure that only verified users can review certain companies.

Angi is also a great way to read reviews of home service providers. After using Angi, you’ll know which mechanic, renovator, or electrician is worth hiring.


Trustpilot is the next site on the list. It is thought to be one of the best review sites, and it is a great place to find great reviews of online businesses.

One thing that makes it stand out is that it focuses on being open and honest. It gives companies a way to get customer reviews and showcase them using comments and scores.

When trying to build trust or find out how much other people trust a business, Trustpilot has been shown to be a good tool. It also motivates businesses and customers to help customers quickly.

10. OpenTable

OpenTable is a site like Yelp that focuses on food reservations and reviews, just like Zomato. Check out this website first if you want to have the best time at a restaurant.

OpenTable makes it easy to find new places to eat, make bookings, and discuss your experiences. The website also ensures that users can freely navigate.

As a customer, you can use OpenTable to rate and review places you’ve been to. Also, OpenTable’s reservation system helps restaurants handle their tables better and make the dining experience smoother.

11. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a social networking site for neighbourhoods that has become an excellent way for friends to get to know each other and build stronger communities. Nextdoor was started in 2010 with the goal of giving neighbours a safe place to talk, share information, and work together to make their neighbourhoods better.

People in the same neighbourhood can connect through the platform and have conversations, share suggestions, and stay up to date on local events and news.

Nextdoor’s most essential features and services are its focus on local business tips, neighbourhood connections, safety and security, and more. What Nextdoor is really about is helping people in the same neighbourhood connect.

12. TripAdvisor

Another big company that competes with Yelp in the same field is TripAdvisor. People who are planning trips and want to find accurate information and suggestions have heard of TripAdvisor. This platform has been around since 2000 and provides a wide range of services specifically designed for the travel business.

TripAdvisor’s primary goal is to give tourists more power through user-generated content. It has a vast collection of reviews, ratings, and suggestions for places to stay, eat, see, and do other things related to travel.

13. UpMenu

You can buy food through UpMenu, which also has a restaurant feedback system that restaurant owners can use to get reviews and feedback from customers. UpMenu also lets restaurants send out feedback forms instantly so they can get reviews from customers on Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor, among other sites.

UpMenu’s marketing tools also help you contact customers and ask for feedback. This lets you learn more, improve your restaurant’s menu, reply to reviews, and do a lot more.

14. Yelp

You can buy food through UpMenu, which also has a restaurant feedback system that restaurant owners can use to get reviews and feedback from customers. UpMenu also lets restaurants send out feedback forms instantly so they can get reviews from customers on Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor, among other sites.

UpMenu’s marketing tools also help you contact customers and ask for feedback. This lets you learn more, improve your restaurant’s menu, reply to reviews, and do a lot more.

15. Michelin Guide

The Michelin Guide is a well-known and respected book that lists the best places. It’s become more famous over the years, just like Zagat reviews. Because of this, it has become one of the most famous food guides in the world, and professional food writers use it to find some of the best restaurants in the world.

Professional inspectors secretly rate restaurants for the Michelin Guide. Restaurants are graded on a scale of one to three stars, with three stars meaning they serve great food and continue to do so. People really like and respect the star method for rating food.

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