6 Casio Watches for Every Type of Man

One would find a watch as one accessory that a man will wear. A watch is an accessory you wear virtually daily, and buying one can be confusing with so many choices out there. You must purchase a sleek and efficient watch, but one that represents and suits your personality, wardrobe, and lifestyle.  Among all brands, Casio tops the list for such versatile choices.

Casio is undoubtedly one of the brands with the most popular watches. A great deal of these attributes to its value, functionality, and durability. As a brand, Casio has some of the greatest value for money. Wearability is another major draw. They deliver something for all, and below are our top Casio watches that suit every type of man.

The Nature Lover

If you love the great outdoors, the perfect watch for you is the Casio Pro-Trek WSD-F30-RG. This watch is ideal for backpackers, climbers, and explorers. Even when you’re deep in the forest with no internet access, the watch helps you download maps of an area or country, providing you with GPS guidance. Plus, it has military-standard 50 meters of water resistance.

The Sporty Guy

Any man who’s into sports would like a watch that’s durable enough to get through any degree of physical force unscathed. Casio PAG240-1CR Men’s Pathfinder is a shock-proof, sporty, and sturdy watch that can keep with any of your adrenaline-fueled action sports.  This model is packed with many features you will find useful.

It is equipped with a barometer, thermometer, an altimeter, and time for 31 time zones, plus a function that lets you set 5 alarms. It’s EL backlight will guarantee to let you see in the dark. The full-auto calendar also allows you to keep track up to the year 2099, and for its long battery life and battery-saving function, this watch is definitely a thumbs-up!

The Luxurious Man

For the man who loves to indulge and spend a fortune on luxurious things, the Casio MRG-B2000SH-5A Shougeki-Maru is worth spending for. The limited-edition watch, which is part of The Bruce Lee x G-Shock MRG-G2000BL-9A, is only limited to 400 pieces released worldwide. It takes its inspiration from the Japanese samurai helmet called Kabuto.

Every bezel is uniquely hand-carved by a well-known metalsmith, Masao Kobayashi, who specializes in the art of chasing, with the illustration of a dragon ascending to the heavens, as befits the MR-G Series and its continued pursuit of excellence. The one-of-a-kind color and rugged texture beautifully embody the Kabuto helmet.

The Laid-Back Dude

You’re a simple, laid-back guy at heart if your wardrobe consists of clean designs and mostly clothes in black and white. For your casual and minimal look, the Casio MQ24-1E is your go-to watch. It features a simple, clean face that is free from intricate dials and displays. This Casio watch is easy to clean, lightweight and requires minimal maintenance.

The Quirky Guy

Here’s the perfect watch for the man who’s not afraid to play around with their style. Casio has several colorful watches, but the most colorful yet is the G-Shock Metalized Gold Rainbow GM-110RB-2AJF. This watch style has unique rainbow ion plating (IP) for the stainless bezel, including a colorful coating for the small dial.

The GM-110RB model, solid and trendy, features an analog-digital dial with a distinctive Y-shaped portion that offers a well-balanced digital display and hour and minute hands to maximize visibility. In addition to the fully automatic schedule, stopwatch, alarm, and timer functions are included.

The Fitness Buff

G-SHOCK MOVE GBDH1000 is made for men who are into fitness. This watch is a handy accessory for you to work out more efficiently by monitoring the heart rate, running distance, time, and speed.  Secondly, you can develop workout programs to preserve or boost your athletic ability.

The watch will let you check your training status, training details, and history through the G-SHOCK MOVE app, compatible with both IOS and Android users. Apart from these features, its durability and long battery life are features you can always expect from a Casio watch.


Casio is a brand with a long tradition of making great watches at affordable prices. They have been developing iconic watches that fit every need or style with an unparalleled commitment to durability and functionality. Whether you are a casual guy or an adventurous type, you will find a watch for you without spending too much.

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