DIY Tips When Installing Doors And Windows Edmonton

If you have been living in your home for a long time and you haven’t yet replaced your windows Edmonton, this could be the right time to consider getting rid of those old units and install new ones. If so, you two options; you can either hire a professional window installer to install your windows and doors or you can decide to do it yourself. Either way, the ultimate goal is the samel; you want windows that will improve the curb appeal of your home, windows that will enhance the energy efficiency of your home and finally, windows that will be operational and protect your home from intruders.

If you decide to go DIY route, there are various things you should know. However, before you decide to DIY your windows in Edmonton replacement, you should evaluate your windows to know which type of windows replacement is needed. If you need full-frame window replacement, you would want to leave this project to a professional if you are not an expert window installer. According to NorthTech Windows and Doors, the success of any DIY project relies on knowing what you can handle and what you should leave to an expert. Continue reading below for more.

Types of Replacements


  • Sash replacements. They do not need the replacement of the existing frame. Only the moving parts are replaced.
  • Insert replacements. As the name suggests, they are inserted into an existing frame. These windows Edmonton come when they are ready-made and sat on those frames.
  • Full-frame windows. The replacement is usually done on the entire window. The old window is completely removed with its frames, giving space to the new window.


Challenges of Installing Replacement Windows


  • Measuring


Some Edmonton windows may contain irregular measurements. These irregularities occur if your house takes a unique design other than the regular ones. In these cases, you may find the middle part of your window measuring more than the top and the bottom of your window.

When taking your measurements, you should measure these three points to ensure you have the correct measurements. Otherwise, you will end up having a window that leaves huge gaps in the middle after sitting your replacement window on the frames.


  • Removing the Sash and the Jamb


Once you have taken the measurements of your window, the next step is removing the jamb, and the sash stops. This step helps you to have a smooth process of removing the old window. Do not skip it.

If you intend to re-use your Edmonton windows stops, be careful when unscrewing or prying them. The window liners and the parting beads are also removed at this point.

This step is challenging because it is easy for you to damage the window frames while trying to remove some of the stubborn elements.


  • Preparing the Windows Edmonton Frame


Once you are done with the sash and jamb, proceed to prepare the window frame. If you notice any cracks or holes on the frame, fill them using putty and allow them to dry. Once they are dry. Remove the excess lumps and sand the frame to make it smooth.

Because putty leaves patches, paint the frame to make the color of your window look even. Remove the sash pulley system and relieve the jambs from excess panels. The step is challenging because you might not be able to achieve a smooth paint coat after repairing the frame.


  • Insulating Process


After doing all the removals, you will need to re-insulate the inside part of the frame. Remove the fiberglass and drill your frame in 3/ 8 inches holes at the ends and close to the middle sections.

Spray the frame with polyurethane foam and allow six hours to dry. This step is challenging because poorly insulating the frame can be a waste of time.


  • Installing the New Window


Install the window from the inside. You should install the window starting from the bottom and lifting it to sit entirely on the space.

Be careful while doing this to make sure you do not damage the window. Screw the window loosely and use some shims to help you center your window.

Check if the windows Edmonton fits squarely by measuring from the corners. Once you are convinced, screw your window tight and use foam rubber to seal any gaps. Prime your window and paint.

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