Buying Apple iPhone 7 in 2020

One very distinctive feature about Apple is that they discontinue their iPhones rather quickly. It is a shame because the iPhone 7 that they no longer manufacture and sell is one of the best models they ever came up with. So, if a person wants to buy an iPhone 7 in the year 2020 in Australia, what choices do they have?

Anyone interested in purchasing a brand new iPhone 7 has the option to either buy one for a considerable amount or get a refurbished one. The choice is in the hands of the buyer. However, it is wise to do a bit of research on refurbished Apple iPhones in Australia especially when you’re looking for a discontinued model. Why is this so? Continue reading to find out more.

Why the iPhone 7?

First of all, one needs to understand why the iPhone 7 is even under the spotlight today. This particular phone provides its users with many benefits. Let’s talk about these benefits one by one:

  • Excellent camera

As is the case with most iPhones, Apple gives a lot of importance to its camera. This fact is not an exception for the iPhone 7. The most amazing part of this phone’s camera is that it captures one of the best low light pictures in the history of phones. It has a 12-megapixel camera with True Tone flash.

  • Improved battery 

Many people complain about the battery life of iPhones. Apple attempted and succeeded at providing better battery life with the iPhone 7. The size of the battery is bigger and has a higher capacity. There is a sharp difference between the battery lives of the older models and this one. The iPhone 7 has a longer battery life than iPhone 6 and 6s by two hours and one hour, respectively.

  • Affordable 

If a person wants a cheap iPhone that works very well for its price range, the iPhone 7 is the way to go. Of course, the predecessor is less expensive than this one, but the iPhone 7 is an improved version for not much of a price difference.

  • Water-resistant 

Without the headphone jack, this phone is entirely water-resistant. A person can wave the worries of dropping his or her phone in water away. This handy feature adds to the robustness and durability of the phone.

How successful is the iPhone 7?

One sure way to figure out whether a product is successful in the market or not is to take a look at its sales in the global market. According to credible sources, it has said that the iPhone 7 has had one of the most successful launches ever. Just two days before its launch, Apple had to stop accepting orders for the Jet Black variant because they were all sold out. 

The iPhone 7 brought in $21.5 million USD in sales in 2017. The unit sales of iPhones in the year 2016 when the model in question first went up for sale was 211.88 million. The release was at the end of 2016, and the sales for the iPhone 7 continued to increase in early 2017. The total number of iPhone sales in 2017 was 216.76 million units. 

Repairing the iPhone 7

Every device will need repair at one point in time. The question is, how easy is it to repair the damaged product? Also, how much will it cost? For the iPhone 7, it is quite easy to repair and will not cost a lot. 

The two most common things that iPhone owners repair are the screen and the battery. Some other standard problems are water damage and the inability to charge the phone. iPhone owners have two alternatives when it comes to repairing their phones. They can either go and get it repaired from the official Apple repair and service spots or choose the cheaper option that is authorized service centers. 

It will cost approximately $90 AUD to fix the screen at credible places like Phonebot. As for the battery, it may cost around $49 AUD, which is very reasonable. If it is still under cover of AppleCare, the owner can get a battery replacement for free. When it comes to repairing an iPhone 7 for water damage, the total will round up to $49.99, give or take.

Where to get a brand new iPhone 7 in Australia?

Apple stopped selling the brand new iPhone 7 on September 10, 2019. So any interested buyer cannot get one from their official website. However, there are a few online stores like Telstra which are selling brand new iPhone 7 for a massive sum of money. Even the lowest memory model of 32 GB goes up for sale at a whopping $429 AUD.

To avoid paying such ridiculous amounts for a discontinued phone, interested buyers can go for a refurbished one for much lesser. 

Why buy a refurbished iPhone 7?

There are many reasons why people go for refurbished phones, especially discontinued ones like the iPhone 7. Here are some reasons why buying a refurbished iPhone 7 is a good idea:

  • Cheaper than the original price tag

One good thing about buying refurbished products is that they are much more affordable than the original brand new product. And what’s more, the refurbished device will function perfectly. If a person is lucky, they may even get their hands on an A+ or A grade iPhone 7 from online stores.

  • Receive reasonable warranty

Buying from well-known sites and retailers will get the buyer a warranty period of 12 months. One thing to note here is that not all refurbished iPhone 7 comes with a warranty. Always look for refurbished goods on trustworthy sites. 

  • Required accessories

In most cases, all refurbished iPhones will come with the charger and power cord. These accessories are really all that one needs to carry on. Sometimes, buyers may even get the wired headphones with a lightning adapter with the refurbished phone. 

  • Still upgradable

Phones require frequent updates to stay up-to-date. The iPhone 7 can still upgrade to the latest iOS. Hence, although discontinued, it will work and function fine.


The iPhone 7 is one of the best phones ever to grace the world of electronic gadgets. It is never a loss to buy a refurbished iPhone 7 also available from places like Phonebot. In fact, it might be the best decision a person makes to buy one. Don’t miss out on this chance. Get a refurbished phone today!

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