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An Off-Road Hoverboard Will Get Your Kids Outside Longer This Summer

Hoverboards are all the rage today. You’ve probably heard your kids talking about them. In fact, your kid has probably been bugging you to buy one for them. These personal transports are on every kid wish list for every holiday right now. Kids love sailing down the street while standing and balancing on two wheels.

In fact, these vehicles are a great way to get your kids outside during the warm months. You’ve probably seen other children already out having fun with these high-tech toys. And in a world where so many of our kids are glued to their smartphone and tablet screens all day long, that’s a pretty big deal. We all worry about our little ones becoming zombies to our various gadgets.

These toys get kids outside and exploring. It’s even better if you get your kid an off-road model, which allows them to go beyond the streets and sidewalks and onto other kinds of terrain. This will get your kids into nature more so that they can experience the world around them and be a part of it. But as a parent, you may not know what to look for in an off-road hoverboard. Not a problem, we have a few handy tips to help.

Look for these features to get the right hoverboard for your kids.

Large Tires

You want to make sure that the tires are on the large side so that they can navigate the terrain easily. Look for tires that are 8.5 to 10.5 inches. They should be rubber and well treaded for a comfortable ride.

A Good Battery and Range

Look for a battery that doesn’t take all day to charge. Ideally, it should charge up in 1-4 hours. Your battery will also determine the range that you will get per charge. This varies from model to model. Some models will give you 16 miles per charge, another might give you 10. You have to compare models and get the right one for you.


Now you have to determine how fast you want your child to be able to go while on the hoverboard. Like range, speed varies from model to model. Most hoverboards top out at around 16 mph, and some go as slow as 8 mph.

Durability and Weather Resistance

You also want to make sure that you get something that is solidly built. A well-constructed steel or aluminum alloy frame will stand up to some off-road abuse. You can also choose models that are waterproof and water-resistant so that splashing around in puddles won’t hurt it.

Those are the basics when it comes to shopping for a hoverboard. It’s not very difficult as long as you look at each model and compare these specs. Once you find the one that’s right for you, this will open up a whole new world for your kids. They don’t need the fastest hoverboard, just one they can have fun with. They have already proven to be very popular with kids because there is just so much that they can do on these gadgets.

Kids can play games with others, have races, or just glide along and feel the wind in their face. In other words, your kid can be a kid. The video games, tweets and selfies can wait.

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