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Google Earth accidentally reveals secret military sites

An update to the Google Earth on-line platform has accidentally crystal rectifier to the exposure of uncommunicative Taiwanese military locations.

As reported by the South China Morning Post, a number of Taiwan’s most sensitive military sites are disclosed publically through the update, including new three-dimensional renditions of capital of Taiwan, New Taipei, Taoyuan, and metropolis.

At the time of writing, a military base that is reportedly a facility for subject missiles is crystal clear and no blurring has been enforced to stop the general public from viewing the positioning at leisure.

It is potential to determine the precise location, military base layout, building structures, and therefore the locations of missile launchers.The Post reports that Taiwan’s National Security Bureau and {also the} Military Intelligence Bureau have also appear on the new maps.


Taiwanese Defence Minister Yen Te-fa aforementioned that a task force has been created to figure with Google within the interest of national security. Google are going to be asked to blur the sites whereas the military will be engaged on rising the camouflage of facilities on the bottom.

The exposure of sensitive locations within the military thanks to technology doesn’t solely apply to maps. In August 2018, the Pentagon prohibited U.S. military personnel on active duty from exploitation devices and applications that utilize GPS, like fitness trackers and mobile applications, thanks to the worry that these technologies may “present enemies with data on military operations.”

In the same year, 2 U.S. training mechanical man mobile applications were found to contain severe vulnerabilities that may have placed personnel in danger ought to the apps have entered live combat situations.

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