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Google’s Key Moments Makes It Easier to Search for Content within Videos

The new feature is based on timestamps added by the video creator. It is pretty easy to skim through the text and find out the relevant parts. However, it becomes fairly difficult to do so in longer videos. Furthermore, the task only becomes tougher in regions will poor internet connectivity. The new search feature lets you search for content within a video.


Videos aren’t skimmable like text, meaning it can be easy to overlook video content altogether. Now, just like we’ve worked to make other types of information more easily accessible, we’re developing new ways to understand and organize video content in Search to make it more useful for you.- Prashant Baheti, Product Manager, Search.

Starting now Google’s search results will feature key moments in the videos. The feature is particularly useful in searching for specific things within a long how-to video or speeches or a documentary. Search will add a link to the key moments within the video and this will help you understand whether or not the video has the content you are searching for. The links to Key moments will appear only for Search in English and for YouTube videos wherein creators have added timestamps in the description.

Content creators need to markup their videos for specific content. Google is apparently implementing the feature for other video publishers like NDTV and CBS Sports. Maybe in the future, Google will use machine learning to automatically create timestamps for videos.

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