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Myths Surrounding Offshore Software Development

Businesses today are no longer the brick-and-mortar stores that they once were! It’s the generation of the cloud where operations are carried out globally and much more efficiently. One of the major contributors to the field is offshore talent, especially in the IT industry. 

Wonder why? 

Having an offshore software development team for your product can benefit the business in many different ways. Such groups hold a certain degree of expertise and enable enterprises to save costs on hiring employees and training them.

Inspite of the amazing perks offered by offshore software development, there are still many negative connotations surrounding this practice. These adverse connotations are mostly the results of baseless myths that surround offshore software development even today. In this post, we will take a look at some of these myths and understand them.

Myth 1: It is challenging to communicate with offshore partners

There is no denying that language barriers have obstructed seamless communication between offshore software development teams for very long. Today it is not very challenging to find an offshore partner proficient in communicating through different channels, fluent in any particular language, or even comfortable in any specific dialect. 

However, things have changed drastically with the advancement in digitized technologies.  Technology has always helped us connect and communicate with each other in a far more efficient way.  Today, we can leverage video calls, real-time messaging, and much more to ensure seamless communication and collaboration.

Myth 2: This will result in compromising the security of business data

A business’s data is essential because we no longer store it in physical files; instead, we keep it digitally in the cloud or databases. If unreliable third parties manage to get their hands of the data, this can adversely impact the business. 

There is no shortage of data security tools and software solutions today, so ensuring business data security should not be that big of a business concern. It is also advisable that we look for reliable outsourcing firms certified in ISO/IEC:27001, ISMS, as this will ensure that our business data is handled appropriately to ensure uncompromised protection.

Myth 3: Productivity Is Hampered Because Of Time Gaps       

The digital environment of today rewards projects that are completed in time, making it very important to ensure that our software development teams are productive at all times. This becomes more of a concern, especially when our offshore partners are residing at a different topographical location resulting in the time differences hampering the team’s productivity. 

Fortunately, most offshore development companies have found a way around this issue by offering around-the-clock support by dividing employees into different shifts. This enables businesses to collaborate with their partners at their convenient timings with little to no effect on the team’s overall productivity.

Myth 4: Outsourcing IT is only required for large scale businesses  

There are often instances where small and medium-scale businesses can not outsource their contracts mainly because of the significant budget requirements. At the same time, large-scale businesses with big revenue numbers can outsource their projects without having to think twice. 

Nonetheless, things have changed now, and in reality, any business of any scale can benefit from outsourcing IT tasks and processes. Furthermore, there are efforts being made to do away with the barrier of budgets. Most small and medium-sized businesses can now avail of customized services from an affordable service provider for a predetermined period of time. This way, small and medium-sized businesses can also reap the benefits of IT outsourcing and grow their business simultaneously.   

Wrapping Up

Offshore software development is becoming more and more critical by the day, and the main reason behind this is the cost-saving prospects of this approach. Businesses need to leverage these techniques to ensure their survival in the modern age’s highly competitive business environment. 

Avoid falling victims to unjustified and conventional myths and leverage offshore software development to augment business growth with increased productivity and efficiency.   

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