7 Social Media Marketing Platforms to know in 2020

Social media is the best way to engage with target audiences. These days it works as a boon for improving sales. Moreover, it also assists in increasing leads. But the question is which social media platforms work well for you? There are a lot of social media platforms. You can choose any of them to improve your business.  Every platform has its importance. Don’t forget you need to promote your brand. Explore more and more about which brand helps you in reaching towards your goal. In this blog, I will discuss the 7 social media marketing platforms to know in 2020. Firstly take a quick knowledge of social media advertising

What is Social Media Marketing?

“The way of connecting with audiences by social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to increase sales  and generate leads by promoting different product or services is called Social Media Marketing”

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

  • It assists in making brand authority.
  • It tends to improve sales
  • More traffic on your website
  • It is cost-effective
  • It helps in improving search engine rankings

Types of social media marketing platforms


  • Social Networks
  • Share Media Networks
  • Consumer Review Networks
  • Shopping websites
  • Discussion Forums
  • Interest-Based Networks
  • Social bookmarking services


Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn come under this category. Social Networks are used mainly for connecting with people. These also assist in connecting people with brands. Social Networks are becoming a hub for sharing information. Information can either be of photo sharing on Facebook or sharing the important post on LinkedIn. These kinds of networks are called “relationship Networks”. Businessmen usually opt for Facebook Marketing for promoting their goods and services. Facebook marketing usually is done considering the targeted audience so that a relevant number of shares will be achieved through them. Some posts on LinkedIn are for narrating business accomplishments. By doing so people get aware of business brands. The main motive to these networks are:-

  • It helps in market research
  • It provides awareness about brands
  • It assists in relationship building
  • It helps in customer service.
  • It supports people by connecting with other groups of people to share ideas

Share Media Networks

Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube fall under this category. People find these networks good for sharing photos, media, and videos. These sites also assist in brand promotion. Media sharing networks work primarily on defining brands through it. Through YouTube affiliate marketing is possible. Affiliate marketing helps promote the brand and you get aware of what the customer is demanding. These days Instagram is taking immense popularity for selling services and goods online. Many people are earning a pretty good amount via Instagram business.

Consumer Review Networks

The consumer review network involves sites like Zomato, Swiggy, Tripadvisor.

Consumer review networks are basically for achieving customer feedback on online purchases. People use these networks for sharing relevant information about products, services, brands, travel destinations, etc. Benefits of consumer review networks

  • Positive feedback engage more leads
  • Negative feedback allows you to improve for the better.
  • Customer mentality is known, it prepares you for your next move

Shopping websites

Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra are shopping websites. By using these sites customers develop knowledge regarding the different brands. They can know which brands work better for them. These websites are a good source of building links. These kinds of websites address customer grievances. People make use of these sites to follow these things

  • To stay trendy
  • To follow brands
  • To shop for new brands
  • Explore great deals.

There are many benefits of shopping websites for social media marketing in Dubai like building brand awareness among people, more customer engagement and way of selling products via different channels.

Discussion Forums

Discussion forums are also meant to improve business value. These are the oldest ways of social media marketing. Moreover, it ensures building brand and creates brand awareness among people. Examples of the discussion forum are Dig, Reddit and Quora. People mainly use these forums so that they can find relevant information, exchange opinions and share them on different platforms. Benefits of discussion forums are as under:

  • These forums are very good resources for doing market research.
  • Users don’t feel hesitant while expressing their real views.
  • These forums are good for giving honest reviews.
  • They act as a good medium for advertising.

Interest-Based Networks

Interest-based social networks are those which are revolving around a particular niche.  Moreover, Interest-based networks focus on more targeted methodology as compared to big social networks. As it solely focuses on a single subject. Users can interact here according to their interest level.

For example MegaByte,  is specifically for digital media marketing. Take one more example let say geeksforgeeks are particularly designed for study material for computer science and similarly pinchofyum is designed for providing tasty recipes tips. People love to connect with different people as interests or hobbies. Benefits of interest-based networks:-

  • Great place to engage with the audience
  • Share feedbacks
  • Explore experiences
  • Creating brand awareness

Social bookmarking services

     Social Bookmarking services allow you to discover and share trendy data. These services or networks are filled with creativity and give inspiration to people. These sites help provide information that is helpful in social media marketing. By using the Sites like Pinterest, Digg and Flipboard you can recognize new ideas for a leading generation. Some bookmarking services include the recommendation of books to people who need it the most. Benefits of social bookmarking services. 

  • By using these services people can share visual content.
  • These provide brand awareness
  • These allow customer engagement
  • These increase website traffic

Final Thoughts

           Different sites are listed as social media. The main objective of these sites is to enhance online marketing. It should emphasize on selling. Social media marketing is constantly making innovative measures to reach the target audience. These are so effective in generating leads for the business.

          In this blog, I have discussed 7 social media marketing platforms to know in 2020. If you are having any doubt feel free to ask me in the comment box.

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