Best Disaster Recovery Services & Software Companies

Businesses know that a natural or artificial disaster can quickly wipe out a whole network or database. They also know that if the organization lacks Disaster Recovery Tools, this could lead to bad things.

Best Disaster Recovery Services

The top Disaster Recovery Solutions in use today are as follows:

#1) Zerto

Top 6 BEST Disaster Recovery Services & Software Companies

Zerto is a platform for IT resilience that includes backup, disaster recovery, and mobility in the cloud. Organizations can avoid the headache and uncertainty of migrating and updating their IT systems in the cloud with the help of this Disaster Recovery Tool.

Zerto is changing how cloud backup and disaster recovery are handled in many ways.


  • Help with several cloud options.
  • Changes from VMware to Hyper-V to AWS.


  • I need help setting up the infrastructure that supports it.
  • No protection for resources that aren’t virtualized.
  • It can cost a lot.
  • VMware, Hyper-V, and AWS can all be integrated.

Price: $745 a year

Cloud Support: Yes

#2) Carbonite

Top 6 BEST Disaster Recovery Services & Software Companies

When you sign up for the carbonite Disaster Recovery Tool, you can be sure that your data will be safe and that it will be easy to recover. It will also automatically back up to the cloud.

The main goal of this tool is to protect data that is important to the mission. The tool is excellent for companies that use many IBM systems or want a full-service offering.

Customized backup policies, a central hub that makes management easy, Options for backing up more than one thing, OS, files, settings, and system state are all protected in a single pass.


  • No extra software needs.
  • The low cost of getting in.
  • The maximum number of licenses per server is unlimited.
  • Excellent customer support.


  • Lack of support from other cloud services.
  • You can only use it on Mac OS X and Windows.
  • The option to restore from the cloud could take some time.
  • Microsoft, MySQL, Oracle, and Hyper-V are all integrated.

Price: One year starts at $59.99

Cloud Support: Yes

#3) Arcserve

Top 6 BEST Disaster Recovery Services & Software Companies

Simple and practical function, quick “push-button” recovery, data encryption, and security protocols already built in. It was built to give an enterprise the security and performance it needs. There is no extra charge for giving VPN access to the recovered environment. Your network is copied into the cloud as part of the solution.

Supports RTOS/RPOs without needing any hardware on-premises, is Easy to set up and manage, and you can always get your data back. Coverage that is always on, etc.


  • The fastest backup times in the business.
  • Data protection that is reliable without the cost and upkeep of IT resources, hardware, and power.


  • No option to get back to the bare metal.
  • A way to back up and restore files that work well with Microsoft Windows.
  • Supported platforms include Citrix Xen and VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, RHEV, KVM, Nutanix AHV, and more.

Price: $50 per terabyte per month, at least.

Cloud Support: Yes

#4) Veritas

Top 6 BEST Disaster Recovery Services & Software Companies

The veritas Disaster Recovery Tool is an enterprise-class way to protect and recover data. 

Whether the downtime is due to a planned site migration, a site failure, or a disaster, the tool ensures that data is always available on all platforms.

One solution that can be scaled up or down, Offered on a single platform, Centralized policy-based management, single integrated solution.


  • Workloads that are physical, virtual, or in the cloud can be protected.
  • Even in large environments, only a small amount of management is needed.
  • Business productivity has gone up.


  • The user client is hard to use when restoring files.
  • Some virtual machine servers can’t be backed up while they are online.
  • When an error happens in the backup process, you have to fix it by hand.
  • Microsoft and Hyper-V are both integrated.

Price: $39 per FETB per month starts.

Cloud Support: Yes

#5) Datto

Top 6 BEST Disaster Recovery Services & Software Companies

With the Datto Disaster Recovery Software Tool, companies can quickly recover their data after losing it.

When you use the Datto tool, you can expect security for data compliance and regulatory needs, customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, granular exports and restores, and backups that work every time.

Some features include data protection through SaaS, disaster recovery appliances, managed networking products, a backup tool, and insights.


  • A complete platform for IT business management and business continuity.
  • aMade for MSPs in particular.


  • Support service that takes it easy.
  • More to protect user accounts.
  • There are better ways to send something over the cloud.
  • VMware and Hyper-V are both integrated.


  • Enterprise Protection for Small Businesses, Datto Alto 3, has no upfront cost and a low monthly fee.
  • Smarter Enterprise Protection with Datto SIRIS 4. Prices start at $1288.
  • It starts at $804 for the Datto NAS, which has scalable storage and cloud backup.

Cloud Support: Yes

#6) Parsec Labs

Top 6 BEST Disaster Recovery Services & Software Companies

Parsec Labs has one of the market’s most complete and best-performing data management solutions.

Features: Parsec can be used by businesses to move information to and from the cloud as well as any other location. For businesses that prefer a turnkey answer, Parsec also offers a disaster recovery cloud target based on Seagate’s Lyve Cloud.


  • Copy from ANY source to ANY destination
  • Supports both on-premise and cloud, or both.
  • able to handle petabytes of data and billions of files


  • Not an emergency plan
  • No help with Azure
  • SMB, NFS, FiberChannel, NVMe, S3, and a Rest API are all supported.

Price: Contact Parsec Labs for the price.

Cloud Support: Yes


What is a plan for dealing with a disaster?

Answer: A disaster recovery plan is a structured, written plan with clear instructions for handling unplanned or unexpected events. Its goal is to keep the business running.

The plan comprises safety measures to help the organization deal with a disaster as little as possible. It also tries to ensure that mission-critical functions can be backed up and running quickly.

How does Disaster Recovery work?

Answer: RTO and RPO are the two most important metrics for disaster recovery. RTO is the time between when the disaster happens and when the systems are back up and running.

RTO and RPO are based on time, measured in minutes, hours, and days. The disaster recovery cost will be higher than the RTO and RPO numbers.

What are the five most important parts of a typical plan for dealing with a disaster?

Answer: The five most important parts of a disaster recovery plan are:

  • Recovery from a disaster.
  • Disaster risks need to be found and evaluated.
  • Find out what applications, documents, and resources are most important.
  • Details about how to back up and store data elsewhere.
  • The disaster recovery plan needs to be tested and kept up to date.

What is software for disaster recovery?

Answer: Disaster recovery software helps a business keep or quickly get back to doing its most important tasks after a disaster. Its purpose is to facilitate the planning and preparation necessary to deal with catastrophic events that might severely impact a computer, server, or network.

What are a disaster recovery program’s main or most important parts?

Answer: Important data and systems should be backed up automatically.

  • Quick recovery from a disaster with little user input.
  • There are many ways to get better.
  • The easy-to-understand way of charging.
  • Choices for the target of the backup.

How do Disaster Recovery Services and Tools prices work?

Answer: The price of Disaster Recovery Tools and Services depends on what features are included and what the disaster recovery solutions are supposed to cover.


To wrap up this article, Zerto is a great disaster recovery solution because it eliminates the complexity and risk of using the cloud and updating IT systems. On the other hand, Carbonite is perfect for businesses that use many IBM systems or want a full-service solution.

Arcserve is an excellent option for people who want to protect their data reliably without paying for IT resources, hardware, or power.

Veritas is an excellent choice to ensure that data is always available on all platforms, while Datto is best if you want to recover quickly from any data loss.

Concerning the above Disaster Recovery Services, the IBM disaster recovery solution is a great way to find VMs, databases, and files quickly. Veeam is perfect for people who want to protect their data, including physical, virtual, and cloud-based workloads.

Acronis is a good choice because it is easy to set up. Microsoft Azure Site Recovery is a service that works well for companies that use the standard Microsoft stack. 

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