Lohasled e12 Smart Led Light Bulbs

Decoration in the house completes when you add lights into it. There are many lighting options available in the market. Still, it isn’t elementary to use them accurately and control them .therefore, and the latest technology has introduced Lohasled e12 smart led light bulbs with color-changing, which you can use in the different areas of the house and enhance the beauty of interior theme with these fabulous lights. These lights come in various functions that allow you to control them with no trouble. For example, in the kitchen, you can use different views or use different colors according to your mode. The best feature these lights have that you can control them with your voice and Alexa robot. Here in this article, you will all about these strange lights.

Voice control 

Imagine yourself tuck in your warm bed or stuck into something and want magic to turn off or on the lights. Guess what you can do this magic by installing Loshaled E12 smart Led light bulbs with color-changing feature. It is straightforward to control lights with your voice. These lights are compatible with Google Home, Alexa, and Siri with the requirement of system version IOS12+ LOHAS smart App while using Siri. By installing these Voice controlling apps, you can enjoy the control. All you need to do is ask in your voice to change color, dim, or turn off or on the lights. For example, ask Alexa to turn on the kitchen lights or Alexa switch the bedroom light red to blue. 

Group Control                                                                                               

Now you can create a group on the application to manage more than one smart light bulb effortlessly. Hence Synchronous control can comprehend with energetic lamp group, for example, Turn on or off kitchen and lounge lights, Also bedroom and dining room lights at the same time. The best thing is you do not need any Hub for this. All you need is to create a group on the application and only support WLAN in 2.4GHZ. 

Note: it does not support phone hotspot and 5 GHZ channels.

Dim lights with APP

Create a light ambiance with the help of app full-color range offers you to enjoy multiple color combinations options and brightness levels. Also, multicolored lights and daylight white lights are also included. Note warm white lights are excluded. The colors are in many shades like red, blue, yellow, green, etc. You can control color, brightness, and temperature. You can adjust according to your mood.

Movement light 

Eight fix scene modes are there to meet your lighting requirements, which help you to read, energize, relax, and concentrate. You can customize your daily routine movements and enjoy them.

Remote Control

 You can control lights right from your bedroom, for example, porch, kitchen, living room lights with the help of device. Even if you are away, you can control lights. For example, if you are on your way home and want to turn on lights before you can. The imaginary part is you can turn on and off lights even if you are on vacation. For the best ideas you can also visit this link.

Support timing

Timer allows you to turn off or on lights automatically  

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