Printing Services: All that you should know

The printing environment has become a fundamental pillar for any company. It depends not only the production capacity and the workflow but also the security of the corporate network and the costs that you will have to bear in the day-to-day life of your professional activity.

How to recognize a good managed print services provider

Good printing services want to take their company to a new level and are ready for the next step. They chose managed Print Services to reduce their printing costs and optimize their printing volume.

But one question remains: How do you recognize a well-managed printing in North Ryde? What should you watch out for, and what are the pitfalls?

Keeping it protected and optimized is a basic task for our company to remain competitive. On the other hand, we must take into account that a company is something alive and changing, and therefore it is also necessary to adapt it to the changes that are taking place in it so that it can continue to cover our professional needs, a task that can become very complex.

In this sense, printing services are presented as a great ally to protect, optimize and manage any professional printing environment. Through these services, experts develop a proactive work that will free our IT department from the workload related to the printing environment, and will also continue monitoring to adapt it to the new needs of our company.

The selection is particularly important because the organization of the daily print volume is not limited to printing – it also depends on maintenance, materials and cost optimization.

To find a suitable provider to reduce your own printing costs permanently, you should pay attention to the following things.

1) It creates an individual plan for your company

Managed print services should always be tailored to your needs. Do not take 08/15 solutions, but individual offers for your company. After all, many factors are important, such as employees, printing volumes and premises.

The majority of the companies can neither precisely name their printing costs nor the volume of printing that will arise. A good provider will draw up a cost plan with you to give you an overview based on which you can permanently reduce your printing costs.

2) It specializes in a few manufacturers

The MPS provider should not specialize in more than two device providers. Firstly, because this could lead to difficulties with the device coupling. But above all, because a managed print services provider must be very familiar with the devices. With a wide range of different manufacturers, the overview is quickly lost, and competent support and maintenance of the devices cannot be guaranteed.

3) It only uses original consumables

Original supplies are a must. Whether toner or paper, cheap items reduce the print quality, contaminate the devices and are harmful in the long run.

Make sure that the correct paper and suitable cartridges are used, so that an optimal and reliable printing result is permanently guaranteed.

4) It has trained staff who are continuously trained

Professional staff is everything. Therefore, the staff must be continuously trained. Setting up workstation printers does not require any specialist knowledge; the situation is different when installing copiers or multifunction printers.

With expert advice on the selection and adjustment of the devices, you are on the safe side right from the start. There should also be a constant search for other ways to permanently improve the service.

5) The customer can see the devices live in action

Some providers print externally and send you the documents. It is optimal if the devices are set up and put into operation on site. In this way, you not only have a contact person on-site, but you can also better estimate your print volume.

6) It regularly maintains the devices and readjusted if necessary

Copiers need to be serviced to get the best print results. A managed print services provider must check the devices at regular intervals. If errors occur or individual parts need to be replaced, technical support can identify this early and carry it out for you.

In this way, downtimes can be avoided, and errors can be remedied as quickly as possible.

7) It uses the premises optimally

It is widely known that devices should not be placed in the middle of the office. It is, therefore, all the more important to find a location that will not stop the flow of the office. Care must also be taken to find a point of view that does not increase the noise level in the office to such an extent that it disturbs the employees. Here, for example, the corridor is suitable.

8) It reacts quickly and is on-site immediately in case of problems

If you have any questions or problems, a well-managed print service is characterized by fast response time. If you have technical questions or need to expand the print volume at short notice, the provider should be able to accommodate you accordingly.

9) It provides contractual clarity

You should know what you are getting into right from the start. Contractual clarity must be given on every point. A good provider of managed print services will explain to you when you conclude the contract on how to proceed when the contract expires.

What do printing services offer?

Printing service is described through seven large basic services that work together to optimize the printing environment of any company, offer full coverage, integrate the necessary protection measures and adapt it continuously to the changes that are Produce in our company.

Audit and optimization services: 

They are used to understand the current use we make of our printers, to find hidden costs, blind spots and security lack. With that base, possible changes can be adopted to achieve a more efficient printing environment. It is what we can consider as the previous analysis.

Financial and purchasing services:

It offers different options when planning, acquiring, withdrawing or replacing assets to reduce investment, spending and also the total cost of ownership. It is an excellent help to acquire new solutions and renew printers.

Transition and implementation services:

They take care of and guarantee the perfect installation and the entire transition process when there is a renewal of equipment. The goal is for workers to adapt smoothly to change and to make the most of them. It includes not only the choice of new printers but also their integration into the company and the training to learn how to use them.

Administration and support services:

Its objective is to guarantee a continuous return on investment by optimizing the printing fleet, taking care of maintenance and controlling the management of consumables. It adapts continuously according to the changing needs of the company.

Workflow and document services:

One of its main goals is to automate workflows that make intensive use of paper. Infrastructure management is also continuously improved. It helps to optimize one of the most important bases of any printing environment: the use of paper.

Network infrastructure and asset management:

It uses the most advanced technology and best practices to install, configure, maintain and proactively, remotely, efficiently and safely monitor any fleet of imaging and printing devices and solutions. It helps free the IT department from a significant workload.

Security in the printing environment:

Experts implement the security measures that are necessary and that best meet the needs of each company, also monitoring them to adapt them to the changes that occur in the company. Printers are another element of our corporate network, so this point is essential to avoid security breaches originating in the printing environment.


Good print services offer many advantages and help your company to be successful. That is why a well-founded selection is so important.

If you consider these nine points in your search, you will find a partner that is individually tailored to your needs and who will be at your side in everyday office life.

They will then optimize their print volume, lower their costs and be set up for the future.

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