Best Senior Moving Services 2023

Moving later in life can be challenging, whether you are downsizing, moving to an assisted living facility, or moving closer to family. Finding the right moving company is the best way to make this significant life change as stress-free as possible. Packing, moving large furniture, and figuring out how to downsize for a smaller home take a lot of work.

Lucky for us, there are moving companies that focus on helping seniors and offer services that most moving companies don’t. One of the best moving services for seniors can help with downsizing, packing and unpacking, and even putting things in order in the new home. These companies have worked with seniors for years and will move at a comfortable pace for the customer.

How to Choose One of the Best Moving Services for Seniors

Seniors shouldn’t just search for “local moving companies” or “local moving services.” When looking for one of the best senior moving services, there are many things to consider. Service areas, full-service options, and cancellation policies are just a few. Keep reading to learn more about these specialised movers and what to look for when hiring one.

Moving Distance and Service Area

Shoppers needing help moving should look for a service that will go to their current home and their new home. Some senior moving services can help seniors move anywhere in the country, while others only work in certain states or regions. Also, only a few moving companies can help with international moves. There are also moving companies that only move people within 50 miles. Customers will want to check the service area when looking into a moving company, whether they are looking for the best local movers or the best movers for moving out of state.

Full-Service vs. Labor-Only Moving

When hiring a senior moving service, customers should consider what kind of service they need. Labor-only moving services will only move boxes and furniture from point A to point B. It will be up to the customer (and any willing family or friends) to pack and prepare before the move. Full-service moving companies offer a complete moving service, such as helping with downsizing, selling or donating unwanted items, and packing and unpacking. Also, read Best HVAC Services 2023.

Quote Process and Pricing

Quotes and prices for moving services are handled in different ways. Some moving services can provide a quote over the phone, but others need to meet with you in person. The mover should give the customer a good idea of how much the move will cost after the consultation.

License and Insurance

Customers should ensure that movers have the proper licenses that meet the Department of Transportation (DOT) standards and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Moving companies should either put this information on their website or quickly confirm the credentials with customers who ask.

Good, licensed movers should have insurance covering items in case they get damaged or lost from A to B. Federal law says that moving services must offer complete or released value protection to customers moving to a different state. The first choice is better than the second. With complete value protection, the customer gets the value of the item’s replacement if it gets broken or lost. With released value protection, the customer can only get up to 60 cents per pound per item, so a computer that costs $1,200 and weighs 10 pounds would only get the customer $6.

Deposit and Cancellation Policy

Many moving companies ask for a deposit from customers who want to use their services. The deposit should only be for a small part of the estimate, and if the customer cancels within a reasonable amount of time, they should get their money back. Different moving companies have different rules about what to do if you need to cancel. Some companies let customers cancel right up until they start providing services, while others make them cancel at least one week before the move date. Before booking a service, customers want to ensure that all of these details are clear.

Reviews and Complaints

Even though most moves go off without a hitch, a lot of them don’t. There are horror stories about moving companies giving low estimates on purpose to keep customers’ things until they pay more. Some other common scams involve putting false weights on the freight or losing things and not paying for them. When this happens, customers can take action by filing a fraud complaint with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The FMCSA looks into the company and takes any possible enforcement actions based on the complaints. Customers who look up “moving help near me” can avoid these problems by hiring a licensed mover and thoroughly checking the company through online reviews and the Better Business Bureau.

Customer Support

When looking for a senior moving service, customer service is essential. A good moving service will have a customer service line that people can call with any questions or problems they have with the service. Some companies have apps that let customers follow every step of the move. The best moving companies should also make it clear how to file a claim for loss or damage and how to file a complaint. If the moving service doesn’t have a clear policy about handling loss and damage, that’s a good sign that it might not be a good one.

Best Senior Moving Services

On the list below, you’ll find both traditional moving companies that offer services for seniors and companies that only move seniors. Check out this list before you type “senior moving services near me” into a search engine.

#1) United Van Lines

Why it made a list: United Van Lines is highly recommended as a top senior moving company due to its excellent reputation and dedicated senior services.

United Van Lines (UVL) is a well-known moving company that offers services for seniors. The company has a ” Snapmoves ” service for smaller moves, like when someone moves into a senior or assisted living facility. Snapmoves’s quote process is quick and easy, and its prices are straightforward. UVL also has helpful extra services, like taking apart a Wi-Fi network and cleaning up after a move.

Through the MyUnited online portal, a customer can keep a close eye on their trip. This portal quickly finds moving checklists, movers’ contact information, and tracking. However, the company’s customer service over the phone can be unreliable. UVL offers services in the U.S. and worldwide, and you can cancel for free until it starts providing services. Also, read Best Indoor Security Cameras.

Visit Website:


  • Moving distance: Local, long-distance
  • Service area: 50 states; Washington, D.C.; and international
  • Deposit required: No
  • Cancellation policy: Free cancellation
  • Customer support: Phone, email, live chat


  • Snapmoves makes it easy to get quotes and offers flexible service for small moves.
  • There are add-ons like cleaning services and taking down the Wi-Fi network.
  • Checklists, contact information for movers, and tracking can all be found on the MyUnited website.
  • You can cancel for free if no services have been done.
  • Services are offered in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and worldwide.

2) Moves for Seniors

Why it made the list: Customers can choose full-service moving from Move for Seniors, which includes planning, packing, moving, and unpacking. They can also hire the company for moving labor.

Moves for Seniors is an excellent choice for seniors who want to take the next step in their lives. The company’s experts work directly with the customer to map out and plan the move. They also help with downsizing and cleaning out the old home. Moves for Seniors will pack all of the customer’s things and work with a partner moving service to move them. Moves for Seniors works with these moving companies, so it’s important to know that their policies on deposits and cancellations may be different. Moves for Seniors can help unpack, organize, set up furniture, and hang pictures and curtains once the customer is in their new home. People who want to do all the downsizing, sorting, packing, and unpacking can use the company’s labor-only services. Moves for Seniors also offers legacy services, which help plan, move, and store a loved one’s belongings after death.

Visit Website:


  • Moving distance: Local, long-distance
  • Service area: 49 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Deposit required: Varies by moving partner
  • Cancellation policy: Varies by moving partner
  • Customer support: Phone, email


  • Hands-on help and labor-only services are available.
  • There are downsizing services.
  • There are services to move personal items after a person dies.


  • Different moving companies have different rules about deposits and cancellations.

3) Caring Transitions

Why it made the list: Caring Transitions offers a wide range of services, from downsizing before a move to unpacking and setting up afterward. Skilled relocation experts help with all of it.

Customers would be hard-pressed to find a better service than Caring Transitions that would help them with every part of a move. Franchise owners are Certified Relocation & Transition Specialists, which means they have special training on the social, medical, and emotional problems older people face, especially during the moving process. Caring Transitions hires experienced relocation experts from the start to determine how a senior’s belongings will fit in their new home and help them downsize if needed. Caring Transitions can help with estate sales and online auctions to eliminate unwanted items. Once the move starts, relocation experts pack and unpack everything, take care of the change of address, and even put things in the new home in stages to make a move less stressful. Caring Transitions works with other moving companies to move its customers’ things, so the deposit and cancellation policies can differ. And customers should remember that these all-inclusive services come with a thorough quote process: Before customers can get a quote from Caring Transitions, they must go through a full consultation. But if a senior would rather have hands-on help during this change, they should contact Caring Transitions. Also, read Best Memory Foam Mattresses.

Visit Website:


  • Moving distance: Local, long-distance
  • Service area: 45 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Deposit required: Varies by moving partner
  • Cancellation policy: Varies by moving partner
  • Customer support: Phone, email


  • Moving experts take care of every step of the process.
  • Specialists run estate sales and online auctions.
  • Certified Relocation & Transition Specialists are the people who own franchises.
  • Cons
  • Different moving companies have different rules about deposits and cancellations.
  • You can only get quotes by talking to someone.

4) U-Pack

Why it made the list: U-Pack is a cheap option for seniors with friends and family members willing to help.

U-Pack is an excellent choice for seniors who don’t need full-service moving and would instead pack and load their belongings themselves or with the help of friends and family. U-Pack works in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, but moves have to start at least 50 miles away from where they start. The company does not ask for a deposit, but cancellations must be made at least seven days in advance. The easy process starts when the company parks a truck trailer or storage container in front of the house. The storage containers are small enough to fit in a parking spot. The customer has three days to load the trailer before U-Pack comes back to move it to the new home. Customers can pack and load everything themselves or hire U-Pack staff to help. Also, read Best Water Storage Containers.

Visit Website:


  • Moving distance: Long-distance
  • Service area: 50 states; Washington, D.C.; and Puerto Rico
  • Deposit required: No
  • Cancellation policy: Within the last week prior to the transfer.
  • Customer support: Phone, email, Facebook Messenger


  • Customers have up to three days to pack up their things.
  • You can hire people to help you pack and unpack when you move.
  • There are moving trailers and containers.


  • Moves must take place more than 50 miles from where they began.
  • You can only cancel up to 7 days before the move.

Our Verdict

United Van Lines is the best moving company for seniors all around because it has a good name in the business and offers unique services that meet the needs of seniors. Moves for Seniors is a company that specializes in helping older people move. They can help downsize, sell and donate items, and pack and unpack.

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