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Tips to Keep Macbook in Top Condition

Macbooks require maintenance. Even a brand-new model will drop in its performance after a while. And if you are not active in keeping the computer in good condition, the problem will only accelerate.

The tips below will help to keep the Macbook healthy and improve its performance at the same time. Continue reading, and when you are finished with the article, implement the tips into your daily use.

Tip #1 – Back up Your Data Regularly

Macbooks can crash when you least expect them. And when that happens, you could be losing your most important data. Instead of taking a risk, make use of the Time Machine tool to back up your files.

Transferring some files into a cloud-based service like iCloud or Dropbox is also an option. These two are free, and you get gigabytes of space.

Tip #2 – Update the OS and Applications

Updates are great for stability and performance improvements. While there are instances when a new OS or app version does not go exactly as the developers have planned, there are hotfixes for these occurrences.

Make sure to update apps on mac regularly. While most updates are automatic, some applications may experience a hiccup not and then. Visit the app store and see whether there are any updates out.

Tip #3 – Explore Activity Monitor

Activity Monitor allows you to determine which processes in the background consume the most resources. Launch the Activity Monitor and sort by CPU usage.

If you see a questionable application that consumes more than it should, it may be better to delete it or look for alternatives. In some cases, there are applications that should not even be there in the first place. Pay closer attention to what you have running in the background.

Tip #4 – Delete Old Files

Lack of disk space causes performance issues. A computer will slow down if the drive is filled with junk files, and there are a few gigabytes of free space left.

For starters, there is no reason to keep apps that you have not used for months. You can always download and reinstall them again. Old backups do not provide any merit either.

Downloads and email attachment folders could also surprise you with how much junk it has accumulated over the years. And then there are junk files like caches that require special utility software.

Tip #5 – Declutter Desktop

Every icon on the desktop has to be rendered whenever you switch to another window and go back. Some users have a habit of keeping as much on the desktop as they can. And this behavior takes a toll on the system and leads to a sluggish performance of the computer.

Instead of having all your files on the desktop, organize them into folders, and transfer the folders to another location.

Tip #6 – Remove Items from Startup

Do not wait for applications to load every time you restart a computer. The startup list should be reduced. Go to System Preferences and click on Users and Groups. Find your profile, log in, and find Login Items.

There will be an option to untick boxes for applications. Untick the boxes and lessen the burden on your system. After all, you can launch applications separately when you actually need to use them.

Tip #7 – Scan for Malware

The internet is full of potential cybersecurity threats. Even a small virus can turn into a huge problem and make it impossible to use your computer.

There is a myth floating around in the Macbook community that there is no need to have anti-virus software on a Macbook. It would be impossible to trace back where this all started, but the idea is wrong.

Everyone should have anti-virus in the background at all times. Moreover, regular weekly or bi-weekly scans ought to become part of the Macbook’s maintenance routine.

Tip #8 – Optimize Web Browser

Web browsers have a lot of neat extensions and add-ons. But all these available extensions can become a problem. Some individuals like to install everything they find even slightly useful without a second’s thought. Oversaturating the browser with add-ons and extensions will lead to performance problems.

Browser, no matter which one you have installed, is one of the most commonly-used applications because we spend so much time on the internet. If there is a way to improve the browsing experience, then people should take that chance. And reducing the number of extensions and add-ons is a good start. Also, keep the number of open tabs to a minimum as well.

Tip #9 – Clean Dust and Dirt

A Macbook collects dust and dirt, and every responsible owner should thoroughly clean it regularly. If you neglect the problem, you will experience overheating and other issues.

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