Best 5 Brain Training Apps For Android users

Experts always advise the importance of fitness of minds. For this sake, you can try puzzles or other types of games. You may even have tested with brain training apps to see if this helps. Here, in this article, we make a collection of the best brain training apps that can help you improve your mental skills.

Does These Brain Training Apps Beneficial For Us?

Although the scientific association has not yet reached a consensus on its use for brain training, a new analysis published by Scientific American in September 2020 suggests that short-term memory training can benefit relatively high-functioning individuals, such as college students.

There are suggestions for vision exercises that top athletes can also use. Regardless of whether a person has a memory impairment or not, it’s entirely possible that brain training, such as diet or exercise, affects people in different ways. While the problem does require further investigation, there is no denying that brain training apps can provide countless entertainment. And if you can get the mental boost to do it, then even better.

Best 5 Brain Training Apps

1. Neuro Nation

Brain Training Apps

NeuroNation helps you to keep your mind in good health. Once you have completed a short questionnaire on what you would like to improve on, the app will create a personalized brain training plan for you. It is reported that you can improve skills such as memory, focus, intelligence, and logic, and even reduce stress.

The app has assigned sessions consisting of multiple exercises and is constantly adding new ones as updates. By registering, you can continue your improvement and compete with other users around the world. NeuroNation also shows you (in the diagram) your strengths and weaknesses, as well as the cognitive functions you are developing.

2. Peak

Brain Training Apps

The main target of the Peak is to improve language skills, mental coordination, focus, retention. Peak offers not only countless puzzle games but also a modern and elegant user interface. This application will visually show how good you are in training, just like the previous service. You will automatically see where you excel and how you have improved your performance over time.
Like NeuroNation, Peak provides an overview of the science that supports its claim on its official website. For example, a study conducted at the University of New York looked at whether peak play could affect cognitive function and mood in young people with depressive symptoms. If you used to have access to most of the Peak games for free, the app now has a daily limit of two games. When you have reached this limit, you will be asked to upgrade to Premium.

3. Brain Wars

Brain Training Apps

Brain Wars offers many opportunities to challenge the users during brain training. Not only does it offer a great design, but it also offers the opportunity to compete with other people around you, worldwide, or in a specific country.

The games that this particular app offers will help you improve your skills in focus, observation, concentration, reaction, and math/geometry. Brain Wars also gives you a complete picture of which part of the brain you work with with the games you play.

4. Brain Dots

The Single Mission App is to draw lines and other shapes so that the two colored dots collide. It seems easy, but over time the level decisions become more complicated. If you want instructions on how to pass a level, tap on the light icon in the top right corner.

When you start with a pencil, you can use a drawing tool such as pencils or even colored pencils to orient yourself. You have to use the coins won after each level to buy a pen or whatever you want to use. More levels will be unlocked over time and you will have to deal with lots of advertisements here and there.

5. Elevate

Elevate is another app with a visually pleasing interface that claims to improve your writing, speaking, reading, and math skills. After a short test to assess your native speakers, the app creates a personalized training plan. which you need to access every day if you want to see results. The daily training consists of up to three free games. Unlocking the PRO level gives you access to more games and additional material.

To authenticate their claim, the app creators posted the study results on the official Elevate website. The Elevate group and the control group took identical pre-test and post-test, which consisted of 33 questions covering four skills that the app said could be developed. The results showed that Elevate users increased 69% more than non-users.

Which Brain Training Apps Suitable For You?

The best way to keep your mind active is to install one or more of these brain training apps listed above in this article. Over time, you can fix what you don’t think needs fixing.

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