Slidesgo Review: 10 Best Slidesgo Alternatives In 2023

Whether you use Google Slides or PowerPoint, Slidesgo covers you with its extensive collection of slide templates. Slidesgo is yet another tool in your presentation toolkit alongside Freepik (vectors, images), Flaticon (icons), and Videvo (videos, motion graphics). The latest addition to Slidesgo is an artificial intelligence-driven presentation maker that uses generative AI to make unique slides for presentations.

Like other AI presentation generators, Slidesgo can swiftly produce a slide deck responding to textual instruction. One of Slidego’s most vital selling points is its compatibility with Wepik, a sister project. The slides that Wepik’s AI generates can be modified once created. You can also use icons and pictures from Freepik and Flaticon.

Basics of Slidesgo

First, look at these AI-powered Slidesgo presentations: If you’re ready to start without providing your login information, click the “Try now” button. Once the presentation has been made, you’ll be asked to sign in or create an account. If you haven’t already, now is the time to create your free account.

Slidesgo is an artificial intelligence (AI) presentation builder, and this screen can tell you a lot about its features before you even start your presentation. Read the material and click “Get started” to begin your presentation. Fill in the PowerpointsCreate your presentation in whatever order you find most fitting. This is when any slideshow created by AI shines. There are three ways to give instructions to Slidesgo’s AI:

  • The presentation topic is an abbreviated summary of the material to be covered.
  • You can choose from six themes while using Slidesgo to create your presentation.
  • Depending on the situation, you can adopt a severe or hilarious tone in your writing. This is where the necessary changes can be made.
  • Third, login: Before creating the presentation, you must log in or create an account. The prompt to do so will appear once you click the “Generate presentation” button.
  • InsteadInstead of landing on, you stumbled into; this means you should rework your presentation. Wepik, a complementary product to Slidesgo, provides even more slide editing options. At this point, you can alter the site’s style and add whatever content you wish.

Using SlidesGo has many benefits:

Here are a few of Slidesgo’s many benefits:

  • Slidesgo’s predefined themes are well-designed and aesthetically pleasing, saving you time. Selecting a suitable presentation template saves time compared to starting from scratch.
  • Professionalism and expertise: Slidesgo only uses professionally designed themes, so you can be assured that your presentation will look fantastic regardless of your chosen theme. You can impress your audience with slideshows that appear as pros made them with the help of these examples.
  • Slidesgo’s user base benefits from a wide range of subject matter alternatives. Whether you need a template for a business presentation, an instructional slideshow, a creative pitch, or anything else, you may find one that fits your needs among the many available options.
  • In addition to providing a solid foundation upon which to build your presentation, the provided templates are also very adaptable. You can customize the look in terms of typeface, color, image, and layout to reflect the values of your organization or your personal preferences. This flexibility means you have the potential to deliver a genuinely unique presentation.
  • Presentation templates on Slidesgo can be downloaded for free, making them easily accessible to everyone who could benefit from them. There is no need to sign up for anything or subscribe to download the templates from the site.
  • Insightful and illuminating, Slidesgo is stocked with presentation templates that can be used as-is or as a springboard for your original work. Examining these examples using consequential design decisions, layouts, and graphics is a great way to hone your presentation skills.

Slidesgo’s many strengths include the following:

Whether you’re using Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Apple Keynote, Slidesgo has a wide variety of high-quality presentation layouts available at no cost. These presentation templates cover many topics and styles, so you’ll find one that works for you.

  • These templates are entirely customizable, so you can make the necessary adjustments to suit your needs. Change the presentation’s backdrop color, font, and image, and add and rearrange text and media to make it fit your company’s style.
  • Slidesgo’s user interface (UI) is straightforward and simple to master. You can quickly find the perfect template for your needs thanks to the various filter options (including “business,” “education,” “creative,” and “other”). The various templates are neatly labeled and arranged for quick perusal and selection.
  • Using a Slidesgo template, you can count on receiving only the highest quality visuals possible. These interesting visuals can help your presentations stand out and engage your audience.
  • Slidesgo provides you with the most up-to-date and relevant layouts at no additional cost by regularly updating its library of templates. Current trends in presentation design might provide further inspiration and insight.
  • Convergence of the Media: Slidesgo-powered PowerPoint presentations can incorporate audio and video files. You may easily include and incorporate multimedia into your presentations.
  • Slidesgo offers tutorials and documentation to assist you in using their presentation templates. They answer frequently asked questions and cover ground such as customization and the presentation of best practices.
  • Acceptable for Use with Common Presentation Tools: Slidesgo’s presentation templates are compatible with PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote. This ensures that your preferred program will work regardless of the platform it is being used on.

How much does it cost to use Slidesgo?

Slidesgo features two pricing options, free and premium. The free plan’s features are limited (10 monthly templates, necessary author acknowledgment, etc.). The premium package offers two payment options: monthly and yearly. Full licensing, priority support, unique content, and more are some of the perks premium users enjoy.

Slidesgo presentations:

You may find ready-made and customizable timelines, charts, diagrams, mind maps, calendars, road maps, and language learning infographic templates in the Slidesgo Infographics area. Google Slides and PowerPoint infographic templates can be located using the search filters. You can refine your search results by using different tags (Popular and Recent), different subjects (History, Physics, Emotional Intelligence, Science, Biology, Art, and more), and different licenses (Free and Premium).

  • Google Slides users will find it easy to import infographics created with Slides. These steps outline how to go about it:
  • To begin, launch your Google Slides presentation using the downloaded Infographic template.
  • Slides have an editor where you can alter this. Just click to select an existing slide or add a new one.
  • Use the supplied template to make a copy of the preferred design, and then paste it into your Slides presentation to add an infographic.
  • Insert the copied picture into your presentations.

How to Use Premade PowerPoint Slides?

Find a presentation template that works for you, and then select it to begin using it immediately. Choose a destination format on the right, such as Google Slides or PowerPoint. Making a copy of the template is as simple as clicking the “Make a copy” button in Google Slides. The PowerPoint templates can be downloaded directly to a user’s computer, opened in PowerPoint, and edited as needed.


1. Plus AI:

Plus AI

Presentation software like Slidesgo can be used on its own. Users using Google Slides, for example, will need to switch to Slidesgo. Plus, AI is a presentation creator powered by artificial intelligence that sits above Google Slides. Additionally, AI is designed to “co-write” slides with you rather than only providing a template. Plus, AI, to put it succinctly, aids in the development of an outline, the construction of a first draught, and the suggestion of additional adjustments to your slides. Plus, AI stands out from the competition since its Snapshot feature lets you incorporate your own data into presentations. You can take snapshots of charts from any app or tool, insert them into a presentation, and update them as the underlying data changes.

2. Tome:


Tome is a storytelling tool that seeks to reimagine how we produce presentations, whereas Slidesgo concentrates on slides as we know them. Tome’s unconventional strategy paid off, as the app gained one million users in the shortest amount of time ever recorded for a productivity software. Analogous to Slidesgo, Users of Tome can construct presentations in response to text prompts. Complete with text, introduction slides, and AI-generated images, the final product is a well-organized presentation with a table of topics. If you’re used to using PowerPoint or Google Slides, you’ll be impressed by how much simpler Tome’s default presentation settings are. For example, the black background, white text, and appropriate photos make a solid first impression.

3. Canva Magic Design:

Canva Magic Design

The AI-powered slide maker in Canva exemplifies the app’s dedication to aesthetics. The presentations in Slidesgo are straightforward and don’t require much flourish. It’s not surprising that Canvas AI-generated presentations would place a premium on bright colors and a minimalist design. When making presentations, you can do it all from the palm of your hand with Canva. Canva’s primary use is in design. Therefore, the emphasis here is on cosmetic tweaks. Included are color, style, font, picture, and layout suggestions, in addition to an auto-adjust feature.


This is indeed our online home. This is not an advancement. As far as I am aware, it is currently the greatest free alternative to Slidesgo templates that can be found anywhere online. It provides a wide variety of free Google slides and PowerPoint templates for use in a variety of settings, including classrooms, film studios, web series, and theme parks. You don’t need to give over your email address to access the Slides Chef templates. The category Slides Go was created with the needs of time-pressed professionals in mind.

5. Slidebazaar:


If you’re a business professional looking for the greatest PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides templates, go no further than Slidebazaar. Slide Bazaar is stocked with cutting-edge templates that are sure to wow your business clientele. The library is regularly updated to ensure that users always have access to the most recent and best-looking templates.

6. Gamma:


Gamma creates presentations that have a Tome-like aesthetic, as opposed to the traditional slideshow format of Slidesgo. Gamma’s AI makes presentations for businesspeople, but the audience for Slidesgo is far broader. Gamma’s emphasis on professionals is shown in its business-oriented premade documents, which include documents like “Company Fact Sheet,” “Sales Presentation,” and “Deal Review.” Gamma also features in-presentation question and-answer sessions, personalized branding, and statistics for monitoring presentation playback.


simple 1

Despite what its name may imply, Slidesgo may be used for more than just making presentations. Simplified fits this description; the app features an artificial intelligence presentation generator like Slidesgo and copywriting, video editing, and graphic design features powered by AI. The ability to convert presentations into movies is only one of several ways in which this program stands apart from competitors like Slidesgo. You may now easily and rapidly make video presentations. Simplified’s major function is to facilitate the creation of presentations by supplying users with editable templates.

8. Slidekit:


You will love Slidekit if you use Google Slides. Slidekit is a Google Slides add-on exclusive to using premade design templates. By adding more specific specializations to its database, Slidekit hopes to become home to the world’s most outstanding collection of premium and free templates. Slidekit has a dedicated staff of business professionals, statisticians, data analysts, and designers who are constantly adding new, high-quality, professionally-designed presentation templates to the Google Workspace Market. These may be easily downloaded and used to make one-of-a-kind business tales. Each Slidekit theme is tailor-made to reflect user feedback and industry developments.

9. SketchBubble:


With Sketchbubble’s fully editable PowerPoint templates, you’ll have the unwavering confidence and readiness to deliver winning presentations at the snap of a finger, whether your job is to consistently close more, lead your team to new heights, train your staff, or communicate more effectively in or outside of your organization. What’s more, thought leaders all around the world use SketchBubble because it’s the quickest, easiest, most powerful way to keep an audience enthralled from the very beginning.

10. Presentermedia:


If you are a presenter, you can get everything you need in one place at Presentermedia. PowerPoint templates, Google Slides presentations, animations, clipart, videos, etc., of both free and premium quality can be found here. Presenter media is an excellent resource for stunning layouts that can help you make stellar presentations every time.

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