Top 5 Best Streaming Devices You Can Find Today

If you’re ready to cut the cord or already have said goodbye to your cable TV service, you might be wondering what’s the best way to stream your favorite service. You have many choices that don’t involve you having to run out and buy an expensive smart TV or a XBOX. To help you find the right device for you, we’ve compiled the top five best streaming devices you can find today. From Roku to the Fire Stick and Nvidia Shield; there’s bound to be a device for you on this list that’ll fit into your TV budget nicely.

  1. Roku Streaming Stick+

Price: $49.99

Roku Streaming Stick+ allows TV fans to stream their favorite content from thousands of free and paid TV channels and services like Netflix, Disney+, Showtime, ESPN and more in 4K or HD. Set up is easy; simply plug it in, connect to your Wi-Fi and stream away. Plus it’s the only streaming player to date that works with Siri, Alexa, and Hey Google. 

  1. Chromecast with Google TV

Price: $49.99

Chromcast With Google TV combines and organizes all the content from your favorite streaming services into one screen. It’s compatible with almost any TV with an HDMI. Plug it in, connect to your Wi-Fi and start watching. This updated Chromecast finally comes with a remote too! Plus it comes with Google Assistant which allows TV buffs to ask Google to find their favorite TV show, movie or search by genre, actor and even mood for them. 

  1. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Price: $49.99

Start streaming your favorite TV shows and movies from your favorite streaming services now in 4K with the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. It comes with an Alexa voice remote to help you search, find and watch your favorite content. Plus set up is easy! Simply plug in your new Fire TV Stick 4K into your HDTV, plug the stick into a wall outlet, connect to your Wi-Fi and start streaming.

Deal alert: Home chefs and cooking show fans will love the deal Amazon is running for their Fire TV Stick 4K right now. For a limited time only you can get a bundle that includes the stick with a free year subscription of Food Network Kitchen!

  1. Apple TV 4K

Price: $169.99

Enjoy content from Apple TV, iTunes, and many other popular streaming services not created by Apple. Apple TV 4K functions slightly differently from other streaming players and devices because it comes with extra onboard storage than the average device to make room for all the apps and games you can download.

Deal alert: Everyone that buys a new Apple TV 4K gets one year of Apple TV service included with their purchase.

  1. Nvidia Shield TV

Price: $149.99

Nvidia Shield TV is special because it’s completely independent of all streaming services. You’ll have access to the Google Play store where you can get any streaming app you want like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and more. Plus gamers will absolutely adore this device for the NVIDIA GeForce NOW game streaming service that lets gamers play games directly from their TV with a compatible game controller or keyboard and mouse.

Nvidia Shield TV also works with Google Assistant, Alexa and comes with a remote. If you decide to go with the Nvidia Shield TV, set up will be easy! Just plug it into your TV, connect to your Wi-Fi, download your favorite streaming apps and stream!

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