Best AirPods Alternatives 2023 [Top 7]

There’s no disputing that AirPods are a quick, easy, and convenient method for iPhone users to stream music or make calls while on the go, but they aren’t necessarily the most affordable or comfortable option. Our experts have compiled the Best AirPod alternatives available, whether you’re seeking wireless earbuds with a little more comfort or switching to Android.

Some of these earbuds might have active noise cancellation (ANC) to cancel out loud noises, while others are more appropriate for physical exercise. We even provide affordable Best AirPod Alternatives Reddit if money is limited and choices for audiophiles wanting the highest possible sound quality.

Best AirPods Alternatives

1: Google Pixel Buds A-Series

Best AirPods Alternatives


Google has unveiled a new iteration of its Pixel earbuds that is more reasonably priced and still impressive. The Pixel A-Series headphones are completely wireless and feature hands-free voice controls for the Google Assistant, real-time translation, wireless charging, and an IPX4 rating for resistance to even the wettest workouts. We saw the improved sound quality and effortless pairing with Android smartphones in lab tests.

We observed that they lasted roughly 5 hours of playback time and 2.5 hours of speaking time, although the battery life may be better. However, you can obtain up to 24 hours if the case is closed. In contrast to the earlier Pixel buds, Google did give up wireless charging for a lower price. To help ensure a tight fit, the A-Series still includes three ear tip sizes and a stabilizer arc.

2: Skullcandy Dime 2 True Wireless

Best AirPods Alternatives

These Skullcandy true wireless earbuds are the most economical option available and offer a tonne of features, like a noise-isolating fit, water resistance, and control buttons on each earbud. The earphones’ integrated Tile locating technology, which should help you find your earbuds if they fall out of your ears, will be put to the test even though we haven’t analyzed this model in the lab yet. We appreciate that you may obtain up to 12 hours with the case, even though we wish the single-charge battery life was greater than 3.5 hours. Three earphone tips are also supplied with the small, portable case to help you find the proper fit.

3: Sony WF-1000XM4

Best AirPods Alternatives

These buds are the best wireless headphone option, with strong noise cancellation, long battery life, and simple pairing. The extra price tag is totally justified because the new model is slimmer, smaller, and more water-resistant than the previous one (IPX4). These wireless earbuds are appropriate for all activity levels thanks to the silicone ear-tips’ excellent fit and variety of sizes, from extra small to big.

The amazing sound quality and battery longevity were praised by our tech experts. In our tests, they had a single charge last them the entire workday. A unique quick charge function that allows for up to an hour of playback after just five minutes of charging was also well-liked. For hands-free calls, there is an integrated microphone. Smart features include wearing detection, adaptive sound control that adapts to your surroundings, and a speak-to-chat feature that automatically lowers the volume of your music while you are speaking. These earbuds come with Alexa voice control, and the app itself has a lot of utility, even though the touch controls take some getting used to.

4: Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones

Best AirPods Alternatives

Not only Apple’s AirPods, but other earbuds also function flawlessly with iPhones. Beats’ completely wireless headphones are equipped with some of the most cutting-edge technologies thanks to the Apple H1 headphone chip. Get hands-free voice assistance from Siri, our friend, as well as simple touch controls.

These earbuds have four different ear tip sizes for you to choose from, and they latch around your ear so you won’t lose them quickly. But the best part is that they have excellent battery life. Although we classified these Beats as being for iPhone users, be assured that they are also compatible with Android. The IPX4 classification implies they are perfect for demanding workouts. Win-win.

5: EarFun Air True Wireless Earbuds

Best AirPods Alternatives

You’ll have a difficult time discovering a better set of genuine wireless earphones if you’re on a budget. They offer good battery life, impressive audio quality, and noise isolation characteristics. We also suggest the EarFun Air Pro 2 model if you want full noise-canceling abilities and have a little additional cash to spare. Just be aware that no matter which pair you select, you won’t experience other typical drawbacks of budget sets, such as subpar connectivity.

In our experiments, using the charging case at medium volume allowed us to acquire the advertised 7 hours of battery life in addition to a full day more. We like the USB-C and wireless charging options, which are often only available on more expensive headphones. With simple taps, you can easily adjust the music’s level or answer calls for total independence. Bonus: They are rated IPX7, which means they are quite sweat- and water-resistant, so feel free to work out in them.

6: Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3

Best AirPods Alternatives

These premium true wireless earbuds are long-lasting, have amazing sound quality, and feel great. Even if they are expensive, you do get what you pay for. Tests of the previous generation have shown that the sound is genuinely outstanding, and this newest model has adaptive noise cancelling, which is designed to efficiently alter the level of noise canceling dependent on your environment. Our tests confirmed that Sennheiser’s claim of a 7-hour battery life was accurate.

Because they are lightweight and have an IPX4 grade for perspiration resistance, these earphones are fairly comfortable to wear while exercising. To aid in connecting, we advise downloading the app first. After that, you may use the touch controls on the earbuds to control playback, access voice assistant features, and make calls. It could take a little while to get used to the touch controls, but once you do, you’ll be rocking out in no time. The charging case is a little bulkier than the competition but still fashionable.

7: Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II

Best AirPods Alternatives

The “greatest noise cancellation in the world,” according to Bose, is housed in these earbuds, and we might have to agree. Due to the remarkable active noise-canceling technology and the impressive Bose sound quality, Bose’s first-generation QuietComfort earbuds completely eliminated all outside noise throughout our testing. The most recent model maintains strong noise-canceling technology but goes one step further by adapting the sound performance to your ear canal. Bose did extend the overall battery life when used with the charging case, even though the single-charge battery life could have been a touch better than 6 hours. In addition, there is a useful 20-minute quick charge option.

These second-generation headphones offer a better, more compact design than their predecessor, which our pros adore. We anticipate that they will be just as cozy and light when we test them in our Lab. The pair includes silicone bud options in three sizes to ensure a comfortable fit. Also, they have an IPX4 rating, indicating they have passed tests for sweat and weather resistance. Touch controls are rather straightforward; to perform different actions, tap once or twice.

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