iPhone 14 Plus Review 2023

As we didn’t test and evaluate the iPhone 14 Plus when it was first released, now seemed like a good opportunity to check in on it. Also, Apple is updating the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus with a new yellow color.

The iPhone 14 Plus is in a difficult position due to Apple’s pricing and product differentiation strategy because it is both too pricey to be the “cheap big phone” option and too limited compared to the iPhone 14 Pro to warrant its high price.

iPhone 14 Plus Specs:

Dimensions: 160.8 x 78.1 x 7.8 mm
Display: 6.7-inch
Weight: 203 grams
Storage: 512GB
Camera: 12MP
Operating System: iOS 16.2
Battery: 4323mAh


iphone 14 plus display size

The iPhone 14 Plus only has a 60Hz display, which CNET’s Patrick Holland says is disappointing for a phone in this price bracket, even though the display is stunning with good brightness and colors.

It is enough to watch videos, play games, and scroll through Instagram Reels all day on a 6.7-inch OLED display. I first used a large-screen iPhone after a long period, and it took me some time to adjust. And now that I have, I don’t think returning to a 6.1-inch iPhone 13 Pro would be simple. Although the display resists gathering fingerprints thanks to an oleophobic layer, I strongly recommend adding tempered glass.


iphone 14 plus camera

Since the camera systems on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus are identical, camera reviews for the iPhone 14 will also apply to the iPhone 14 Plus. It sports a dual 12-megapixel camera configuration, similar to the iPhone 13 and 13 mini, but the Photonic engine is anticipated to provide brighter and more detailed photographs than the previous model.

The iPhone 14 Plus generally upholds its reputation as a top-notch camera phone. The majority of us will prefer the almost natural colors and output that well-lit environments offer. Images taken in the daytime have good detail, but as the light fades, it worsens. But you can still capture some excellent shots when the Night mode activates automatically in low-light situations.


iphone 14 plus Battery

The iPhone 14 Plus has the longest battery life of any non-Pro iPhone due to a display without Pro features like always-on capabilities and more excellent internal space devoted to the battery. You receive the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s battery life, which starts at Rs. 1,39,900. The charge took roughly an hour and a half using a 20W charger. While I don’t mind this, impatient people who prefer to finish charging in under an hour or even in 30 minutes on Android may find this a letdown.


The iPhone 14 Plus device was shipped with iOS 16.2, the most recent version of Apple’s mobile operating system. And as one could anticipate, it runs smoothly. The most recent iOS 16 innovations, including the customizable lock screen, the redesigned notification appearances, and others, increase usage’s convenience. But, you could come across a few problems now and then. The fact that text messages arrived slowly in the messaging app, although the notice was the one that stood out to me the most.

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