Why Are Block Games So Popular?

Block games are a fun way to fuel your problem-solving and decision-making skills, along with unleashing your creativity and imagination. These powerful features make block puzzles so popular and sought after. But are there any more reasons why block games are everyone’s favorite pastime? 

Block games are universally entertaining, but your little one also discovers the joy of building, and at the same time, it’s a great learning opportunity for them. In addition to improving motor skills, playing block games also increases the child’s problem-solving skills.

This game is something that is played from centuries, and it is something that your child should have in his toy box. Amongst the many games that your child plays, the block game is fruitful for them in many ways. 

When comparing the set of building blocks to sophisticated looking toys, block games always lead. You may be surprised to know that the block games are proven to build many skills in your child. 

Even the pure form of block games involves some imagination, creation, and creative thinking. 

Have you ever thought that any game would offer benefits to your child? This game seems simple but offers many benefits. Have you ever wondered about the benefits of block games?

If not, check here:

This game improves hand-eye coordination

  • It Improves cognitive skills, including spatial awareness and problem-solving.
  • Adds imagination and creativity
  • Builds self-esteem
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Social competence

Find a few things that children learn from block games:

Problem-solving: This is a very crucial skill that is developed in children while playing block games.

Imagination: Children build their plan and follow it, and this increases their creativity. They might think of something they never thought of.

Self-expression: Children playing block games learn to explore and express themselves. 

Continuity and permanence: Block games engage the spatial sense, resulting in the betterment of the children.

Increase spatial sense: Block play engages spatial imagination and motor abilities; it can be a solo or a group effort; block creations can stand for an indefinite period.

Self-esteem: Children can find that they have ideas that can bring their thoughts into life by creating and transforming into something unique and creative. 

Development in multiple areas: Block games enhance a child’s problem-solving abilities, mathematics skills, and language and literacy abilities.

Builds social and motor skills: When the children are searching for blocks, stacking blocks and fitting the block together, children develop their hand-eye coordination. It also helps to fine-tune motor skills. Children also build design, representation, balance, and stability. 

Develops intellectual skills: Building blocks increase mental skills in a variety of areas. To boost your child’s intellectual ability, building blocks are a great option.

Reasons why block games are popular and why your child should play it

#1. These are simpler and more interesting than several other puzzles for the sheer reason that blocks are all about different sizes and shapes – no math or language, only logic. 

#2. With healthy and joyful play, you’re better able to keep yourself calm and balance your Zen. Solving blocks brings your mind into a meditative state while keeping your stress away. 

#3. If someone’s wanting to work on enhancing their concentration levels, block games are the best place to begin from. The more you play, the better your retention power gets. So much like books – the more you read, the faster and better you get at it. 

#4. Not just mental, block play is also beneficial for your emotional and social development. You start finding solutions to every problem. So this too makes the game so popular amongst many people.

#5. Block games require you to systematically arrange the shapes, which also helps you do the same in life. It allows you to make sense despite all the chaos around.

#6. With the advent of technology, the internet, and smartphones, the gameplay has become more substantial, convenient, and hands-on. Just get your phone out, install the best block game from the app store, and get going at it. Today’s progression and pushed the boundaries even further.

#7. One of the most obvious reasons that make block puzzles so popular is, why not! Puzzle games are your everyday source of fun and entertainment, so why not popularize the same and let everyone play their stress away?

Our recommendation

Since we’ve talked a lot about why block games are so famous, wouldn’t you want to experience the thrill yourself? If we ask you to download just any puzzle, you’ll be overwhelmed with the variety online. So, here’s one of our personal favorites – the BlockuDoku a Block Game by Easybrain.

It’s one of the much-loved block games on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This is a slide puzzle that’s perfect for people who want chill and thrill, both at the same time. The game consists of a 9×9 grid, and you drag the blocks from the bottom onto the grid to make streaks or squares and destroy as many shapes as possible. BlockuDoku is a perfect blend of Sudoku with blocks offering such addictive gameplay. It won’t take you long to master the rules. You can enjoy daily or seasonal challenges and rock at BlockuDoku. 

So take a break from your daily grind and witness yourself the charm that makes block games so popular. 

Happy puzzling!

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