There’s no doubt that whatever sphere we find ourselves in, whatever sector or whatever article or news we want to read or message we want to pass across, content is vital.

However, what we term as great content varies from individual to individual as everyone has his/her area of preferences and interests. However, we’d all agree that there are some essential recipes that content must have to cuts across all niches for the readers’ consumption. Such methods include engaging content, interactive content, the purpose of the content, etc.

But in a world where there is a lot of noise concerning different subject areas, how do you as a writer make readers sieve out other contents, thereby making yours stand out and left with yours to read?

This article seeks to address how to make great content and the necessary elements it must have to qualify it as ‘Great.’


Nothing kills content faster than plagiarism on the internet. If you have written what another site has written, you can be penalized for it by search engine algorithms. That aside, how will you feel if you wake up from your bed one day that the content that you went through axe and grind to create has been duplicated by someone else or by another site?

One of the key ingredients to having great content is for it to be original. Readers want to read what they haven’t seen before. They want to see what they already know but from a new perspective. Cutting out another person’s content and changing the words is not original; it’s just semantics. Stealing is stealing

A great way to achieve originality in your content creation is by introducing special formats. What form is your content taking? Text, video or pictures? All are fine. However, videos allow visitors on your webpage to feel more connected to you who is behind the screen. In recent times, text alone doesn’t seem to suffice. The major point here is original in creating your content – whatever kind of content at all. 


The difference between distance and displacement is direction. Content without guidance is just taking a walk on the road with no idea of where it’s going. What do you want to write about? Who is your target audience? Does your content address a controversial phenomenon, or it serves a business-only purpose? Giving accurate answers to these questions shows the direction your content is heading.

Solving the problem of the target is one thing. How well can you engage your audience? How great is your headline? Is it attractive or it’s just another one to pass by? A more significant percentage of people read headlines, but very few people read the content depending on how good or bad the headline is. So yes! The cover of a book is vital to the book itself. 

What is the tone of your content? Take a careful thought about your audience, structure your content according to the trends of the globe. The way you’d have written about feminism 50 years ago is not the way you’d write it now. Why? The world keeps evolving. Virtually every subject matter, if not all, gradually experience a paradigm shift. As a content creator and strategist, you have to monitor the trend. 

Regardless of your focal niche, do your best to make it exciting. Be sure to put yourself in the readers’ shoes and ask yourself if you’d love to read your content. “What do they like?” “What has been their reaction to other matters related to your content?” These are questions to which you should give answers. By this, you would find what you’ve been doing wrong that has deprived your website of topping the SERPs.


Why do some parts of the world have “analogue parents and Wi-Fi children?” That sounds like a great title, and if you’re on top of your game as a content creator, it would be that article everyone enjoyed reading. Whatever it is you’re trying to sell in the texts would be sold out before you know it. Well, that’s if you have your A-game. 

The reason your content should breathe is to answer questions. Is your content providing solutions and answers to problems and mysteries? There must have been a time when you wanted to do something you’re not very sure about, and you consulted the internet for help. Into your search engine, you went “How to…” Various contents popped up to meet your needs at that moment, and then you said thank you to technology once again. 

You now see why it is pertinent that your content has a purpose. With a purposeful content reinforced with an expert touch from a reputable SEO company like Joel House Digital Marketing Agency, your content wouldn’t only be great, but reach more people as it would rank high on Search engine result pages. 

Remember that without purpose, your content would be a waste of energy and time for anyone who picks it up.


Have you ever read a piece, and you were awed so much that you could not resist sharing?

Yes, that’s how your content should be. Content is user-generated. The more people are talking about your content, the more it gets more recognition. User-generated content applies, particularly to business owners. The testimonies of customers will do a better job of promoting one’s business than brand-generated content, which seeks to support itself.

It even gets better if you are working with people who have reputable fame. You don’t have to write the content by yourself; they provide your content for you. They have people they influence. Supposing you wrote a book and you had Bill Gates recommend it to people, you’re most likely to hit thousands of sales that week. That’s the satisfaction you get from great content.

Your content should be worth sharing and useful enough for people to want to recommend.


Some people love to build their castles in the air, but not for someone who’s looking for quality content to fulfill a purpose. They are sacrificing their time to read your content. Nobody wants to waste their time on something unfruitful. Ensure your creation is worthwhile.

Get your facts right; ensure they are accurate. If you’d be referencing a source, ensure it is reputable for facts and truth. Most people lie, but they hate it when they’re lied to. The authenticity of your content is a big win for you if it’s a good one. Otherwise, readers will not want to visit your content anymore because they’ve had it in mind that you don’t produce credible content even when you do.

Several other elements make great content from readability to the organization. With the proper implementation of the tips above, your content creation is sure to get a lot better. Use the available resources optimally, think of your audience, and give them the best of you.

Happy content creation!

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