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How to make the best use of social media sites like Instagram

As Instagram goes from one milestone to the next, here are a few pointers toward utilizing the strength of the platform to maximize audience reach and campaign effect. Instagram currently has over a billion users and the figure is still rising. With so many consumers in one place it comes as no surprise that brands and companies have started making their presence felt in the same arena.

For the social media experts, this means how to make this great social networking site work for businesses out there. The first step involves getting an Instagram profile account and insta dp viewer for your business.

How to use effectively Instagram for business

There are a lot of ways to use this biggest and mega-popular platform your business. First off, get to know your fans and share what they want to see. The way to go about is as follows.

  • Ask Question: Ask your fans questions aimed at getting to some information you need. What would they prefer doing on weekends? What’s there favorite travel destination? For what company did they write the last cheque? These questions can give you great insight in to the fans’ lives as to what they consider a leisure activity, their spending habits, and what is their preference in different product categories. Keep a record of the answering patterns of your fans and see what generates the most interest among your fans. Make messages revolving around these for maximum impact.
  • Content is king: Share content with your friends and make them loyal customers. If you are seen as an industry expert who shares the industry news freely and gives good feedback then you gain the trust of your customers. They are more likely to make that purchase you have been vying for the next time they go out shopping. To get more likes on your Instagram posts, buying real Instagram likes is a great idea to go.
  • Facts: If you know specific things that will catch the interest of your fans then start throwing these facts their way. A great source is which has interesting fact statements listed out. Choose the ones which have the maximum relevance to your industry and send them out.
  • Statistics: Google an industry specific keyword paired with “statistics” and it will give tons of results about the statistical significance of that word. Share this with your fans and let them know about this.
  • Deals: Contests, coupons, giveaways and sweepstakes are all things that will get your fans involved. They would come forward to get these free prizes. Use them to your advantage and analyze what your customers are like. Notice the trends.
  • Humor: You might think that humor does not have a great impact but that is not true. People love a good laugh and want some fun in their daily routine. Search some joke sites and get appropriate jokes to entertain your customers. It is good to share humorous posts when you are thinking about to share less promotional content.
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