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How to Obtain an Overseas Graduate visa 485

How to Obtain an Overseas Graduate visa 485


Hope is a waking dream as per Aristotle. This temporary graduate visa 485 is exactly the waking dream for the fresh graduates who have hope in their hearts. This visa is, particularly for the graduate work stream. This Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 is specially designed for international students with a thought about their future in Australia. A  Visa Subclass 485 holder is eligible to work with rights up to a maximum period of 4 years. To have more clarity one should understand what it means.

Overseas Graduate Visa 485:

This Verified International Stay Approval or visa for short is very clear about the laid specifications. As a summary it is –

  • For  international students
  • For recent graduates with
  • Acquired skills and qualifications which
  • Synchronize with the specific occupational needs of Australia
  • Only to live, study and work temporarily in Australia

With this clear cut idea about this subclass 485, one can confidently proceed to obtain this overseas Graduate Visa 485. But it is necessary to understand that there may be pitfalls which should be carefully overcome.

The pitfalls:

  • Applying for the wrong stream of the Visa Subclass 485
  • There are two streams of Visa Subclass 485
  • Visa 485 for graduate work and visa 485 for Post-study work
  • Visa 485 for graduate work is specifically for those with relevant occupations in the occupational list. Those who are yet to get their Bachelor’s Degree are eligible. This is for one and a half years’ duration
  • Visa 485 for Post-study work is for Bachelor or higher degree holders. The level of study decides the allotted period of stay (2 to 4 years)
  • A wrong stream application may result in visa refusal. In case of acceptance, the shorter 18 months cannot be reversed.
  • Not providing the supporting evidence along with Health insurance cover at the time of visa application
  • Though one may appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), it may not yield the desired result
  • This may force one to leave Australia
  • Not meeting the Australian Study Requirement.
  • One must have spent at least 2 academic years or 92 weeks
  • The study should be one of the registered course of CRICOS
  • The gap between the course commencement and completion date should be more than 16 months
  • For any reason leaving Australia should not affect the 16-month study requirement criteria
  • Should not lose the 5 points award for Australian Study Requirement while applying in general skilled migration program
  • Should not leave Australia before applying for graduate visa 485
  • It takes some time for the Department of Home Affairs to get notification about study completion from the University
  • Otherwise, the Department of Home Affairs may cancel the visa without notification
  • Apply for this visa before leaving Australia as the intention to return is established
  • Not meeting the age, English language, and 2-year study requirements
  • Also, 6 months elapsing criteria between course completion and visa application should be met
  • As per legislation, Australian Federal Police Check (AFP) clearance is essential. Hence not providing evidence of AFP may result is the visa refusal.

Visa obtainment procedures:

The visa can be obtained in five steps strictly followed in accordance.

First step-
  • Applying before 6 months

There should not be a gap exceeding 6 months between student visa expiry and visa 485 application.

  • One should be a valid passport holder
  • Visa conditions should be meticulously checked with VEVO
  • ‘No Further Stay’ condition 8534 or 8503 maybe they’re in the current visa. In that case-
  • A paper form visa 485 application must be done to get ‘No Further Stay’ condition waived
  • Getting appropriate Health Examinations done well in time
  • Visa application is done with assistance must ensure correspondence receivers name is intimated beforehand
  • Getting skills assessment done by relevant authority is a must
Second step
  • Getting ready with the documents like – i) proof of study ii) qualifications iii) skill assessment and IV) identity and relationships. Further family members’ documents may be needed.
  • Information given should be precise and true
  • Identity documents must include pages from the current passport with photo, personal details passport issued and expiry dates and National identity card if any
  • Any change in the name must be intimated with proof
  • Endorsing name change documents from Australian Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages or relevant overseas authority
  • Partner, below and above 18 dependents documents must be provided
  • All non- English documents should have a translated version. If the translator is an Australia then,
  • He must be a translator accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters
  • The non-Australian translation must have them – i)full name ii) address and telephone number and iii) language qualification and experience
  • All documents scanned or photographed should be – i) clear and ii) in color
  • A more than one-page document should be saved as one file
  • Copy of a paper application must be kept for further reference
  • In case of a paper application, it must be followed with – i)original police certificates ii)certified copies of all certificates
  • all decisive information and one copy of each document must be sent

The third step

  • Actual application procedure
  • An application can be submitted either online through ImmiAccount or by the paper forms
  • If applying online – first an account should be created. Otherwise one can log into ImmiAccount
  • Next action should be attaching the documents and processing the family applications together
  • Paying the application charge
  • Attaching the necessary documents with the application of each family member
  • If applying on paper, it is necessary to use Form 1409
  • In this case, also an application charge for each family member must be paid
  • Using correct pre-paid postal or courier address


It should be concluded that the fourth step in the application procedure is to follow the status of the application. The fifth step is to know the outcome of the visa application and i suggest to overcome all problems you have to contact Migration Agent Adelaide. If granted, one should get a visa grant number, starting date of the visa and conditions applicable. It will do good to remember Aristotle again who also said – -Well begun is half done.

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