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Google Play Pass Offers Access to Over 350+ Premium Apps and Games for $4.99/Month

Just a week after Apple Arcade went live, Google has gone ahead and announced Google Play Pass. The new subscription service from the company offers users access to over 350+ premium apps and games on the Play Store for a monthly subscription fee of $4.99.

Google Play Pass is fundamentally different from Apple Arcade. While the latter is all about quality offline games, Google Play Pass offers users access to premium apps and games for a monthly fee. It only removes all ads and IAPs from them and apps or games that are a part of Google Play Pass do not offer any other extra functionality.


You can identify whether an app is a part of Google Play Pass or not from the new Play Pass ‘ticket’ banner that Google is rolling out for all apps and games that are a part of the service. This ticket will be shown in the listing of apps that are a part of the service. There will also be a dedicated Play Pass homepage in the Play Store that will show all the apps which are a part of the service.

Google promises to add new titles to the service every month. Some notable apps and games that are a part of Play Pass include Terraria, Monument Valley, Risk, AccuWeather, LIMBO, Mini Metro, and more.

Google Play Pass launches in the United States this week. Google will be offering a 10-day trial of the service after which the monthly $4.99 fee will be applicable. As a limited introductory offer, Google is also offering users an option to subscribe to Play Pass for only $1.99/month for the first year. One can also share their Google Play Pass subscription with up to five of their family members which increases the value for money proposition of the service.

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