4 Great Home Technology Investments to Try this Year

When you’ve got a little extra money to spend and you’re keen to invest in your future, there are few things better than upgrading your property. Investing money into your home gives you a valuable asset that you can get more cash out of in the long-term. You could even save money on your mortgage if you can value your home at a higher price at a later date. 

While there are plenty of ways to update your home, from investing in a new bathroom, to designing the perfect kitchen, many homeowners are beginning to focus more of their attention on adding technology to their houses. After all, who doesn’t want a smart house that’s safe, more comfortable, and more convenient than ever? Here are some of the best tech investments you can consider for your home this year. 

A Modern Home Lift

Home lifts aren’t just for those with mobility problems or older homeowners anymore. These stylish examples of convenient technology are perfect for all aspects of family life. They can help with getting the kids to bed each night and assist you in moving laundry and other items between the floors of your home. A fantastic high-tech home lift will give your property some wow factor when it comes to trying to attract the attention of buyers. Home lifts also ensure that if you do want to grow older in your property, you can do so without having to worry about getting ugly stair lifts and other mobility options installed. 

Smart Security

Smart security systems are fantastic for homeowners who want to give potential buyers peace of mind. A great system complete with sensors and cameras can watch over your house for you when you’re not around, and make sure that you’re the first to know if anything suspicious happens. Many of these solutions are wonderful for people who spend a lot of time out of the home and at work, as you can log in and view your camera feed from wherever you are. Smart security systems are becoming increasingly intelligent, to the point where you can do everything from viewing your camera feeds on the move, to checking whether devices are still plugged into outlets when you’re away from the house. This could reduce your risk of things like fires and electrical damage. 

Intelligent Climate Control

If you’re looking for a tech investment that can transform your home, improve your property value, lower your monthly bills and help the environment, intelligent climate control is a great option. Today, there are plenty of smart thermostat options to choose from which will automatically lower and raise the temperature of your home according to your preferences. The great thing about intelligent climate control is that most systems will only heat your home for as long as it’s necessary to get you to the perfect temperature, then they’ll shut off, saving you energy. These tools can even make it easier to track how much electricity or gas you are using on a regular basis.

Eco-Friendly Appliances

Upgrading your homes’ appliances is a significant investment however the ROI can be significant as well when you consider not only the increase in efficiency and how that will impact your monthly bills, but also how a new appliance package can reduce your carbon footprint. Eco-friendly appliances can be anything from the blender that is on your counter, to your washer and dryer. Replacing any older models with newer ones is a step in the right direction. If you want to get the biggest bang for your buck in the long run, consider first switching out the larger appliances that are either constantly running, or used daily, like your range, or refrigerator. 

Another way that smart refrigerators specially are worth your money is because some models can double as a digital assistant regarding not only the functionality of your appliance but also of using it. For example, some models come with a feature that allows you to see inside, via an app on your phone. Long gone are the days of running into the grocery store wondering if you do or do not have milk at home, now you can simply check your app and be on your way. In terms of resale, an upgrade like this is always going to be popular because buyers like to see the latest and greatest and feel like the home they are buying is moving forward, and not stuck in the sands of time. 

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