Government jobs v/s Private jobs: Which one is Better?

For all the job seekers, the confusion of whether to pursue government jobs or private jobs is always there. When people look out for a job, there will be a thousand opinions regarding which job to choose and most of the aspirants will be confused enough to choose the career. It’s okay to get confused and feel unsure about choosing your careers. But you should do well research about the job and its details before choosing a job. 

Government jobs or public sector jobs include the jobs in all the government institutions and services and private jobs include multinationals, startups and all types of businesses. Government jobs and private jobs have their own pros and cons. Some elements of a job can attract you whereas some elements can displease you. Students need to do well research about the jobs they want to pursue. There are many people who do the job which they don’t know much about and end up not liking them and get frustrated. Try to find jobs that match your field of interest too, which can make you enjoy the job you are doing.Now let’s look into the differences between government jobs and private jobs.

Is the Job Secured?

When government jobs offer you total job security, private jobs can’t do that. For a government job, you need to prove your intelligence and knowledge only once, but for a private job, you need to get updated with your knowledge and skills everyday in order to be on the track. Private jobs are not as secure as government jobs. People who want to have a fixed and secured life can choose government jobs and those who love to try different tasks and switch their roles in jobs can go for private jobs.

Does the work take place 24/7?

The working hours of a government job is fixed whereas for a private job, it’s completely different and is dependent on the type of company policies which you work. Those who need properly fixed working hours for their job, you can choose a government job. But those who love to work hard for growth and have immense talent to adapt to flexible working hours can opt a career in the private sector.

How much will be the earning?

At the end of the day, you have to pay your bills and have your food, and you need money for that. When it comes to the salary, government jobs have low salaries as compared to private sector jobs. But government jobs come in a great package which includes benefits like pensions and  allowances which can make your lifetime savings secure. In the case of private jobs, they can offer you high end salaries, along with different employee allowances like product offers and travel allowances.

Is  Age just a number? 

Age is just a number for private jobs, whereas government jobs are really strict about your date of birth. You need to get retired at the age of around 60 in government jobs. But in the private sector, you can even be a beginner at the age of 60 and perform well.  Remember the story of Harland David Sanders, who at the age of 65, began the famous and tasty Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). The private sector focuses on your talent and productivity, whereas the government sector focuses on your age too. 

Will it be stress and pressure?

Targets and deadlines may make it seem that private jobs are stressful and have too much pressure. But if you are efficient in your work and systematic, then the private job will never be a stressful burden. The Government jobs also have pressure, because the government officials are dealing with the affairs of the public which needs crucial examination and proper care. This implies that government jobs can be chosen for those who can seriously consider responsibilities and are happy to serve the public.

Does hierarchy play a major role?

Government jobs work within a fixed system of rules and regulations. And there will be more hierarchical norms in government jobs. But, in the private sector, there are companies where the senior officials can be called by their name. That does not mean that the private sector is not organised enough to run as an institution. But they give no importance to the hierarchical norms. The managers and senior officials who are open minded can actually influence and make progress in the employees’ performances.  

Can work and life be balanced?

It will be easier for you to find a work life balance in government jobs because of the fixed timing it offers. You can spend quality family time when you are in a government sector. But when it comes to the private sector, timings are not fixed and you may need to spend extra hours and put effort into the work to meet the needs of the company and its growth. That may affect your family time or personal time. Work life balance is much more in government services. But if a transfer takes place to a distant place, the official would have to move far away from family. 

Will there be enough breaks and holidays?

Another important thing people look for in a job is holidays available. In government jobs, there will be a lot of public holidays and other leaves. But when it comes to private sector jobs, it depends on the company you are working for. Even taking a long leave can cost you your job itself in the private sector. But government jobs can provide you with long leaves if you have a valid reason. 

Which one is better?

We can’t say which one is better. It all depends on the person who chooses the job. It can vary according to his/her interests. There will be some people who would love to have a peaceful life with very few challenges, and there are some others who want to have a challenging life with many adventures and risks. It is you who must decide which job to choose between the two. A government job can be cracked by smart work and efficient time management. There are many edtech apps and platforms like Entri which can help you with the same. In the case of private jobs, you need to update your skills and knowledge everyday. You can acquire those skills by joining various skill development courses available. Whatever you choose, be well prepared and seek all types of knowledge about the job. Also be open enough to explore both sides, because there are many different criterias and job opportunities which you do not want to miss. There is no single rule for selecting between government job and private job. The only thing you should consider is your happiness and satisfaction. 

Doing the job you love can give you this satisfaction and happiness. For that, you need to find out your interests and areas where you can excel so that you won’t be fed up with your job. Society standards and salary rates are nothing if you have happiness within you. Finding your interests and working in that area is one of the best things to do. A graphic designer cannot be judged by his programming ability and vice versa. People may end up in jobs they don’t like without realising their real ability and power. 

A born marketeer may not do well in accounting. But if he/she chooses accounting over marketing, it can actually ruin his career. You don’t have to waste time searching for your interests, it will be known to you by yourself. There are people who quit high end salaries providing jobs to do music, art, agriculture etc. every job has its own pros and cons. If your likes and dislikes get along with any jobs, then go for that job which will provide you satisfaction. So all together, it’s your choices and likes that decide which job is best for you. Be it a government or private job, follow your dreams, work hard and crack them.    

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