7 Best Android Apps for Movie Streaming in 2020

Smartphone has become an essential part of everyone’s life. It’s not just a device for communication but you can do pretty much everything on a smartphone by using the different apps. If you are a movie-buff and love to stream out your favorite movies on an Android device, then here’s the list of the Best Android Apps for Movie Streaming. Follow the list now and grab the suitable app now!

Best Android Apps for Movie Streaming 


  • Crackle  


Crackle is undoubtedly the best and most popular online movie streaming app which is not just available for the Android platform, but for all the mobile and PC systems. It is also compatible with smart televisions. You can stream out movies through the Crackle’s app on a smart television.

The interface of the app is pretty simple in which you will be provided with different categories of movies. A search bar is also given on the main page from where you can search for your favorite movie by typing its name. You can get all the details about the movie before you start streaming it on your device. Crackle is a free app for Android and can be installed from the Play Store.


  • Vudu  


Vudu is known for offering high-quality movies to its users. The app comes with two different variants, a free version that comes with ads and a premium version I.e. ad-free. If you don’t want to pay for the premium version, the free version of the app gives you the same interface and same content library but you have to bear with the advertisements that will come frequently while watching a movie on your Android device.

Alternatively, you can also try out different movie streaming apps which are also compatible with Android Smartphone and Tablet devices. Vudu app is for free and you can get it from Play Store for your Android device.


  • Netflix  


Netflix is a popular online streaming service which is not limited to movies, but it is also known for its original series. The company has been investing millions of dollars in the production of fresh and original contents for the premium users.

Netflix is available for free and is compatible with all types of Smartphones and PC systems. You can explore the Movies, TV Shows, Original contents and more on the platform.


  • Popcornflix  


Popcornflix is yet another popular streaming service which is available for Android and iOS mobile platforms. Gone are the days when you have to sit in front of your computer to watch a movie, Popcornflix offers theatre-like experience right on your Android device. The free-to-use app comes with a lot of features including special categories to explore the list of the movies. Popcornflix app is available for free with over 700 films and original contents.


  • ShowBox  


ShowBox is a popular third-party app which is exclusively designed for the movie-lovers. Unlike other streaming apps, ShowBox offers a huge list of movies of all types. The app updates regularly with new movies which you can watch in your free time. The app lets you explore different categories of movies with sorting options. You can also search for your favorite movie from the Search bar.

ShowBox allows you to watch movies with different media players including its built-in media player. You can set up the video quality as per the connection speed. Apart from this, there’s a special Downloads section also available. You can download the movie from the app to watch it offline. Get more information about this app from the official website.  Undoubtedly, ShowBox is one of the go-to movie apps when it comes to free streaming. Try it and see for yourself.


  • Pluto TV  


Pluto TV is a popular video streaming app. Many smartphones and smart televisions come with Pluto TV as the default streaming app. You can watch high-quality contents including movies and TV channels from this app for free. The same app lets you stream out on-demand movies.

The user-interface of this app is very straightforward. You can sort out the categories and can select a suitable genre from the list. The app supports high-quality resolution allowing users to stream out movies in full HD resolution. It requires a high-speed Internet connection to watch movies in HD. The app is for free and you can get it from the Play Store.


  • Tubi  


Tubi app serves kind of the same interface as its website. You will hardly see any differences in this app. Tubi app is known for its quality of services that lets you stream out your favorite and popular movies in high definition. The app runs smoothly and gives you the best of entertainment on your Android device.

The app contains hundreds of HD movies which you can explore for free. You can also watch movies directly on the app without creating your account on it. It’s a free app and compatible with all types of Android devices.


Being an open-source platform, Android supports a variety of third-party movie streaming apps also. We have included the best and dedicated apps to watch movies in full HD resolution on your Android smartphone and tablet devices. Follow the list and install the suitable movie streaming app now!

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