Best Asset Discovery Tools – Top 10

A complete list of the best tools for finding assets, including what they can do and how they compare. From this study, you can choose the best software for your business to help you find assets:

Asset Discovery Tools look at the grouped assets to figure out what they are. Based on this study, it can figure out how their use, network, and devices are all linked.

IT Asset Discovery will give you an accurate picture of all the hardware, software, and people in your network or environment. This is the most essential part of managing IT assets well.

Benefits of Using Asset Discovery Tools

The need for Application Discovery Tools is shown by the following:

  • Asset Discovery Tools will improve security because they can find parts of software that are not allowed. Software you haven’t paid for can sometimes let malware into your network.
  • Asset Discovery Tools regularly check to see if software rights are fundamental, which keeps fines from happening.
  • With the help of Asset Discovery Software, IT managers can learn how to set up networks. It will tell you about assets that have been added, assets that have been removed, the status of licenses, and other things.
  • Asset Discovery tools can help you determine how much money is being wasted by showing you information about extra software, the expected life of devices, leftover licenses, and future asset needs. It will save businesses money on tools and software.
  • People can bring their own devices to work at many places. This means that some devices can be used without permission. The Application Discovery tool will check these connected devices for security holes.
  • Asset-finding tools can help you keep track of your assets, watch what’s going on in the background, and keep an eye on the dark web. Dark Web Monitoring will look for threats and data leaks, like stolen passwords, exposed files, leaked source code, fake social network accounts, etc.
  • Continuous Monitoring will give services like Website Security, Mobile Application Security, Malware and black Lists Presence, and so on.

Top Asset Discovery Tools

#1) NinjaOne

Best Asset Discovery Tools - Top 10

Best for giving complete and accurate views into all managed IT assets in real time. Any business can use it.

Pricing: You can try NinjaOne for free. It uses a price model based on quotes. It lets you pay only what you need each month. According to the reviews, the solution costs $3 per gadget per month.

The remote monitoring and control platform from NinjaOne lets you find new IT assets and get real-time information about all of them. It automates IT asset management for Windows, Mac OS, Linux servers, desktops, laptops, VMWare and Hyper-V hosts, guests, and SNMP devices.

NinjaOne’s automated asset discovery and deployment service uses Microsoft Active Directory to ensure that all the endpoints from which the company’s data is viewed are fully managed.


  • NinjaOne gives you complete insight and powerful automation, lowering your technology costs.
  • It finds the health and performance problems of the assets in an intelligent way.
  • You can set up regular scans to find devices that aren’t being controlled and put a management agent on them.
  • It is easy to find gadgets that support SNMP.

Verdict: NinjaOne gives real-time information about IT assets that helps with buying, making management choices, and helping endpoints. All assets can be instantly grouped and searched with natively collected data points. It makes it easy to install and remove applications on a large scale at the endpoint.

Website: NinjaOne

#2) Jira Service Management

Best Asset Discovery Tools - Top 10

Best for keeping track of assets and finding them.

Jira Service Management is a free, open-source, and collaborative software platform that aids IT departments in better managing IT services. The program is excellent at managing assets from start to finish. It can be used to keep track of all the IT assets in a company. So, the tool is a great way to make managing supplies easier.

Aside from this, Jira can scan your whole business network to find assets and add them to a centralized database of all assets (CMDB). You can also count on Jira to find shadow IT assets, notice infrastructure changes, and improve the help quality.


  • Track IT Assets all over the business
  • Finding and writing down assets
  • Integrate with a lot of valuable tools from other companies
  • Automatic evaluation of risk
  • Management of Responses to Incidents

Verdict: Your company’s IT department can manage any asset with the help of Jira Service Management, a transparent and collaborative platform. It can reduce the cost of support and increase the value of the lifecycle of your IT assets.

Price: Up to three workers can use Jira Service Management for free. Its most expensive plan costs $47 per worker. There is also a unique plan for businesses.

Website: Jira

#3) SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

Best Asset Discovery Tools - Top 10

Best for businesses of all sizes.

Pricing: Network Performance Monitor costs $2995 to start. For 30 days, you can get a free trial that works perfectly. The licenses can be bought for between $2995 and $33195.

SolarWinds’ Network Performance Monitor provides features like Wi-Fi monitoring, intelligent mapping, critical path visualization, and advanced warnings. It comes with the Network Performance Monitor and the Network Device Discovery. It will let you set up automatic gadget discovery at a particular time.


  • Network Performance Monitor will find network devices on its own.
  • It will map the structure of your network in real-time. With this function, it will be easier to monitor performance statistics.
  • To monitor and fix network devices, you can drill down to individual nodes to get information like the current node status, device information, average response time, packet loss, etc.

Verdict: With Network Performance Monitor, finding the things on the network will be easier. You can choose which network devices must be monitored and add them to the database for tracking.

Website: SolarWinds

#4) Auvik

Best Asset Discovery Tools - Top 10

Best for businesses of all sizes.

Pricing: There are two price plans for Auvik Network Management Software: Essentials and Performance. The tool can be tried out for free. The price starts at $150 per month, according to reviews.

Auvik Network Management Software is a cloud-based service that can automate IT asset management and network monitoring. It shows the whole network picture and automates the network’s finding, inventory, and documentation.


  • Auvik’s finding and mapping features let you see what is on the network in real-time.
  • It tells you everything about every device on the network.
  • It gets info from supported devices about their lifecycles to determine which devices need to be upgraded or replaced.

Verdict: Auvik will help you manage various sites by centralizing and standardizing how you do it. It is easy to use and has automatic updates for security and speed. AES-256 will be used to secure the data on the network.

Website: Auvik

#5) ManageEngine RMM Central

Best Asset Discovery Tools - Top 10

Best for MSPs.

Price: Contact to request a quote

RMM Central is on our list because it can simplify figuring out a network. This software will scan your business’s network system and find all the hardware and software assets in use.

Once the software is in place, it scans regularly to keep IT teams updated on all assets. Plus, you are immediately notified if any of this gear or software changes. You get an inventory report already set up, making handling both digital and physical assets easier.


  • Asset Scanning Every So Often
  • Taking care of hardware warranties
  • Real-time alerts about stock
  • Keeping track of software licenses
  • Don’t allow program and stop executable

Verdict: With RMM Central, you get a complete asset discovery tool that gives you everything you need to track, control, and monitor all network assets from a single console.

Website: RMM Central

#6) SysAid

Best Asset Discovery Tools - Top 10

The best for tracking assets in real-time.

Price: There are three ways to pay for the program. You’ll need to ask one of their reps for a precise price. There is also a free sample.

SysAid is an ITSM tool that helps with solid asset management driven by AI. Simply put, this software can find and control all the assets on a company’s network. This includes both the hardware and the program.

The asset control feature of SysAid is built right into the service desk. This makes it easier to see, manage, and protect assets than it would have been otherwise. The software also does a great job of monitoring assets in real-time, even sending out unique alerts when any change is found.


  • You can see and control assets right from the service.
  • Find out everything there is to know about a company’s IT asset list.
  • Real-time tracking of goods
  • Bring info about assets into CMDB automatically.

Verdict: SysAid’s fantastic automation features are made possible by its AI. If you want to see all of the IT assets in your company’s network from a high level, SysAid is worth every penny you pay.

Website: SysAid

#7) InvGate Assets

Best Asset Discovery Tools - Top 10

Best for businesses that are medium to big.

Price: InvGate has three different price plans, i.e., InvGate Assets, InvGate Assets, and InvGate Service Desk. You can get a price on how much it will cost. You can try out its website for free for 30 days.

InvGate Assets is a tool for tracking and managing your IT gear and software. It will learn about assets through agent-based discovery, network discovery, and third-party sources.


  • It has features like Asset Inventory, Asset Monitoring, Software Licence Management, Network Discovery, Software Metering, Software Development, etc.
  • By taking control of computers with Remote Desktop, you can help people, solve problems, and (if necessary) make changes by hand.
  • It’s an excellent way to keep track of, plan, buy, and handle your licenses.
  • It will help you with IT Financials and IT Lifecycle.

Verdict: InvGate Assets is an excellent tool for managing ITAM and software assets. It will help you solve problems because it works well with the InvGate Service Desk.

Website: InvGate

#8) PRTG Network Monitor

Best Asset Discovery Tools - Top 10

Best for businesses of all sizes.

Price: You have 30 days to try out the endless version of PRTG. You will go back to the free version after 30 days. The PRTG license starts at $1600 and includes the installation of 500 sensors and one computer.

PRTG is the platform that lets you watch all your IT systems, devices, traffic, and apps. It will tell you how much bandwidth your devices and apps are using. When PRTG finds strange data, it will send you an alert. It works with all essential tools, like SNMP, WMI, SSH, etc.


  • With the help of individually set-up PRTG sensors and SQL searches, you can monitor specific database datasets.
  • It can give you much information about all the programs running in your surroundings.
  • Any computer can be checked in real-time to see if it is available, accessible, has enough space, and is generally reliable.
  • PRTG lets you use SNMP to watch a wide range of devices.
  • It gives real-time maps that show the current state.

Verdict: The platform will let you handle and monitor all your cloud computing services from one place. It can be used to keep track of the whole local network, including computers, routers, switches, servers, and printers.

Website: PRTG

#9) ImmuniWeb® Discovery

Best Asset Discovery Tools - Top 10

Best for Businesses of all sizes.

Price: There are three ways to pay for ImmuniWeb® Discovery, i.e., SMB (which costs $99 per month), Corporate (which costs $299 per month), and Corporate Pro (which costs $999 per month). All have unlimited uses and can be used for unlimited digital assets, such as cloud, mobile, and IoT.

In addition to its use in asset inventory and attack surface management (ASM), ImmuniWeb® Discovery also excels at monitoring the dark web. The ImmuniWeb® AI Platform offers numerous services, including Web, API, and Mobile application penetration testing.

Taking an inventory of your digital assets allows you to examine anything from APIs and online services to websites and mobile applications to domains and SSL certificates to public cloud storage and code repositories to publicly accessible IoT devices and network-attached storage (NAS).


  • ImmuniWeb quickly gives you an overview of all your digital assets with actionable security grades and risk scores.
  • ImmuniWeb shows you how vulnerable you are on the Dark Web by looking for breached and stolen credentials, leaked data, phishing and hacking campaigns, domain squatting, and brand infringements.
  • ImmuniWeb works well for both self-assessment and risk scoring by a third party because it is built on OSINT and does not interfere with production.
  • ImmuniWeb checks all of your external assets for security flaws and for compliance with regulations like GDRP, PCI DSS, OWASP, HIPAA, and NIST.
  • To identify vulnerable or out-of-date components in your third-party apps, ImmuniWeb does a Software Composition Analysis (SCA). All forms of OSS (Open Source Software) are included.

Verdict: If you want Application Security Testing, Attack Surface Management, or Dark Web Monitoring, ImmuniWeb gives you the best value for your money.

Website: ImmuniWeb

#10) Virima

Best Asset Discovery Tools - Top 10

It is best for startups, small to big businesses, and agencies.

Price: All three Virima Technologies options can be tried for free for 30 days. You can get a price on how much it will cost. The price starts at $15,000 per year, according to the reports.

In terms of IT service management, IT asset management, and asset discovery, Virima Technologies can help.

A tool for finding IT assets can be set up on-premises or in the cloud. It has cloud asset management, agentless IT asset discovery, role-based access rules, customizable reports, and support for 90 languages. A SaaS approach is easy to put into place.


  • Virima will automatically learn about the OS, the loaded software, and the hardware configurations.
  • It can give you the agent you need to watch Windows and Mac OS on your computer.
  • It will deeply scan real and virtual Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Mac installations.
  • It will find IT assets and settings without an agent using WML, SSH, SNMP, and custom probes.
  • It will let you scan immediately or set up a time to scan.

Verdict: Virima has three SaaS options that can help you with different IT problems, such as IT asset discovery, app and service dependency mapping, IT service management, and managing cloud environments.

Website: Virima


With the help of the Asset Finding Tools, businesses can get the most out of their IT assets. Taking into account all of the above, ImmuniWeb is clearly the winner. There are a number of great application discovery tools, including SolarWinds NPM, ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, Virima, and Qualys. Qualys Global IT Asset Inventory is free to get. Lansweeper has a free plan, but you can only track a few items. ImmuniWeb has deals with prices that are easy on your budget.

You can choose the Asset Discovery program based on your needs, the tool size, how much it costs, and how well it can track usage.

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