Best Alternatives to Patreon 2021

The advancement of the internet has given a positive lift to all artists all around Globe. Many artists and content writers nowadays utilize the internet to express their thoughts. They publish their work on different platforms and connect directly with their people. But, one problem these content writers face is the absence of funds. YouTube these days has gotten strict with monetization policies, and even subsequent to getting monetized, artists can’t rely just upon YouTube payments. This is the reason crowdfunding platforms have come forward.

Most bloggers, writers, specialists, comedians, and YouTubers are going to crowdfunding platforms to make a steady income source. One very famous crowdfunding platform is Patreon which permits creators to bring in cash off their work. In any case, with the new contentions encompassing Patreon many individuals have begun searching for different alternatives where they can bring in cash for their work.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform established by Jack Conte and Sam Yam in the year of 2013. Conte saw that he wasn’t making much from his music career so he chose to make a site that would permit his fans to pay him straightforwardly as a trade-off for the worth they got from his content. 

Patreon empowers fans of content creators and artists to support their work in this way permitting them to earn extra money on what might somehow be free content. 

Actually, this platform works as a mediator for fans to make donations to creators, and it has become a mainstream site for YouTubers and podcasters, among other content creators. 

It’s a mutually advantageous arrangement as fans can see where their commitments go, while creators hold their innovative opportunity and get their merited income. Fans likewise gain access to one new membership benefits like engaging experience, restrictiveness, and extra access. 

However, Patreon has some major disadvantages as well: 

  • Rewards for new paying fans for the primary month are restricted 
  • Payment procedure is very slow 
  • Restriction issues cause heavy losses attributable to decreasing fan base 
  • Low discoverability of inventive activities 

In case you’re a content writer, influencer, or YouTuber, and you’re not making the progress levels you imagined when you joined Patreon, look at our list of the best Patreon alternatives you can use to increase your following and earn your cash.


Ko-Fi is the best funding platform for creators who need to bring in cash off their work. As a creator of this Ko-Fi, you can sell participations, crowdfund projects, give out commissions, make payments and offer your substance to your crowd. Ko-Fi is probably the best alternative to Patreon that you can attempt in 2021.

Creators can thank their fans for their help in exceptional manners by posting updates and sharing pictures. This is an easy, simple, and free approach to begin making cash on the web. 

Ko-Fi is the savviest platform for creators. This stage doesn’t charge any service expenses from the donations got; they are totally free to keep up about the whole sum. Additionally, they don’t need to wait for a whole month to get money. They are paid straightforwardly every time somebody gives. 

  • Simple, easy user experience 
  • No need to sign up 
  • Can offer membership, paywall content, and customized commissions

Price: Ko-fi takes 0% of your money. Paid premium highlights accompany the Gold plan at $6 each month.

Buy Me a Coffee

Buy Me a Coffee is likewise another alternative that is rapidly getting famous. It’s not simply YouTubers and podcasters who are utilizing this stage, journalists, cosplayers, developers, and pretty much any individual who puts out creative work is utilizing Buy Me a Coffee. 

Dissimilar to some crowdfunding sites on this list, Buy Me a Coffee doesn’t charge a monthly membership expense. You are allowed to contribute any add up to your favorite content creator whenever you need it. 

These alternative major credit card services, for example, Visa, Apple Pay, Google Pay, MasterCard, PayPal, and even Bitcoin. But, a 5 percent transaction charge applies.

  • Permits one-off donations
  • Can sell digital downloads and offer elite substance 
  • Installments are moved consequently to your account

Price: Buy Me a Coffee charge a 5% transaction expense and standard PayPal and Stripe installment handling charges.


Indiegogo is a USA based crowdfunding stage, established in 2008. This site is one of the primary sites actually to offer to crowdfund. This stage can be utilized to request assets for good causes and charities. It works on a reward- based system which makes it simpler for individuals to raise funds.

One of the main features of Indiegogo is its adaptability. This stage can be utilized for innovative as well as charitable projects. At the point when somebody begins a campaign on Indiegogo, they will pick between all and nothing where a particular objective should be met before any funds are moved and keep-everything subsidizing where assets are moved as and when they are raised. 

Campaign makers additionally have a decision of trading donations for certain prizes. This, however, isn’t obligatory. The stage charges an expense of 5% from the inventive campaign and doesn’t charge any expense for the charitable campaign.

  • No expenses for charity campaign
  • Campaign are not pre-screened, so you’ll have better possibilities of achievement without an approval process
  • Takes into consideration the two rewards and value crowdfunding

Price: it charges a 5% to 8% platform fee and a 2.9% transaction fee.


SubscribeStar draws content creators from a wide range of foundations, political reporters who work in the education field, for instance, are even on the stage. 

Compared to other alternatives of Patreon on this list, SubscribeStar’s interface is more “proficient.” You can coordinate your account with other stages, for example, Discord and Google Analytics. For the individuals who know how to cope with GraphQL, you can even link your own apps to SubscribeStar. 

It gives creators the opportunity to set their own membership costs. There is no restriction to the pricing that you set for your supporters.

  • Any legal substance is permitted 
  • Built-in stats and examination tools
  • Post supervisor 
  • Anti scraping or anti-skimming content insurance 
  • Progressed integration options to outsider providers 

Price: on every pledge, it Charges a 5%, and a 2.9% transaction fee on successful payments.


Memberful runs on three diverse membership plans: Starter Free, Pro, and Premium. Subsequent to choosing your favored plan, you can start adding to your favorite individuals on the web. You are additionally ready to pick a group membership plan, which contains numerous memberships that support various creators.

However, in the event that you will utilize Memberful, you will likewise need to make an account on the online payment stage, for transactions to be handled. Content creators on Memberful can link their accounts to other valuable sites, including WordPress, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, or Discord.

  • Custom  branding
  • Email pamphlets 
  • Coupons, free preliminaries, and  rewards
  • Instinctive membership management
  • Individuals just content and forums
  • Examination and Conversion tracking

Price:  10% transaction fee. Paid plans start from $25 per month with a 4.9% transaction fee.


Kickstarter’s main goal is to “bring innovative projects to life.” If you have any thoughts or projects that you’d prefer to impart to the world, Kickstarter is the best crowdfunding site for you. 

This is definitely not a donation stage; it is intended for a one-time donation only. Campaigners can utilize this stage to increase their funds for charity, for ideas, and so on. However, Kickstarter cautiously pre-screens all campaigns prior to showing them on the stage. This is to ensure that only reliable campaign is brought into the spotlight. The only little campaign gets accepted. This is something you need to consider if you are not a big creator. Here if you can’t reach your objective inside a predefined time span, at that point you don’t get anything.

  • Appropriate for one-time projects 
  • All projects are carefully considered before publication

Price: here you’ll be charged a 5% fee, 3% to 5% payment processing fees, and $0.05 to $0.20 per pledge.


Liberapay was established in France in 2015 and has since extended to give crowdfunding services to content creators from all around the planet. What separates Liberapay from other alternatives is the way that the stage is controlled by a nonprofit association, so it doesn’t take any cuts or expenses from donors. 

In this way, any individual who wants for their substance to be seen and supported can go on Liberapay and begin hustling. The stage is accessible in 19 languages and supports 33 kinds of currencies. 

But, Liberapay doesn’t support cryptocurrency. In the event that you are hoping to add to somebody’s work, keep in mind that there is a maximum donation amount of around $123 every week.

  • No platform charges 
  • Groups highlight 
  • No commitment to give rewards 
  • Supports various languages and currencies
  • You can coordinate your accounts on Twitter, GitHub, and so on.

Price: Liberapay charges 0% platform fees. 


Podia is a platform that you could use to sell exclusive membership to your crowd who like and appreciate your work. Not only memberships, but you can also utilize this stage to sell online courses, digital products, and digital downloads. Aside from this, it additionally has an excellent email promoting highlights. Podia additionally empowers you to add an affiliate link to your page. 

The site is amazingly easy to use and is appropriate for anybody, regardless of whether you are simply beginning as a creator or an established creator. Podia don’t charge an expense on the donation you get from your crowd. Instead, you pay a monthly or yearly expense to utilize the stage. Podia has two paid plans named Mover and Shaker.

  • Reasonable price
  • Affiliate program 
  • Built-in email advertising 
  • Implanted checkout 
  • Video facilitating support 
  • 0%  transaction expense on deals 

Price: Monthly plans start at $39 and $79. Installment processors additionally charge a 2.9% + $0.30 expense, which may depend on your area.

Last thoughts – Picking up the Right Crowdfunding Platform for You

Crowdfunding sites are a great way to show off your projects to the world and get allies to support them. The different options on this list fulfill different individual requirements, so ensure you experience every one of them prior to choosing which stage turns out best for you.

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